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How to Raise Children with Boundless Potential: Read This Book On Active Parenting

Active Parenting

Being a mother of a teenager and a preschooler, I always advocate Active parenting. The bond between parents and kids should be very connected to raise kids with dreams, positivity, and potential. As we always …

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Balancing nutrition in a super-strong child

Being a parent to beautiful kids has been a blessing, but one thing that worries me and every parent is whether they are getting the proper amount of nutrition. We all know how important it …

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13 Top Mom BLOGGERS and parenting blog In INDIA Must Follow

There are many Mom bloggers in India who are doing a fantastic job sharing their parenting journey. Sharing Top 13 mom bloggers of India whose content is really helping readers and who are sharing their …

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How to keep kids fit and active during the lockdown?

Things which are the major concerns of every parent during this pandemic were how to keep kids busy and how to keep them fit and active? This is the age when kids need more physical …

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Siblings fights: How to handle and stop sibling fighting?

Do your kids fight? Do they argue? Do they involve in the physical fights too? Well, this is so normal, and if you ask me siblings fights are extremely normal between them. Being a mother …

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Organic Baby Lotion

5 Best organic Baby Lotion For Your Newborn delicate skin In India.

The cute, bright smile & playful laugh of your sweetie pie is everything that matters to a mother. Isn’t it? Parents try to do everything to put a smile on your baby’s face? Whether it’s …

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How to realize that something’s playing on your kid’s mind?

Children often have things on their minds that they rarely express. How do you as a parent realize what is going on? Of course, there are several reasons why your child may be generally depressed …

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educational toys

How educational toys can help your little one to grow during the pandemic!

With the global pandemic causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a more stressful time than ever. Amidst the talks of re-opening of schools, online learning is bound to …

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6 Organic laundry detergent best for babies in India 2021

Getting blessed with a cute little baby is the most precious and wonderful thing that can happen in one’s life, those little toes, those irresistible eyes, that cute face…oh my god! It’s just amazing. Dressing …

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5 Ways to keep your kids engaged online and offline!

Are you witnessing child regression because of covid-19 spread? If yes, you are not alone! With the new scenario of COVID-19 causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a …

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Mental Strength

5 Mistakes that can harm kids mental strength

Kids’ mental strength depends on various factors and we as parents must be more vigilant and careful about the same. Your child would be better prepared to handle tough situations and tackle them efficiently if …

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Baby wipes

Top 10 Baby wet wipes brands in India 2021

Baby skin calls for utmost care and prudent decision-making. Babies have very soft and beautiful skin that needs to be tended with a lot of love and care. Therefore, we should be sure of using …

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How can parents inspire the teen brain?

How can parents inspire the teen brain? Children always look towards their parents as their role models. They learn from them in quite unpredictable and unbelievable ways. Yet sometimes parents tend to miss this fact. …

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Fussy Eaters- 10 tips for parents on how to handle them.

Fussy eater, this is very common thing we often hear, it’s really not unusual for kids to be picky eaters and that picky eating habit is really a big reason for parents to be concern …

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How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

Teaching English to a three-year-old might seem like barbeque under a hot summer sun! But, it’s not. If done right it’s more savory than the barbecue in the spring blossoms. In this article, we intend …

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