Book Review- Journey towards conscious parenting by Ranjani Suri

Author: Ranjani Suri.

Rating: 4.5/5

About the Author:

Ranjani Sudharshan, having completed her master’s in Fashion from NIFT had to let go of her career during her pregnancy. Not somebody who could sit idle at home, she poured her creativity into her blogs/motherhood. A lot of other young moms wanted to hear more, and she never looked back after that. She talks about street styling and sustainable living apart from conscious parenting. You can find her on Instagram and she blogs at the mumblebumbleblog.

Book Cover:

The minimalistic cover with a picture of a happy family, bring happy vibes, Simple yet the attractive cover page of this book made me more curious to read this book to learn conscious parenting tips.

About the Book:

Parenting is a beautiful journey but as a parent, we should know how to raise a happy child with conscious parenting. Ranjani’s this book is a real mirror about conscious parenting and its real meaning. The book comprises 26 chapters and 29 pages. Each chapter shares a beautiful way of parenting. As the author beautifully explained the right way of parenting with the different values, we should have to raise a happy child.

She has beautifully given some real-life examples and tips which help to understand and moving in the right way with the values in the parenting journey. Chapters also guide you as a parent that how these emotional values will affect a kid’s overall growth and well-being. The connection of each chapter in form of A to Z, is the perfect way to deal with kid’s growth. Instilling values and emotions right from Empathy to kindness, this book is perfect for every parent and even for to be parents.

My Take on the book

For me parenting is something that is a never-ending role, every parent plays and learns every day. The most genuine part of this book is the author also believes in the same that parenting gives a new version of our teachings and made us a little better from yesterday. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 18 Respect, it’s a small chapter but one of the most important and impactful ones, respect is something every person deserves and equally important for your little wonder of joy. Parenting is definitely needs patience and yet a joyful journey and the author perfectly captured this.

Why I recommend “Journey towards conscious parenting by Ranjani Suri”

There are four important reasons I recommend you must download this ebook:

  1. The author of this book is a mother, who explained and shared her leanings which are the first-hand experience and gives you learning for life,
  2. Tips for parents like in chapter 17 – “Quiet Time” is really interesting and really helps your kids and for you.
  3. Realistic approach towards Conscious parenting.
  4. Best gifting idea for someone who loves reading or a parent who wants to know how to approach conscious parenting.

As kids learn more what they see and when they see you as a parent handling any situation. If you want to download this ebook click on the link below:

Conscious parenting by Ranjani Suri

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. I also liked the cover page of the book. Going by your review, this book book seems a good read for parents. You are right, parenting is ongoing. There is always something or or waiting for us.

    Congrats for your ebook.

  2. Somehow I missed this book during A2Z and even blogchatter e book carnival. after reading your review, felt it is really good to get some amazing parenting tips. thanks a lot dear for sharing honest review.

  3. Amazing review! Parenting books by a Mother is always on point. And your points that why you recommend this book, justifies!
    hope to read it soon.

  4. The cover page of the book got my quick attention, this is such a helpful and insightful review. I am all in for parenting books, checking this one

  5. This book on conscious parenting with some realistic approaches would make a helpful read. Shall download it.

  6. I love reading parenting books. Since this is written by someone who has experienced it, I’m sure it will have interesting tidbits we’ve all gone through. Good review!

  7. Very comprehensive review Ruchi! I loved the cover & will be reading this book shortly.

  8. This seems to be a great book and makes a perfect gift for any parent. I will read it too and share it with my fellow parents who would love to know about conscious parenting.

  9. Oh wow! A book on conscious parenting. I am a conscious parent and would love to get another perspective on this aspect. Will surely take a look at the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Woww. I’m.sure this will make a great read for all parents wanting to learn and do better at this parenting gig!!

  11. This indeed seems like a wonderful read for all parents on raising kids and following certain simple tips on parenting. I would love to download the book and read it.

  12. I have been eyeing this book since I saw the cover page. I am surely picking it up for my next read after reading your review on this 🙂

  13. waow u have shared such a detailed review. amazing
    I ll check out this book. motherhood and parenting devices r always needed.
    I have already downloaded your book. its amazing esp for new bloggers like me.

  14. I would definitely pick this book to read . Parenting is such a vast topic that you need to learn so much from others.

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