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Being a mother of two little munchkins I am always worried about their healthy growth, but PediaSure has solved my tension. 

As a mom of a premature baby, I am more worried about his health and food. Giving him and my daughter best of the health drinks is my topmost priority. 

About PediaSure:

PediaSure is a nutritious supplement for kids and as claimed clinically proven in Grow and Gain. I too trust this brand since my elder daughter was born and have given it to her, always. 

It not only provides a source of hydration but contains most important and most required nutrients like:

  • Proteins
  • Fiber
  • DHA, an Omega-3 fat which supports physical development of a child’s brain and eyes
  • Carbohydrates
  • 26 vitamins & minerals, including calcium.

What’s new in PediaSure?

Oh!! Not to worry, ingredients and quality of the most loved kids’ health supplement are the same. Only change is with the packaging of the product.

Before PediaSure used to come in a plastic container now they have switched to a carton box or as they say a cardboard box.

I am so happy to see this change as it is sure going to help our environment. As packaging in terms of food products is an important aspect in order to protect food quality, resource, and the environment.

But that’s not all! PediaSure took the step to bring this nutritional supplement in cardboard pack with an amazing surprise. 

Yeah!! An amazing fun and learn activity inside the box which kids will love the most. My little one went crazy to do this activity to make her timetable clock.

Activity was simple yet very engaging for kids. They learned to be punctual and set their own priority to make their timetable accordingly. 

Wigglingpen conclusion on new PediaSure:

  1. I loved the Carton Box packaging as it is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable
  2. They have not compromised with the quality of the supplement and maintaining its value for kids’ health
  3. Fun and learn activity is actually fun for kids to help build their creativity
  4. For the activity, I would suggest accompanying your kids as it requires the use of scissors to cut out the parts
  5. You can trust on PediaSure for healthy growth as I am doing for my kids

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. PediaSure has taken a very thoughtful step of switching to the carton box for packaging their nutrition supplement. And this idea of putting up an activity inside the box is just brilliant.

  2. Lovely post! We were equally thrilled to see a great change by the brand that enhances fun and creativity along with ensuring good health. The new fun n learn box is our fav ?

  3. Pediasure is my trusted drink also dear and it is so good to see their new creative packaging.

  4. Not quite a fan of health drinks but sure the activities looks engaging and fun.

  5. Everyday homemade food doesn’t give all the nutrients a child needs and Pediasure fulfills those requirements. The new box is fun and will keep interested.

  6. Pediasure makes sure all the vital nutrients are made available to the child when the child needs it the most.

  7. This one is the great post by you! REally Pediasure is such a nutritious supplement. I agree with your thoughts.

  8. PediaSure has given my daughter the correct weight gain and height in her growing years. Till now she is having it and enjoys the activity that comes on the box.

  9. Pedia sure is a trusted brand and when it comes to the heath of a child, we moms always want the best. great choice

  10. Pedia sure has been always a dear and near brand. It tastes amazing and got so many benefits, glad that pediasure came out with an activity box.

  11. Pediasure is the most trusted milk supplement brand for kids. I am using this for my elder one and loved the new packaging.

  12. Pediasure definitely with its i improved packaging and formula is great for our kids growth and development. Love the addition of the kit

  13. I am very curious to get the new pediasure fun creative box for kids and even my son is also so eager to explore the pediasure fun learning box.

  14. Claps for them to use cardboard boxes instead of the old plastic ones!!

  15. Pediasure is really good for kids..and I really like how they have added DIY learning Activity to their box. Kids love it.

  16. We had a lot of fun with the PediaSure FunnLearn pack too. Bluey loved gluing together the rings.

  17. totally agree with you on this. Pediasure has been my monthly staple for so many years. It gives a perfect balanced diet to growing kids.

  18. Pediasure has gained popularity in the last few years. It is good to know that they are focusing on environment health as well by changing their packaging.

  19. This is my daughter’s favourite. She enjoyed a lot this new fun and learning activity.

  20. Great way to spend quality time with your little one! Great innovation by Pediasure. #UnboxGrowth

  21. Fantastic blog post! Thank you for the information! Seems like you and your kids had a great time!

  22. PediaSure Fun and Learn is the best way to keep kids engaged and happy. The right growth nutrients in the health drink keep them healthy, and this easy DIY activity will engage them in fun learning.

  23. Indeed a great way by the brand to cover Health, Nutrition and Creativity all by one package. We loved the new packaging

  24. This fun n learning best for kids and to keep them busy. Loved the video.

  25. My nephew really loves it and very well written post . Peadisure definitely is the best

  26. i love how they have made use of the empty space – this is pretty much an activity made out of an object we would ideally simply discard.

  27. Pediasure is definitely a favorite drink among our little ones.Enjoyed your review.Very informative post

    (Snehalata Jain)

  28. The new pack of pediasure is really amazing. My kids are big fan of this chocolaty yummy drink and now theY are More happy with this DIY inside.

  29. It seems you are a wonderful mom …..thanks for sharing….great innovation by pediasure


  30. It ensures good health for kids always. I give Pediasure daily to my son. It has so many health benefits.

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