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Mothers are always anxious about their child’s health, food habits, and growth, especially proper nutrition. A perfect diet is very important during the foundation years which can lead to future growth. Even at the age of 25 when I was a maiden, my mom was after me to have a balanced diet. Still, now the first question she asks me over the phone is what I had eaten. At times it is irritating, but after being a mother myself for 4 years, I understood my mom’s concern. But mommies today are secure after knowing about #GrowRight with PediaSure.

To face the World

In the era of technology, competition in each stream is very high. And to face the go-get-win career aspects, kids should be trained from the toddler stage. Up to 6 years, physical and mental growth & development is very rapid so proper nutrition is a big challenge and we need to combat bad food habits and taste preferences of our kids. With umpteen research comes PediaSure as a boon to mothers and kids. Anxious mothers often ask: does Pediasure have iron, protein, vitamin and what else…how can it accomplish the nutrient requirements?

37 vital nutrients to boost your child’s #GrowRight


Pediasure has 37 vital nutrients that maintain a complete, balanced diet for your children. It is certified and preferred by Pediatricians as the best food supplement for growing children. It supports:-

*Brain development – During birth, all the brain cells or neurons are present in the brain but up to 6 years these neurons form connections to for proper brain development. PediaSure has essential nutrients that support this system.

*Immunity – Vital nutrient content of #GrowRight with PediaSure contains nutrients that ensure strong immunity of your toddler. Vitamin C, E, Selenium and Zinc are antioxidants that combat free radicals and ensure immunity.

*Height & Weight – Protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and other nutrients help in proper bone mass and muscle development thus ensuring your child’s correct height and weight.

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Fussy eating

Often our children ignore regular food. We parents despair when our children become anemic or lazy or get stunted growth. A study reveals that up to 6 years of age 67% of children have fussy food habit.[1]

It comes as a relief to me to know that it isn’t that I am doing something wrong! It is just that growing children have different needs. And to meet changing taste preferences, PediaSure has an array of flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Kesar Badam & Cookies, and Cream.

As parents it is our duty to ensure our children receive adequate nutrition during their formative years so they can go out there and conquer the world. I am a PediaSure mom. Are you?


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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Chotey baccho k parents k liye to ye bahut acchi news hai ??

    1. Yes..Its is very useful for little toddlers!! Thanks yoy liked it!!

  2. Been there done that!
    I myself give pediasure to my kid since she turned 2 year old. she is not overweight but very active .

    1. Yes..Its actually good and make kids active rather making them overweight!

  3. Now a days many kids are fussy eaters , prefer junk over veggies , So such Health supplements are good for them .

    1. Junk foods are so easily available but we as parents need to take care of kids right growth!!

  4. this is a very nice initiative by pediasure. Making a child eat healthily is tough, I always get worried about her growth., thankfully not anymore Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s tough but yes very soon I will be sharing how to manage kids to eat healthy too but Pediasure is really helpful!!

  5. Pediasure is a wonderful brand, will recommend this to my cousin for her daughter.

    1. Ya you can recommend as I am using this and can say it’s really helps!!

  6. Pediasure is a great option for fussy eaters and im glad that we can rely on such brands to prove nutrition..

  7. This is a very informative article Ruchi. It is so important to ensure that our children get the right kind of nutrition.

  8. My sister gives Pediasure to both her kids… because they hate drinking milk.. is is 100% vegetarian?:) I haven’t tried it yet

  9. My daughter is a big-time khana-chor and I am often worried about her health. Thank God Pediasure is introduced to me and I am a satisfied mom today.

  10. It’s really nice it one health drink offer as many as 37 vital nutrients, Pediasure indeed is worthy

  11. With junk food being available so easily and kids having so many options it is tough to maintain healthy living . With pediasure this problem is solved

  12. Pediasure sounds like the best solution for kids who have fussy eating habits! ?

  13. Thankfully my child is not fussy but you never know when kids turn sudden fussy. This would be handy then.

  14. Good all round development is so essential for growth of kids. Pediasure definitely aids and eases a mother’s worry on physical growth and nutrition.

  15. Pedia sure sounds like a great option for the child’s daily needs. Also they come in amazing flavors which kids would love.

  16. I have used Pediasure on my toddler and I am quite satisfied with the product.

  17. I too feel that Pediasure can be a trusted aid for a mother in her journey of upkeeping her child’s wellness. Well written blog

  18. Good nutrients are always necessary for better brain development in kids, Supplements like Pediasure ensures the nutritional gap is filled.

  19. I also give Pediasure to my kids. My daughter loves the taste. My son completed two so I started to give him too.

  20. Pediasure is one of the most reliable supplements to ensure complete nutrition for kids. And some kids are fussy eaters despite mothers doing everything by the book. I see it with karma too… But thats where Pediasure is very helpful!

  21. Pediasure with it’s 37 essential nutrients is a boon for mother’s of fussy eaters. Great for overall growth and development of the child.

  22. My nephew is a fussy eater and I am sure that Pediasure would help him get all the necessary nutrition for the body.

  23. Balanced nutrition plays an important role in a child’s optimal growth and I trust PediaSure to take care of my child’s nutritional needs. I am completely worry-free now.

  24. Pediasure seems like worth trying nutritional product for kids. thanks for sharing

  25. Your article will be of such great help to new mothers. I’ll share it and forward it to my friends!

  26. Hey what’s the right age to introduce Pediasure for kids? The benefits seem amazing…guess must add it to my toddler’s diet.

    1. You can start with 2 years and it’s really helpful in the right growth of kids

  27. What babies and kids eat in the early years is so important as it forms the foundation for their overall development. It is imperative that they get the right quantity of all types of nutrients. Pediasure seems to address this need very well.

  28. Pediasure is indeed a healthy option for growing kids. I will.recommend this to my sister for her baby.

  29. Pediasure is certainly most for the new born babies. With 37 nutrients in it, every child grow perfectly. I am sharing it with every new parent I know.

  30. I can so relate to this post dealing with a fussy eater everyday. But Pediasure has come to the rescue and we can never stop having it.

  31. Very informative post. It is important to take care of overall well-being by giving children proper nutrition. Loved going through the narrative.

  32. My sister-in-law uses this for my nephew and she says it is really good, after reading this my faith has gotten more stronger too on the product. Will surely look for this for my little one too.

  33. Kids diet should include proper nutrients to help grow physically and mentally. Pediasure is quite popular among today’s moms.

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