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Do you love traveling? As a travel enthusiast, have you ever wondered how great it would have been if you could utilize your passion for travel to earn money! Well, speaking for myself, I have often thought about it.   

Last week while browsing through some virtual escape room catalogs by mystery rooms Bangalore, I came across another fascinating remote adventure where you can travel virtually! I grabbed my VR headsets and spent the next hour on an African safari.  

But as much as the experience fascinated me, the simulation travel only made me miss real-life traveling more. Bounded by real-life responsibilities, my full-time job being the primary one of them, it is hard for me to make time for traveling. And I’m sure this is the case for a lot of travel enthusiasts out there. 

But you don’t have to settle. If you really want to travel and make money from it, there are viable options out there! So, let’s take a quick look at the 5-best travel job opportunities in today’s market. Stay tuned till the end for some bonus tips!  

1. Travel Blogger  

Travel Jobs
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The most common and possibly the best way to get a job for your dream of traveling the world is by becoming a travel blogger. All you need is the thirst to seek out and travel to every nook and corner of the world and enumerate your experiences, and nothing can stop you from going aboard this new adventure. 

But, with so many travel bloggers present all across the world today, you are bound to face some tough competition. However, if you are determined and confident in your skills, you can surely achieve success. Even in travel blogging, there are also different categories that you can choose based on your creative style and preference. You can create travel videos and share them on social media or Youtube and once you have figured out whether you want to go for luxury traveling, traveling with kids, budget traveling, or anything else, you are ready to begin.  

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2. English Teacher  

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English is undoubtedly a global language at this point. Thus, a good English teacher is highly sought in several countries across the world. While there might be chances that you need to teach online, there are chances that you might also have to travel to a country internationally for it! 

So do not forget to utilize the different online portals and websites that you can easily find on the web to look for students who need an English teacher and apply. But, before you apply for the job, thoroughly go through the educational qualifications that the job requires. While some of the jobs only look for a bachelor’s degree, there might be some that ask you for a TEFL certificate. 

3. Travel Freelance Writer  

Travel Jobs
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It is the best travel job opportunity for people who are great at creating well-furbished content for posting on the web. When you start working as a travel freelance content writer, you can enjoy both the perks of traveling and nurturing your creative writing spirit. All that the job asks of you is to travel across the world to different places and write good-quality content based on those locations. 

You can then publish your content under relevant tourism and travel websites and reach out to people with your words. What’s better is you can also work as a contributor for well-reputed travel magazines like Nat Geo or others. You also have the option to work with travel and tourism guidebooks to create content in this job opportunity.  

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4. Tour Guide 

If you have a lot of knowledge about various trip destinations, becoming a travel guide can be your perfect expedition job. When you become a tour guide, you can quench your hunger for exploring unknown places and making money by sharing your knowledge with tourists.   

To become a tour guide, you first need to work on getting your tourist guide license. You can search and choose from the travel guide programs conducted around you and enroll yourself in a suitable one. And once you complete your program, you are ready to embark on your dream job!  

5. Traveling Yoga Instructor 

Yes, you have heard it right! The increasing levels of stress and anxiety in the professional and personal arena of life have people gradually turning to yoga to seek respite. Thus, becoming a yoga instructor can help you move closer to your dream of traveling around the world. And you can also help people by using your profession in this way. 

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The job would pay you more than enough to pay for your travel expenses. Furthermore, to elevate your level of success as a traveling yoga instructor, you need to get yourself certified as a yoga instructor. It will help increase your credibility and open more opportunities in this field. So, once you accomplish the Mantra Yoga Certification process (as well as learn the various other aspects of yoga), you can start to grow your network by reaching out to regional gyms, hotels, or any place located across the world where you wish to host your yoga sessions. 

And since you stuck with the article until this point, here are two bonuses lined up for you as a treat: 

Bonus #1: Travel Agent 

Planning perfect trip itineraries for your voyages might be something that you enjoy doing by immersing yourself in it. But what if you could do the same to earn your living? That’s right! By becoming a travel agent, you can plan things to do, accommodations, and many such events for fellow tourists. 

You can prefer to work as an independent travel agent or collaborate with a reputed travel agency. In any of these cases, the entire tour plan of the tourists remains under your grasp. So, you are free to use all your knowledge about the upcoming place to chart out the perfect trip itinerary for everyone’s journey. Also, as a travel agent, you can even get an opportunity to go on a tour with the tourists! And trust me, it is more fun than it sounds right now as you read it.  

Bonus #2: Freelance Travel Photographer 

If you are the one who loves to take perfect snapshots, this is the dream job for you. Even though becoming a freelance travel photographer can be a little challenging at its inception, you can still overcome it all with your expertise with the camera.  

Some of the must-needed things for this job include a DSLR, different variations and ranges of lenses, a tripod, and a remote shutter. And other than possessing proficient photography skills (obviously), you must also be efficient in editing your pictures to create the perfect moments.  


These were only some of the many travel jobs you can pick up for your career. Each of them has its pros and cons, and if you are passionate enough in this field, you can overcome limitations with your dedication and hard work. 

So, are you now excited to turn your passion for traveling into a mode of earning money with travel jobs? Pick out the opportunity that suits you the best, and start making amends to leave behind your mundane desk job to do something you love. 

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  1. Travel has become popular now than ever before and it would be amazing if it could offer full-time career opportunities too. These are some great options one can explore while following their travel passion.

    1. Yes, travel is a full-time opportunity nowadays. Thanks for stopping here.

  2. Wow I love this job.. You get to see beautiful places and can make money out of it I admire travel bloggers . Would love to do once I am out of few responsibilities which doesn’t allow me to explore rt now but in future would love to pick one of the jobs you have mentioned.

    1. I swear exploring new places and earning is one dream even I have. Thanks for hopping here.

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Nice tips. Being a travelholic, I feel these tips very intriguing. Being an English teacher, the best option will be tip 2. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for liking the article. Hope it helps.

  4. These are some good suggestions for travel-related jobs, that can earn money. Of course, commitment and passion are the driving forces in any of these categories, like any other avenue.

    1. Commitment is really required in every field, even I agree.

  5. Making passion into business model is the right way to earn an income. You have shared very doable options for the travel lovers. I always like to read the articles of the place before travelling, so travel blogging has a great scope.

  6. This is a double bonus for those who love to travel. Follow your passion and also earn money out of it, that’s absolutely wonderful.

  7. Travel has become popular now than ever before.
    Being a travelholic, I feel these tips very intriguing.

  8. Totally agree with you on this I love working as travel blogger it’s overall new perspective every time vowing new places and meeting new people

  9. Its important to remain committed. I find it difficult to record my travels and therefore have never tried travel blogging. English tutor job is a great option.

  10. These are surely the best ways to make money while traveling. Even though I have had my blog for a long time, I have just started to explore options of making money.

  11. I ve been wanting to do this for so long..the idea of being a travel blogger is just so fascinating but also leaves a lot questions for me which I’m trying to find answers onhow it’s handled.

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