The Impact Of Technology On Live Classes

Live Classes

Live classes have been a part of online learning since the evolution of the virtual learning process. We all know that technology has been a great help in keeping education consistent and intact even during the pandemic. These live classes were conducted by various institutions both private and public all across the globe and the positive impact of these on the students can be clearly seen. However, do you know that this technology can also enhance these live lectures even after the pandemic? Well, if you were in doubt about how it happens, keep reading.

Impact of technology on live classes

  1. The teachers can make live classes entertaining because of technology — The  live classes, if conducted just like the physical ones, can be very boring and monotonous. However, we all know that it is important to grab the student’s attention even during the online lectures. Technology has helped the teachers a lot in making their classes entertaining and interesting. The teachers can now use the artificial intelligence and 3D images and videos which make the students almost live the topics they are studying. Also, the various teaching tools like whiteboard, quizzes and puzzles have also encouraged students to take part in the lectures actively.
  1. The students find participating in the live classes easy because of technology— Submission of projects and presentations in the online classes were difficult earlier. But due to technological advancements, the students can use PPT and word files and other mediums which make their work easier and even their presentations interesting. This leads to more attention in the classrooms and even increases their scores at their examinations.
Live Classes
  1. Better cooperation amongst the students during the live classes— It is a myth that in the online classes the students don’t correlate and connect with each other. If the teachers are using technological advancements like group studies, classroom applications and creating further classes in the live lectures, it can be a great source to boost the correlation between the students during the live classes.
  1. Increase in the number of students attending the lectures — Since the concept of online lectures started the problem of less number of students attending the same was very significant. But due to technological advancements like the applications that make the classes entertaining and keeping a track of their attendance, there is also an increase in the number of students attending the lectures.
  1. Better remembrances of the concepts taught — Sometimes teaching in the live classes is easier but making that students remember those concepts for a longer time becomes difficult. But since the teachers now use the technological advances while teaching in the classes, it automatically helps the students to recollect the information even after months of it being taught in the classes. This is one of the biggest advantages of technological upgradation in the educational sector which the experts are trying to improve further for better learning process of the students. 

So far, the educational experts agree that the technological advances have more positive impact on the live classes than the negative ones. Yes, it is going to improve further and we hope a better educational environment offline and online for the students because of this boon.

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  1. Technology has brought many positive changes in the education system. Lets accept that it has captured our life in many aspects. But as long as it is helping students for their betterment, its a win-win.

  2. Yes, since the time of pandemic online classes have become a routine part of life. if teachers keep a creative approach and use technology wisely, then online classes can become more entertaining and may offer great education to kids from the comfort of their home.

  3. So the pandemic became a blessing in disguise when it came to online education. We had to develop technology to make live classes more user friendly and accessible. It was so convenient for me to take live classes without having to spend time and money travelling.

  4. There is no doubt that technological advancement has given a boost to online learning and live classes. You have shared all the valid points of technology making an impact on online classses.

  5. Online classes was a craze among kids for sometime but soon the classes lost its attraction as they seemed monotonous. Tough technology has improved to ease things but definetly cannot be equalled with the benefits of physical interaction and communication among the kids.

  6. Online classes have certainly changed the way kids learn in recent times. Online classes allow students to learn from home or anywhere thus providing greater flexibility. And I believe involvement of parents is also more in online classes.

  7. With proper use of technology teachers can indeed make any subject interesting and ensure participation by students. Making presentations is fun and is a good way to initiate group studies.

  8. Great tips, Ruchi. You have jotted down all the points in detail.I don’t follow this technology but i guess it is the requirement of this era. From blackboards to digitaal..that is progress.

  9. Technology in educational is an advancement that is taken one step everyday towards continued improvement. It definitely is a helpful tool to guide students.

  10. I agree with your post 100%. With the use of technology, firstly education has been accessible to remote places in the globe. Not only education has been simplified with the use of technology, but a new way to create, excel and invent has also paved a way. All thanks to technology.

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