The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

Mumbai – the city which never sleeps, the city of stars and the city which has accumulated the global brands and foods while providing homes to numerous slum dwellers too.

The contrast which this city offers is unparalleled. On one hand, it has gifted the staple street food of vada pav while on the other hand, it harbors brands like McDonald’s, Smoking Joes, etc.

The combination of a fast life of Mumbai and American fast food is complete within itself. The stretch of Marine Drive and the silence of Bandra offers the best experience with the options for getting the food delivered.

While there are a plethora of options to order food online in Mumbai, what makes the memories are the places where the American food gets delivered. A random walk at Worli sea face at midnight and you want the French fries with a coke.

The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

An impromptu conversation about life with your lover at Marine Drive and all you need is a whole wheat bread burger with Ice tea.

You feel tired of walking on the shores of Nariman Point while being with your besties and all you need is a couple of sandwiches.

Be it finger licking nachos or crispy chicken crispers on top of Belgium waffles, American Food is the first choice of the youngsters for a quick snack, which is filling as well.

Steak served with melted cheddar cheese and veggies, is also a mouth-watering option. Another option which can be opted is chicken tacos with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Applewood smoked bacon bits.

The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

With bacon burger topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickle on the menu, it becomes difficult to choose one item. However American apple pie with cream or without cream, still remains the heart winning dessert.

America is the land of businesses and success stories. Hence the food is mostly something which can be grabbed and taken with a morning latte or coffee. Hamburgers, French fries, steak, etc are the gifts of the American land.

Every country has an outlet for the American fast food giant McDonalds. When initially they came to India than Hamburgers proved to be a failure. Hence McAlooTikki was born to be savored by the exclusive Indian customers.

When exploring the options for American food in Mumbai, there are places like The American Joint, Quiznos Sub, Frisbees with its amazing burgers.

The fast food flavors in the fastest city- Mumbai

With its busy lifestyle, with local trains being missed by seconds and with all the hustle and bustle of the Mumbaikars, there is something that has drawn the interests of case studies at Harvard too – The logistics and operations of the dabbawallas.

They use a colored mapping to know which area, which building and which floor the person is.This mapping and their expert experience are what makes the food delivery flawless. Despite all the restaurants and online food services, still, the love of wife/mother which is packed in homemade food and delivered by the dabbawallas.

This food is always special and the most cherished one.

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