The Nine nutritional gems we should always include in meals

As a mother of two active and growing kids, I have always remained inclined towards reading the labels of food I buy, picking up vegetables ….

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Jaypanee Singh- Pillar of Srishta Technology Pvt. Ltd

Srishta Technology Pvt. Ltd recognized as a startup from Government Of India the face and pillar behind this company is a strong-headed girl who dared ….

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Godmother Dr. Jayashree Mondkar- Director of Human Milk Bank

Human milk bank, when I first time heard about this I was a little curious and more excited as this is something really close to ….

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Fat to fit – Satyajit Majumdar

Everyone has their struggle stories and we find these stories interesting and inspiring. Under this series, till now I have shared about environment warriors like ….

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Eco Warrior- Jannat Mission Dal Lake

Dal lake, an urban lake the second largest in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This beautiful lake named “Lake of flowers”, ” Jewel ….

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Dr. Sania Siddiqui- Busting myths of Menusaration by Humjoli foundation.

Humjoli foundation is the brainchild of most talented Author, Blogger, certified Health & Wellness Coach, mother and above all a responsible citizen Dr. Sania Siddiqui ….

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