Vent a fashion for ease

Till now you know about few fashion and style which is not restricted to one kind and even few fashion style are Unisex.  Now, something I am sure most all who follow fashion know it’s about Vent style. The vent may look like stylish but it really adds comfort and ease to fashion. For allowing ease of…

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Malika Kapoor presenting beauty of India J&K in FBB MISS INDIA 2018

She is the girl with dreams and believes that you can never achieve it if you don’t dare to take chance and get up to fulfill it. Beautiful Malika Kapoor is going to represent the pride of our country state we all love J&K.  We have got beautiful Sana Dua fbb Femina Miss India 1st…

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Unisex fashion, one for all just style and sparkle

Fashion is for everyone and then some are which is for both genders and those are unisex fashion apparels. There are so many fashions which both genders can wear and can flaunt in style. Check out few trends you can surely shop for any section.  Oversize Denim Shirt Denim is everyone’s love and so if…

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Trompe L’Oeil fashion of illusion and style

The fashion of illusion, little different and interesting as it sounds. When I decided my series on fashion I was waiting to mention this style of fashion called Trompe L’Oeil.  This is one which fashion industry borrowed from an art technique, now in this designers creates an optical illusion by many techniques sometimes adding layers, belts…

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Sporty spot and trend

Eat healthily, drink healthy and exercise daily is what my mom always says and I am so bad in doing exercise daily but yes what I love is some sports which not only keep our body fit but mind fresh. Well, when we talk about sports there are few sporty looks which we should always keep…

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Raglan sleeves new fashion trending with style and look

After checking your style Quotient now it’s time again for some cool trends and fashion and when we say the latest trend Raglan is one which can’t be ignored. What exactly Raglan means? It’s a stylish sleeve which gives an undefined look as it extends in one piece fully to the collar and gives diagonally seam from…

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Style quotient..What is your’s?

Looking stylish doesn’t mean that you have to be a perfectionist with fashion but perfect for your style quotient. Looking fashionable yet stylish is not so tough, it just matters what you choose and what you wear. Bollywood and everyone’s fav Sonam Kapoor is a biggest known fashionista and this is because she always has…

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Plus size fashion for more confidence and styling

Fashion is for everyone and it doesn’t look at what body structure you have. Plus size fashion has so much great varieties and styles that make you stand out from the crowd and look trending. There are many stores online and offline available where you can get trending and more stylish plus size outfits.  Before you…

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Office look can be classy elegant and trendy

Office place where we all love to bring out our best and give 100% to do well. I believe that if you feel good you can do good and think much better way.  Presenting after some fun with Neon fashion time for some serious work …Looks which will make you feel classy, confident and stylish…

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Himanshi Parashar presenting Uttar Pradesh in fbb Miss India 2018

Himanshi Parashar presenting Uttar Pradesh in fbb Miss India 2018

Himanshi Parashar is just like a girl next door, pretty and full of energy with dreams to fly high, won for herself crown of fbb Miss Uttar Pradesh 2018 and will be competing for fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 along with more beauties of different states. 18 years old Himanshi have dreams and she is passionate about it…

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