How to Save Money for your Dream Wedding

It’s finally happening! You’re getting married, and you couldn’t be happier. But as soon as your elation wears off, you are faced with the dread of reality – weddings are really expensive. It’s true, weddings are notoriously overpriced and it can be very difficult for a young couple to save up the money to have…

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Financial planning

Financial planning and saving for housewives

Who is really responsible for finance at your home? Do you think financial matter only MATTERS to your hubby or father? Well, everyone has their perceptions and mine is simple “MONEY MATTERS” and if we share all load of our home why not financial planning. What is actually Financial planning? Don’t worry I do not…

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Rainy day office look

Rainy day office look

Yes, It’s raining and seriously it doesn’t mean that you can’t do fashion and look chic this season. Time to just think wisely and get your cool yet classy rainy day office look. We all are so well aware of Mumbai rain and potholes and it’s a challenge to commute during rain. Well, yes but…

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women underwear

5 Types of women underwear for various styles

We ladies are so particular when it comes to selecting the right bra depending on the different style of our outfits. Be it a T-shirt bra for our everyday Tees, seamless bras for bodycon dresses; however, what happens to us when it comes to deciding the right panty? We’ve all had those days where we’d…

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Rainy Season

7 Ways to Protect Your Family in Rainy Season

The romantic rainy season is upon us! This season is pretty fun because it gives you the chance to cuddle with your family, it is the best time to cook something delicious for the kids because they will be staying home all day. It gives a new life to everyone on this planet like plants,…

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Rainy day

Rainy day activities for toddlers

After itching, burning, and roasting weather here comes rainy days.. Rainy days not only bringing freshness, happiness but also it’s just nature’s way of adding sparkles to our surrounding!! With this sparkle comes good food(try some delicious Arbi ke Pakore, Kababs) and too many tantrums of little toddlers at home. With Viraj who is a…

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Rakhi Gifts

Strengthen Your Bond with Unique and Lovely Rakhi Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is the perfect time to celebrate the chaste bond of love shared between brother and sister. The day actually gives you the fantastic opportunity to express your love, care, and respect to your siblings with whom you have spent a complete dash of childhood. Raksha Bandhan is not just the day of celebrating…

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Yamaha OEM

Yamaha OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you’re looking for the best motorcycle parts and accessories for your Yamaha machine, a world of options awaits you. If you want to restore your pride and joy to its factory condition, OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts may be the ticket for you. If you want to upgrade and enhance your bike to…

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Seema Punwani

Parenting Experience from Cross connection Author Seema Punwani

I’m not lame, I’m game! On May 07, 2019, Mumbai A panel discussion hosted at Crosswords, Kemps corner on Tuesday, 7th May featured Seema Punwani, author of Cross Connection and Dr. Swati Popat Vats, Global Educationist and co-author of ‘Once Upon a Story,’ discussed the benefits of adopting humor in parenting.  The discussion was moderated by Mansi…

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Stretch Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Experiencing back pains, especially in the lower portion, has been everyone’s complaint. Aside from aging issues, the daily routine, type of work and lifestyle are some of the factors that contribute to these painful sensations on the lower back. With regards to the aging matters, the spine undergoes deteriorating fluctuations, that is why people at…

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