7 Types Of Cancer In Women, And How To Prevent Them

Cancer In Women

Many people have a misconception that certain activities can cause cancer, but that’s not true. Cancer in women and men can be witnessed without any symptoms. There are many symptoms of cancer that a woman needs to be aware of, and today we’ll discuss the elements of cancer in women and why it’s essential to learn about cancer in women.

Cancer goes unnoticed, and the same goes for the symptoms. There are various types of cancer a woman can get, including skin, lung, cervical, colorectal or endometrial. Cancer in men and women entails the same symptoms, so if you feel any changes in your body, you must inform your doctor and get a checkup to prevent it from spreading.

What are the types of cancer in women?

There are various types of cancer in women having different systems and treatments. Types of cancer a woman may get. 

  • Breast
  • Skin
  • Colorectal
  • Endometrial
  • Lung
  • Cervical
  • Ovarian cancer

They can be dangerous if you don’t treat them on time.  It’s crucial to check your health; if there’s any problem, you can treat it early to avoid its consequences. To prevent severe pain, you need to treat it as early as possible. So let’s take a look at the types of cancer and what you can do to treat it.

Types of cancer in women, and how to prevent them?

Colorectal cancer

Colon or rectum cancer is one of the prevalent cancers, which factors like being overweight can increase, smoking, consuming alcohol and processed food and not doing physical inactivity. Colorectal cancer can be the result of your family history or polyps.  Colorectal cancer starts with a polyp, and it grows, and regular colorectal cancer screening can be the ultimate weapon to eliminate the polyps before it spreads. Before it develops into cancer, you need to consider screening.

Women who are around 40-45 should consult a doctor and do a screening. There are different tests and treatments a woman should consider if she identifies any issue. The trials and treatments are based upon your health; if you have good health and are sure about more than ten years of life expectancy, then you can avoid screenings, but as a woman, if you see any symptoms, you should consult with a doctor.

Endometrial cancer

The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus, and this is one of the deadly cancers which can be caused when your hormone level gets affected.  The risk of endometrial cancer increases as women grow older, and taking estrogen without progesterone and taking pills to lower the risk of breast cancer can lead to Endometrial cancer.

Late menopause and early menstrual cycle, and infertility can be a threat to risk as well. Women who have breast cancer or ovarian cancer can be a threat to it as well. As per the suggestions, if you get an unusual discharge, spotting, and vaginal bleeding happening after menopause, then you should consult with a doctor. Regular pelvic exams and consulting with a healthcare doctor can help you understand the situation.

Cervical cancer

Another cancer that can be pretty disturbing for a woman’s life is cervical cancer. Chronic infection can lead to cervical cancer. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the ultimate risk of cervical cancer and can be caused by skin-to-skin contact. Having sex with someone with a virus, chlamydia infection, weak immune system, smoking, and being overweight can be harmful to your body, and it can be a risk for cervical cancer.

Using condoms while having sex, eliminating smoking, and taking vaccines to protect yourself against human papillomavirus can help you prevent cancer. Regular cervical screening, PAP, and HPV test can be an element of it as well. The screenings can help to prevent cancer from spreading.

Cancer in women

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer can be caused at any age, and as a woman, if you never had a child or had your first child after 35, you may risk ovarian cancer. As a woman grows older and has used estrogen-only for hormone replacement is at risk of getting ovarian cancer.

Hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer and lynch syndrome from the family history are the factors that can cause ovarian cancer. Women who don’t have any issues mentioned above are free from the risk of ovarian cancer. Consulting with a healthcare provider and regular pelvic exams can help with ovarian cancer.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is caused by inhaling heavy chemicals, mainly tobacco. The air particles can cause lung cancer, and women who have smoking habits have the risk of lung cancer. One of the best things you can do to prevent lung cancer is to avoid smoking and not breathe in others’ smoke.  Lung cancer can be prevented if you don’t smoke, and regular screening can help you with it.

However, if diagnosed with lung cancer, there are treatment options available such as radiotherapy which targets cancer cells directly. Specialized cancer treatment centers like Amethyst Radiotherapy can utilize advanced techniques to maximize the chances of destroying cancerous growths while minimizing harm to healthy tissue. With proper treatment in equipped facilities, lung cancer patients may be able to beat cancer and recover.

Skin cancer

Melanoma is said to be one of the most deadly skin cancers, which can spread quickly to your body. Melanoma is less common, but it’s pretty harmful to the body. Skin cancer can occur at any age, and unprotected skin from UV rays is more likely to get cancer. Ensure you don’t have tanned beds and avoid using dangerous chemicals on your skin.

Exposure to sun rays and tanning are some central elements of skin cancer, and with some basic practices, you can easily protect your skin. Avoiding Sunburn and tanning beds and lamps can help you prevent skin cancer.

Breast cancer

One of the most widespread cancers in America is breast cancer caused by hormonal imbalance. The risk is more likely to go up as women get older. Some women have the possibility of getting the risk of cancer more than others, and every woman should be aware of the risk it takes. To find breast cancer early, you can do some screening tests and take the essential treatments to prevent it from spreading.


Regular screening and tests are the only solutions you can consider. As a woman, you need to ensure that you don’t have any symptoms and signs of cancer in women. Regular checkups can help you to prevent cancer.  We hope you find this helpful and receive valuable information from it.

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Disclaimer – This article is an advisory piece. Before you manipulate your diet habit and health-related changes kindly consult a medical practitioner or nutritionist.


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  1. Indeed these are the most deadly cancers among women. Unfortunately, the incidence of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and endometrial cancer has been on the rise in India. There are a lot of screening procedures like genetic tests, cancer markers, and PAP smears, etc that can help in early detection.

  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Ruchi. We should know about many Cancers. I have lost close people to it. One friend had Pancreatic cancer, which is not discernible. But luckily she was and got treatment on time.

  3. Cancer is a menace in the sense that it can develop silently, without any noticeable symptoms, and can be difficult to treat once it has progressed to later stages. True, regular cancer screenings are an important part of maintaining good health and detecting cancer early, when it is most treatable. Thanks for an informative post!

  4. Good informative blog, Ruchi. I think there are two types of lung cancer though because my non-smoking friend also had lung cancer (a guy). So can’t that happen in women too?

  5. This is a very informative post, you have shared all the relevant points related to different cancers. These cancers have become so common nowadays but not many women are aware of the symptoms and they don’t get regular check ups also which can prevent these cancers if detected timely.

  6. Mostly we speak about breast cancer and cervical cancer. The occurrence of cancer like Endometrial cancer are never discussed. Thanks for bringing it into discussion

  7. I agree regular screening and checkup is the only way we can prevent these deadly cancers. Many a time we are not even aware that certain symptoms can lead to cancer. Knowledge and awareness is the key to prevention.

  8. Cancer claims and destroys so many lives yet we remain clueless about its types. Breast and cervical cancer are known commonly but I learnt about colorectal and endometrial cancer from your post.

  9. Cancers could be silent killers. For most cases the results could be a surprise when they come to know. So we must be aware of bodily changes and keep ourselves checked

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