Beard Fashion & Styles for Gentlemen

In recent days, keeping a beard has become one of the most popular trends for men. Apart from being trendy and stunning in what they wear, many men are more conscious about unique and featured beards and hairstyles.

If you have decided to keep the beard for the first time or if you are seeking a new fresh look, then read on! In this article, we have decided to list the best beard styles that help to restore your gentlemen’s looks.

Top Trendy Beard Style for Gentlemen:

The Arabic Beard Style:

Beard Fashion

Arabic Beard Style is specifically best for young men as it has very small length and covers with some sharp edges. It is the most appealing beard style – With this short sexy beard, you can look well-groomed. The fine lines around and the sharp mustache keep you more attractive with this beard style.

The Bandholz:

Beard Fashion

If you are looking for Asian beard styles, then the Bandholz is for you. Regardless of your face shape or cut, let your beard grow freely in all directions, finely angled, while keeping your mustache full too. When you visit your barber, such as the ones at Uptown Dallas Barbershop (or elsewhere), you can ask them to trim your beard and mustache separately. This technique can truly enhance your attractiveness, accentuating your facial features in just the right way.

Box-Shaped Beard:

Beard Fashion

A box-shaped beard is ideal for men with elongated faces; this style adds a feel of broadness to your face. Leave your beard time to grow long enough, and then ask your barber to cut in an equal length. A box-shaped beard gives your face a bold and sharp look which addicts everyone.

The Broad Jawline:

If you have a fuller face, then this beard style is incredibly best for you. There is a need to properly focus on Jawline as it makes your face look sharper and more angled. In this way, your face looks thinner, and you get a gentlemen’s look.

The Chinstrap:

Beard Fashion

It is well known classy, sexy beard style, and still on the list of top beard styles. The Chinstrap beard runs along the side of your face and beginning from one corner and ending at the other one. Yes, this beard style makes you look bolder.

Circle Beard:

Beard Fashion

The circle beard style is really best for middle-aged men. It is quite similar to a goatee, but this style is fuller and has a mustache which distinguishes it from a goatee. Yes, this beard style is the best that makes you look younger than your age.

Long Bushy Beard:

To acquire a bushy beard, you have to grow your beard in its natural way. You can style it in any way and can impress people with your rugged and rough appearance. Beard oil or beard balm is essential for this style as it helps to prevent dryness and soften up your beard hair. You ought to ask your barber to pair it with your haircut to make a more attractive look.

Hipster Beard:

Hipster beard is a perfect mixture of rough aura and elegance; you just have to brush your beard down to make it more sophisticated. This splendid beard look consists of long hipster type of cuts to give that unique look.

The Short Goatee With A Disconnected Mustache:

It is another attractive and undeniably sexy beard style that gives your face an elongated and sharper look. The short goatee with a mustache looks more impressive if you dye your hair and beard with the same hair color.

Medium Stubble:

Stubble is always impressive and attractive; your personality becomes more stylish and addictive when your beard is dark enough. 

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The Natural Outline:

It is a well-known natural rough beard style that needs proper and continuous trimming. Ask your barber to leave the sideburns in their rawest form and allow the growth of beard naturally. There is no need for sharp ends or cuts; it can restore your gentlemen’s looks.

Shaggy & Sexy Beard:

Everybody loves a Shaggy look, you just have to allow your beard to grow enough longer to get the rough and wild look, but over time, ask your barber to set it properly an impressive touch to this sexy beard style.

The Goatee:

Beard Fashion

The goatee style gives you a sharp look as it is worn only on the chin and should not be connected to a mustache, it looks like a billy goat beard. If you want to make a proper goatee style, then you must have hair just below the lower lip.

The French Fork:

Beard Fashion

The French Fork is another unique and distinctive beard style and looks like the full beard and stubble. To get this unique style, let your hair extend past your chin before spitting in the middle into 2 segments, it looks like the actual French fork beard style which had only two prongs.

Professional Beard:

Beard is not only for artists and fashion models; many men have an impressive look with professional beard styles. These men trim their beards frequently and have their hair cut short. As an outcome, they get an attractive personality and wouldn’t want to shave it off for a long, long time. If you are looking for a sexy, bold, and distinctive look, then you have to try this beard style.

The Full Beard:

Beard Fashion

The full beard style is one of the most impressive styles of beard that’s never out of fashion no matter what your age or personality. You can get a bold look with this style and doesn’t matter of facial shapes and features. The amazing part is that you can able to pair it up with any trendy hairstyle.

When it comes to beard styles, there are ample of styles and options that might be suitable for your personality, and some of them are mentioned above.

Best Beard Oils:

Here are the best beard oils:

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  • The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil
  • Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner
  • Jojoba Oil (Beard Oil)
  • Jack Black Beard Oil
  • Leven Rose Beard Oil
  • Best Sandalwood Beard Oil
  • Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil
  • Beardoholic
  • Honest Amish Classic
  • Ranger

Indian Cricket caption Virat Kohli’s beard fashion is always trending.
Do you like the beard? Which Beard fashion do you love to follow?

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    I really do enjoy a good looking beard. Wild scraggly ones are no good though!

  14. Beards are trending in men’s fashion now-a-days. There are so many styles of sporting them! I have a friend who sports Bandholz and it looks awesome on him. But maintaining it isnt easy. Like they say, with great beard comes great responsibility. LOL 😀

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