5 Classic Wedding Shopping Buys For Men

Wedding Shopping

It seems that you are ready to get married, and the big day is coming soon. We can understand the excitement and happiness you might be feeling. But in the hustle and bustle of your wedding preparations, you often forget the most important things required for your wedding. So, here we are to help you with the classic wedding shopping items that you will definitely require as a groom. So, are you ready with a pen and paper? If yes, then here you go!

Wedding Shopping Buys For Men

1. Wedding Shopping- The dresses are for different functions

Tell us it is an Indian wedding without telling us that it is an Indian wedding! Yes, you can assume the same with the number of functions you organize and attend during an Indian wedding. So, as a groom, you will be required to dress differently but magnificently during all these functions.

We assume, you know the value of buying different wedding dresses for men for all of these occasions. Like, you will have to pick one of the best-looking wedding dresses for men like a sherwani, for your pheras. Then there will be the mehndi and haldi functions, for which you will require a kurta pajama set. You will also need a blazer suit for the reception, and so on. So, don’t forget to write down your preferences and pick your choices of wedding dresses for men as you prepare for the big day. 

2. Wedding Shopping- The footwear

Even the footwear that you pick for your different attires plays an important role in your big day. As per the dresses you are picking for your different functions, go for the footwear as well. For your kurta pajamas, traditional sandals would suffice. Over your sherwani, mojdis, or jutis, you look wonderful. For your blazer suit, you can opt for Oxford shoes for different wedding functions. 

Wedding Shopping

3. Wedding Shopping- Accessories

It’s your wedding, and you have to ensure that you look elegant and fabulous during the functions. So don’t forget to get the much-needed accessories for your different wedding functions. Like, with a sherwani, you will also require a stole or a dupatta. With the kurta pajamas, you can try wearing a pagadi and a bracelet. You can also opt for a Nehru jacket and designer brooch with it. Even a mala over your sherwani is going to look royal on your wedding day. 

4. Wedding Shopping- The perfect perfumes

No matter what kind of attire you wear, the charm of smelling good can never be forgotten. So, see to it that you are picking the best-smelling perfumes for your different wedding functions. You can either experiment with some new scents or try the ones you have already used. But ensure that you are packing them with your attire so that you don’t forget them at the last moment.

5. Wedding Shopping- The grooming kit

With all your dressing and smelling lists checked, let’s go to the grooming kit that you will definitely require for your wedding functions. We know you will be paying your salon a visit, but it is necessary that you carry some grooming items so that you can prepare well for the functions at the end of the day. You can include necessary items like a face wash, a face scrub, shaving cream, razors, a comb, and so on. With these, you can prepare well just a minute or two before you make your entry as a groom in those functions.

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  1. These days along with bride, groom also need to look presentable. With Bollywood couples coming into picture the market for groom dresses and accessories has gone up.

  2. When we talk about fashion or shopping, we mostly think only about women, but with changing time, men fashion also become an integral part of social system and for special days like marriage, it is important to plan ahead and shop everything that needed. your post give some great ideas to what to shop for wedding for men. thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  3. How nice if you to talk about the most overlooked part of the wedding – the groom !
    Not not have you discussed the attire but also the accessories and the perfume which makes this post so worth sharing.

  4. Oh, I remember the recent wedding function in our family and it was all about what to wear and when. My cousin, the groom was super excited the whole time just to shop his favorites and match them with the bride.

  5. The bride and the groom want to look their best on their wedding day and these days they plan for their color coordinated outfits too.

  6. Wedding shopping is so fun. This post made me do time travel…. I am remembering my sister’s wedding. These days there are exclusive wedding shopping sites and shops where you can get everything under one roof and the variety available for each and every item is mind boggling!!

  7. Who said only brides need to look their best on their wedding day? It’s great that men are paying such close attention to being fashionably attractive and well-dressed too. Good shoes and accessories are a must.

  8. It is the time of the Metrosexual man and the bride’s trousseau matches the groom. I find it very amusing when the dresses are coordinated for the wedding ceremony and all the functions.. Your list is comprehensive and great to follow for any groom.

  9. This post is the perfect destination for wedding shopping for the groom I love the detailed information that would serve as a go to guide.

  10. Wow, now this is indeed a very helpful list Ruchi. With the changing times and social media in place, the need to look unique and happening is not only limited to women but also men.
    Every occasion, every ritual demands a new look and this list perfectly summarizes that!

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