Benefits of Using the Best Salon Software.

Salon Software

We all like our life a little easier, simpler, and approachable. Isn’t it? And so is our expectations with our business. And let’s just agree that all of us want our management to be top-notch.  …

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What is MIS- Management Information System, meaning and its components.

MIS – Management Information system is the relationship study between people, technology, and organization. In simple terms, we can say that it is the use of people, information technology, and the business process to process …

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Deep Cleaning

How to Deep clean a house before moving in?

Moving into a new house, your dream house is the extremely exciting and fun part. But, before you enter inside and start a new journey make sure your new adobe doesn’t get affected by any …

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Why Do the Elderly at Home Need to be Protected From Flu?

Do you have elderly family members at home? If you do, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Influenza is one such infection, from which the elderly need to be protected. Usually, this virus …

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5 fun ways how to reduce stress from life.

Everyone experiences stress in life which could be different for every individual. A different range of events in daily life could trigger it. When you can’t handle a situation or are overwhelmed your body and …

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13 Top Mom BLOGGERS and parenting blog In INDIA Must Follow

There are many Mom bloggers in India who are doing a fantastic job sharing their parenting journey. Sharing Top 13 mom bloggers of India whose content is really helping readers and who are sharing their …

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North India full vegetarian menu

Raksha Bandhan North Indian full vegetarian menu ideas for lunch or dinner.

Rakhi is a special day to celebrate one among the most loved and special bonds on this earth and i.e., sibling’s love. A relationship connected since birth not only with the blood but also with …

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15 Independence day pledge need to be taken today.

Today we are celebrating our 75th Independence day and I urge every citizen of India to take a pledge and make our country a more proud nation on the globe. I pledge, to stand for …

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twinning outfits

How twinning outfits can make Raksha Bandhan special?

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love and bond, now if you add a pinch of some unique dressing that adds more value. Twinning is something which looks so cool and outstanding and this festival …

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Raksha Bandhan

Why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan: Story and rituals!!

Time is here again to celebrate Rakhsha bandhan, but nowadays, festivals are more considered as a holiday, do we know the story behind this festival, and if yes, have you told kids about the same. …

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5 Top Patriotic Bollywood films to watch on Independence day.

India is going to celebrate its 75th glorious Independence and during this time when we all are bound to stay back at home. Let’s celebrate with family and kids by watching some great iconic and …

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How to keep kids fit and active during the lockdown?

Things which are the major concerns of every parent during this pandemic were how to keep kids busy and how to keep them fit and active? This is the age when kids need more physical …

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Weekend quotes- time to relax and chill

After spending 5 days working from home or working in office, weekends is something we all look upto. The only person who gets no off even on weekends (No prize for guessing) it’s undoubtedly a …

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Siblings fights: How to handle and stop sibling fighting?

Do your kids fight? Do they argue? Do they involve in the physical fights too? Well, this is so normal, and if you ask me siblings fights are extremely normal between them. Being a mother …

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How to prepare your preschooler for online examination?

During this pandemic, kids are the ones who suffered the most and especially their education. As a parent, I feel that kids who are in preschool suffered the most because preschool learning is the base …

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