Be trendy with these 5 things

Be trendy with these 5 things

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Have you ever thought how celebrities create trends and we just follow them. Let’s be trendy with these 5 things and be a celebrity of our own.

Some simple things to always follow when you style yourself and be a trendsetter.

1. Outfit- To be trendy:

Choose outfit or dress which suits your personality and definitely the occasion. Don’t choose any such outfit which someone else wants you to dress in and you are not comfortable.

Selection of outfit is very important and the first criteria for selection are your comfort. The second choice should be according to the occasion. 

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2. Footwear: Be Trendy

As it always said, “You can judge a person by their shoes”. Once you select the outfit don’t miss to select perfect shoes or footwear. Never select any mismatched footwear with your outfit.

Set your trend with the great outfit and matching footwear.

3. Watches: Be Trendy

After you are set with outfit and footwear, you need to keep an eye on the time, be trendy with some amazing Omega watches by The Prime Watch. 

The prime watches have a wide range of Omega watches for Men and Woman categories and it will sure add more class and trend to your look.

4. Handbags: Be Trendy

When you style yourself with some trendsetting outfit, footwear and watch time to carry your important kinds of stuff in some trendy and cool handbag. 

Select handbag according to your outfit and occasion. There are a variety of handbags are available in the market and online stores for both men and women. 

5. Smile: Be Trendy

Last but not the least do wear smile along with all these style statements. A smile is something which makes you more beautiful.

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  2. Quick n easy tips for trendy look for summer this year!!!

  3. Totally agree with you! Trendy clothes, watches and hand bags totally change the look!

  4. Last but not the least do wear a smile 🙂 Love this! A smile is an accessory that makes your outfit complete.

  5. Great pointers… I am consciously going to start matching my bags too, i tend to overlook that in the hurry of the day. But if i could do all these.. I would definitely look much smarter 🙂

  6. I absolutely loved this list. All the facets mentioned are very important indeed and are trend setters. But nothing lasts it your smile doesn’t.

  7. I always wear trendy outfits, otherwise i feel something is majorly missing.. Thanks for 5th points ?

  8. Very true .. Trendy cloths,bags, watches, shoes can add a nice style factor to look ..

  9. Smile is of course the much needed thing to stay trendy and look amazing

  10. Loved those trendy footwear’s, perfect list to get a trendy and classy tag:)

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