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How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

Teaching English to a three-year-old might seem like barbeque under a hot summer sun! But, it’s not. If done right it’s more savory than the barbecue in the spring blossoms. In this article, we intend …

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Indian Baby Wash

Top 5 Indian Baby Wash for Babies

Parenting comes with a responsibility! In our advent of giving birth to a new life, we try to find the best of things to keep our baby safe and protected at all times. This is …

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Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oil

Traditional Indian Baby Massage with Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oil

Massaging a baby is a traditional custom followed by most mothers in the world. It is considered an important daily ritual and is mostly done using baby massage oil. Even when I became a mother, I …

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why children throw tantrums

4 reasons why children throw tantrums!

Motherhood comes with its sweet surprise of handling kids’ tantrums. And I had a fair share of experience when my son made it challenging for me on different levels by resorting to simple tantrums. Right …

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nutritional gems

The Nine nutritional gems we should always include in meals

As a mother of two active and growing kids, I have always remained inclined towards reading the labels of food I buy, picking up vegetables wisely from the vendor and educating myself on kids’ nutrition. Nutrients …

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Godmother Dr. Jayashree Mondkar- Director of Human Milk Bank

Human milk bank, when I first time heard about this I was a little curious and more excited as this is something really close to my heart. Asia’s first milk bank was established in 1989 …

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Child’s Immunity

PediaSure- A Step Ahead in boosting Child’s Immunity

Winter-festive bash is all around! But mommies are worried about their toddlers and kids sneezing around or struggling with the weather change or bothered by the cold breeze. No, medicines are not a permanent solution. …

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The Importance Of Creative Writing For Children

Writing, along with reading, is the two most powerful weapons we can give children to cement the foundations of their cognitive development. Unlike the learning of verbal communication (spoken language), literacy is much more complex, …

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cold or flu

Is it common cold or flu? How can you tell the difference?

The other day my son woke up feverish with regular coughing and sneezing. Much before I could examine him or take him to the doctor, my husband exclaimed he is having a cold. And as …

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Discover The Best Places For Your Kids To Ride Their ATVs

Endless hours of fun can be had by children and adults alike on quad bikes and ATVs. Kids, in particular, love the thrill of the ride, speeding up and being in control of the bike …

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Growing Right

How do I ensure that my child is growing right mentally and physically

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to a child. A big part of it is about taking care of their growth all through the years. Becoming a growth tracker for your child …

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Exclusive Family Trip to Fujiko Museum, Japan (Doraemon House) with Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy!

I recall back in time chocolates were restricted in type and taste but today our kids have totally lucked out. There are a variety of offerings now for them, but our favorite is Kinder Schoko …

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Handling your Child’s Anger

Anger is a very common emotion we all have it and it all depends on how we deal with these emotions and how we teach our kids to carry this in a better way!! I …

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Child’s nutrient level with PediaSure #GrowRight

Mothers are always anxious about their child’s health, food habits, and growth, especially proper nutrition. A perfect diet is very important during the foundation years which can lead to future growth. Even at the age …

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Rainy day

Rainy day activities for toddlers

After itching, burning, and roasting weather here comes rainy days.. Rainy days not only bringing freshness, happiness but also it’s just nature’s way of adding sparkles to our surrounding!! With this sparkle comes good food(try …

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