7 Ways Happinetz Breaks Mobile Addiction In Children

Mobile addiction

Mobile addiction leads to so many harmful effects on any individual, but it is really scary for children, especially teens, and toddlers. Mobile addiction can lead to behavior problems in kids which may show as issues related to decision-making, impulse control, and emotional regulation.

There is always a juggling between home management and parenthood, but we can handle both together with simple ideas.

To help guide my kids and manage their mobile addiction, I got a permanent solution with Happinetz. Happinetz helps provide Safe Internet for Kids, qualitatively and quantitatively.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have Happinetz To Manage Mobile Addiction

1. Easy to Plug and Install

The Happinetz Box is easy to install, simply connect to your home router. The box comes with a power adapter, an Ethernet cable, a quick installation guide, and Happinetz Reward Cardz.

Before installation, I thought of calling a technician for the work. But, once I had gone through the installation guide I felt like doing it all by myself, and trust me the process of setting up and activating the box is just a 5 minutes job. Here are the steps I followed:

a) You need to plug your Happinetz box into your home router using the ethernet cable.
b) Download the Happinetz app on your (parent) mobile.
c) Switch off MAC Randomization on the phone and connect to Happinetz WiFi.
d) Once connected you can see all connected devices listed on the available device screen.
e) Click on each device and select an appropriate mode: Parent, Kid, or Teen.

Once you select the mode, an icon will appear next to the device name. The device is now connected/ approved on the Happinetz System.

This easy process of installation and setting up is one of the primary reasons I recommend getting Happinetz.

2. Selection of Modes

I have a kid and a teen at home and both have their own gadgets. My little one is happy to be on his tab and the teen girl loves to scroll on YouTube and on the internet on her mobile. It’s important to be vigilant in both cases and I have been hearing about the increasing cases of mobile addiction among teens nowadays.

The three modes that come with the Happinetz box are Kid Mode, Teen Mode, and Parent Mode. Each mode corresponds to an age group. So Kid is up to the age group of 12 years, teenagers from 13 to 17 years, and Parent is for 18 years and above. The features it covers are:

a) Multiple devices can be added to the same mode.
b) All devices added to a particular mode will follow the same schedule and filter settings.
c) Each mode has its own customizable schedule and filter settings. You can customize as per the choice of screen time you want to give your kid at home.
d) Switching modes of a device through the app is possible anytime.
e) All schedule and filter settings are automatically switched off in the parent mode.

3. Filters

Filters can be really helpful if you want your child to use a phone or any gadget without leading to mobile addiction. Happinetz has categorized the internet into 15 categories which you can check on the app. Happinetz also monitors 110 million+ websites and apps. 4 million+ malicious websites along with 18 million+ adult content websites are also blocked. This makes the internet a safe place for kids to browse with Happinetz.

Apart from that, there are other filters like:

a) Blacklist or Whitelist individual URLs as per need
b) Google/Bing safe search is always on and it comes with an ad blocker. This makes it easy for kids to search for their educational material from a safe internet without any unwanted ads.
c) There is a special ‘Games for Kids’ category to ensure kids have access to only age-appropriate games
d) YouTube Restricted is switched on by default.

Mobile Addiction

4. History Monitoring

Now, when I mention looking into kids’ internet history, I don’t mean we are trying to intrude on their privacy. Still, as a parent, we are responsible for being vigilant about what our child is watching on the internet. Happinetz gives you insights that you can find under Insights in the Happinetz app, where your child’s internet usage can be seen. It is broken down as per Overall, Category, and Device. A list of websites and apps accessed is available under the History tab on the Happinetz app.

This helps me to understand on which site my child is spending most of his/her time and how we can manage that.

5. Time Management

Time management is something I always want my kids to learn. I wanted them to learn how to be organized in life and I was really lagging because their mobile addiction and screen time was more than it should be. But now Happinetz and its feature of setting internet screen time schedules to set limits has been really helpful.

Now to get hold of their mobile addiction and internet usage I manage and set their internet schedule as per my choice and requirement.

Slot selection is one of the best features that really helps to control growing mobile addiction in teens and kids.

The screen management can be deployed across different kinds of devices like laptops, smart TVs, tablets, phones (iOS and Android), etc. as long as they are connected to the Happinetz WiFi.

To monitor screen time, you need to check from the Happinetz app which you download on parent’s phone only. You can set the time slot for your kid’s usage and once your time slot is over, it takes the internet about 5-10 minutes to completely shut off.

The best part of selecting the slot is that in case you want to modify the internet schedule for a particular day, simply extend the time limit for that day.  Even the pause time feature will allow you to pause the internet on a device connected to the Happinetz network until you resume it through the app.

6. SOS Alert

Well, kids are smart enough to know nowadays how to play with their devices and settings, and they try to find out ways to get access to the internet but Happinetz is a step ahead of their imagination with a feature called SOS alert.

Your Happinetz App will receive an SOS alert notification if the Happinetz Box is switched off or removed from power. Apart from this if a device added to Happinetz System disconnects from the Happinetz WiFi network then an Alert notification will be sent on the app.

So, kids can’t fool you with simply disconnecting or switching off the Happinetz box to get more time on the internet or browse any unwanted websites. 

7. Data Safety and Privacy

And all of this without accessing the child’s personal data. The most common concern of every parent is their kid’s data, pictures, etc., getting on the internet while using any such device but with Happinetz you can be assured that your privacy and your child’s will be well maintained.

The Happinetz Box ensures guidance over surveillance which is also something that I follow as a parent in everyday dealings with my children.

The system is tested to help reduce mobile addiction in children and I can personally vouch it helped my children with their internet access too.

We can’t keep kids away from the internet now, but we can make this place safe for them.  Mobile addiction, unlimited screen time, unwanted ads, and more is a real concern that gets solved with the Happinetz box’s Safe Internet for kids.

To get your box Click Here.

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  1. These are some awesome features of the Happinetz. It is the definitely to reduce screen time and protect our teens.

  2. My son has recently started using a mobile phone and he loves browsing on the internet. But I was worried about the unfiltered bad content out there and how my son could also get exposed to that. I am so happy that I chose Happinetz for my family, now we don’t have to stress over our child’s safety online and at the same time mobile addiction.

  3. Happinetz is a great solution for creating a safe space for kids on the internet to explore and learn. When my daughter wants to browse internet I am assured she is seeing only age-appropriate content, thanks to Happinetz

  4. I like the history monitoring and time management features that this box has. Very important to have this due to the millions of things on the internet these days.

  5. Happinetz is truly a #SafeInternetForKids
    and it keeps parents stress free! Highly recommend it for all parents

  6. Definitely Happinetz is the need of the hour! and agree that it is not a surveillance system but a guide that ensures that kids are not falling prey to irrelevant content while using internet. Happinetz is a one stop solution to parents worries.

  7. With young kids and higher curiosity, keeping the online world safe is very important. Happinetz has provided exactly what evry parent wanted along with some extraordinary features.

  8. I agree Ruchi. Along with helping us manage our kids screen time, Happinetz help in curbing the mobile addiction in them

  9. Happinetz’s secure search filter and scheduled usage options have truly impressed me, unquestionably establishing a safe online environment for kids. Happinetz emerges as the ideal solution for ensuring #SafeInternetForKids.

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