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All the teachers out there agree on one single thing, the most difficult task is to keep your classes consistently interesting. Of course, there are some topics that might interest your students and some of them which might seem boring to them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t teach them in an interesting and fun way. However, most of you are not aware of the ways to do the same. So, when you have online classes and there are some subjects and topics that seem too monotonous for your students and yourself, then you can try these tips to make your online classes move fun and seamless.

Use the best online classes app

  • Amidst the range of various online teaching applications, you should pick up that online classes app that ensures to make your lectures more interesting. You can look for some features like a good infrastructure of the application, a very secure base for all your information and data, ease of adding add-on websites, and features like whiteboard puzzles and so on, you should also look for recording the classes a very convenient way through the educational app. If you get an online classes app that provides all these features, it automatically makes your classes more interesting, fun, and seamless.
  • Create some suspense — We know as a teacher you are almost bored with teaching the same topic repeatedly. But you have to make the subject interesting for your students. They are going to learn it for the first time and the more enthusiastic you are about it, it definitely affects your student’s interests. You can try creating some suspense about the topic by giving external references and trying storytelling methods. When your students find this interesting factor in the classes, they are definitely going to feel more active in the lectures.
Online classes app
  • Let your students teach as well — Shared knowledge is always beneficial to all of us. And when online classes, it sparks the interest of the students. You can allot some topics to each of your students or a group of them and give them a chance to explain the same in the live lectures in their own way. This automatically makes them more obliged to hear everything with great interest and then produce the same in good efforts during the examinations.
  • Look for changed avatars and backdrops — Sometimes even aesthetics create a nice interest during online lectures. Luckily, you don’t have to paint the walls or change the wallpaper in the virtual classes. You just need to change the avatars and the backdrop of your profile in the teaching application. It is a fun factor that also helps in making your classes more amazing and joyful. 
  • Take surprise tests — Small surprise tests are recommended for a good revision of your students. But apart from it, this also makes your students attend the lectures more attentively. As they know they would be asked any questions suddenly, they listen to each and every part of it with interest, and then they can perform better in these tests.

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  1. I always wondered how Drivers and teachers would do the same thing over and over again for years without feeling jaded, more so in online classes where live interaction is reduced. These are very useful ways of making teaching enjoyable to both teacher and pupil.

  2. It must be very difficult to capture the attention of students in a virtual class. You have shared valid tips to make it interesting/ I was enjoying it but at the end you said surprise test and the euphoria lifted.

  3. True, online classes can be challenging for both teachers and students! With such poor attention span these days, teachers have to keep online classes engaging, interactive, and fun, while still maintaining a high level of educational quality. Great pointers, Ruchi!

  4. I think teachers as well as parents are getting smarter with the online classes. We had gotten caught up with corona off guard. Good ideas though.

  5. I remember when I was student we had a science teacher and she was the best because she made learning so much fun. Once she took a long leave and the substitute teacher was not able to keep up, her classes were so boring that most of us would fall asleep at the back. It’s good that now teachers have access to so many things like this app to help them make their sessions interesting.

  6. Making learning fun so as to have kids attention is very much necessary these days. These tips would definitely help teachers plan their classes in an interesting way.

  7. Online teaching is more difficult then real classes since it’s hard to keep kids involved and interested. These are some good tips. To make them participate will ensure their attention.

  8. Online classes are always very challenging as to keep students focus intact is very difficult. Liked all the ideas you have mentioned and yes having a good app with maximum features makes it more easy.

  9. Online classes are a great option to study from your desired location. As the competition have increased manifold the apps constantly add new things to attract the students.

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