Rainy day activities for toddlers

Rainy day

After itching, burning, and roasting weather here comes rainy days.. Rainy days not only bringing freshness, happiness but also it’s just nature’s way of adding sparkles to our surrounding!!

With this sparkle comes good food(try some delicious Arbi ke Pakore, Kababs) and too many tantrums of little toddlers at home.

With Viraj who is a preterm baby, I have to be little extra careful as he gets infected quickly. As he is the super active boy who is over energetic, keeping him engaged in this rainy season is a little tricky for me.

Rainy day and kids

Kids lose their interest very soon and so we need to keep them engage in better and more fun ways… but we need to understand that rain also bring so many unwanted diseases too and so we need to take good care of their health.

Things to do on a rainy day at home

Let them be messy: Let their creativity open up their wings and make a way to a masterpiece. Give them colors and let them do hand painting

Rainy day

Gift them games or creative box which not only keep them busy but enhance their creativity. I gifted my daughter Amazing Loom box from which she uses to make beautiful bracelets and rings.

Rainy day

I came across one Augmented Reality based games PLAY SHIFU trust me it’s one of the best game I came across where kids not only enjoy but learn also. Get this game and notice great gaining of knowledge.

Play Shifu

Outdoor activity in rain

There are times when my kids demand to go out and have fun I make sure they step out too but really scared of infection during this rainy season, but I do allow them to go out sometimes and create memories too with a little precaution.

Rainy day

Apart from getting drenched in rain, there are so many indoor amusement parks where kids not only enjoy but learn too and one such fav place of my kids is Kidzania

Kids Health and rainy days

We just can’t ignore kids health in this rainy season. Things I never miss …

Giving them the right nutrients value with milk daily

I choose to cook and serve healthy snacks for them rather feeding them outside(which they both love).

Last but never least consulting my doctor and giving them flu shots to keep them safe and healthy.

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I am monsoon or rainy day ready with my kids. Are you ready? Do let me know in the comment section below…

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  1. Very helpful stuff. Thanks ??

  2. Loved the blog, it was so damn fun and insightful to read, and yes, I am a big fan of Kidzania too, I just love the activities that these guys have to provide.

  3. Those are some great tips, we too love to have a balance between outdoor and indoor activities. Kidzania is truly fun.

  4. Monsoons are awesome but also a headache as kids can’t venture out. Glad to know these many activities can be done easily with them during rains.

  5. Love the idea of creative activities. This will not only engage them at the same time build their skills

  6. Some great tips here Ruchi. Inflenza shot is really important too. We make sure we get all vaccnations on time for my son

  7. Rainy day activities are very helpful indeed.We are going to try all these at home.

  8. How much I loved this article. It’s such a practical situation that we face. Kids generally get really bored during monsoons since they cannot go out to play. These tips are really helpful to keep them enraged at home.

  9. These are really great as keeping kids busy on a rainy day is the most difficult task for me.

  10. Given the upcoming rainy season, kids would be on a home arrest most of the times but I am happy to have come across these activities as I can engage my son with these activities.

  11. I love the practicality of the post. Getting shot for the season and staying prepped. Having a balanced mix of outdoors and indoor play. Even the food suggestions help.

  12. I love monsoon but taking care of kids indoor is a serious task. I would love to create a perfect balance between outdoor and indoor activities. I too feel, kids health should be never ignored. Nice write up.

  13. Monsoons are bliss. The activities that you havee listed are our favourite too. Occasionally outdoor activities during monsoons are fun too.

  14. Rainy season is a time to keep the kids at home. Play shifu sounds interesting to keep kids busy.

  15. This is a helpful list. My kids too love shifu and taking flu shots to ensure that they enjoy monsoon without worry is great.

  16. The rainy season is my favourite but it sure has a lot of illness causing germs. Keeping kids engaed indoors is a great way to stay tension free

  17. Lovely tips.Kids love to go out n play in rain but we need to keep a balance.Indoor activity kits are great idea.

  18. This amazing loom box sounds fun for kids! Great way of keeping the kids happy and entertained indoors. 🙂

  19. That’s a great list of activties. With monsoon starting here, have to resort to many of these activities to keep kids busy at home.

  20. We allow Karma to go out in the rain too in a clean area where she can jump around. As kids, I loved playing in the rain and I feel safely enjoying it is such a joy. I have been meaning to get loom bands for karma too but havent yet. Will do now! 🙂

  21. I like to let kids have fun in the rain too but sometimes keeping them safe from infections becomes important. Kidzania is a fun indoor place to visit!

  22. Childrens creativity activity boxes is fun and ao is cooking healthy snacks and eatimg together. Thank you for sharing theae tips

  23. These are some really great activity ideas for rainy days. Thanks for sharing.

  24. you have shared some great tips. I feel that indoor games are best in a rainy day

  25. This is a lovely list. Monsoon is here and most evenings it’s raining. SO we do a lot of board games and puzzles at home .

  26. These are nice activities to keep kids busy indoors or outdoors during monsoon.

  27. This is awesome.. Kids sometimes get bored during rainy time at home as they cant go outside..

  28. M feeling like doing these things myself in rains.. Even we love Shivi toys..

  29. Very nice tips. It’s very helpful tips for the rainy season. Keep posted.

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