How educational toys can help your little one to grow during the pandemic!

educational toys

With the global pandemic causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a more stressful time than ever. Amidst the talks of re-opening of schools, online learning is bound to be a part of students’ journey for at least some time.

Is it the right time of perfect parenting over getting everything perfect? Yes, but with the proper methods of learning!!

When life throws a rainy day

Play in the puddles !!!!

As said by Albert Einstein – “Play is the highest form of research,” sparkle box intent to bridge the gap between children and their creative calling to make them explore themselves while having fun activities. We have good news for all mommies and daddies out there. One of the few meaningful online learning platforms that can help your child grow efficiently during a pandemic is Sparke Box.

In a world where learning can be quite a task, Sparkle Box is a home for the best educational toys for kids designed by the alumni of IITs and IIMs with an innovative approach filled with fun, learning, & growth. They made the kits targeting the wants and requirements of children at all grade levels to make the learning process exciting for 3-12 years old children. The kits help build the kid’s STEM learning right at an early age-related to their nature, interests, and skills.

Wonder how educational toys can deliver significant growth to the kids?

Educational tools by Sparke Box are made to keep kids safe, happy, and always learning with a great selection of learning kits to explore the notion of “Do & Learn.” With the theoretical knowledge in books or lectures, the child’s memory is restricted to that particular theory. But when that theory is applied to practical implications with accurate learning kits or materials, kids tend to understand all the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ with all the detailed examples.

Furthermore, these allow the kids to build relationships with their peers, like digital or group study teams, online multiplayer games, or video game chat apps. With Sparkle Box, you can fetch an option to filter the age of your kids and buy fun learning kits with free delivery all over India.

The well designed educational toys for all playbees cater to the below skills that can develop the overall growth of your little one:

  • Imaginary & Observatory skills to come up with concrete and excellent results with the help of educational tools.
  • Life skills with simple things like gardening, teaching about how to bake, vocabulary & grammar, etc
  • Motor & Cognitive skills by focusing on craft and colour based activities like basic origami or adventure ropes course
  • Communicational skills with open-end questions that give children time to think and come with creative answers verbally
  • Visual understanding comes from the ideal image of that significant concept ensuring the actual application of knowledge in the child’s mind.

Various types of educational toys for kids:

Thanks to their efforts and teaching methods in Maths, Science, and Robotics, children are no longer running away from studies; they find these exciting and creative subjects for productive learning. For this, Sparke Box has the best educational toys online related to maximum subjects for skill development like

  • Art and craft toys
  • English educational toys
  • Robotics educational toys
  • Math educational toys
  • Science educational toys
  • Airplane toys for kids
  • Board Games
  • Literacy kit for four years old

Kids are like sponges; they need to be immersed in the correct command of language from the very beginning. Through the special language learning kits, caregivers can boost the kid’s confidence and fluency and get rid of hesitation and fear forever.

educational toys

For Toddlers (1-2 years)

Literacy Explorers Kits for Pre-Nursery students is one of the best educational toys for toddlers that are colourfully designed to build the letter formation skills of children. These include Play Dough Mat, Alphabet Sensory Mat, Letter to picture match, etc.

Once seen, it will be grabbed!

With this, the balance of education and play can be achieved in no time, especially during the pandemic where kids can dutifully play at home and learn simultaneously.

For Kids (3 years & above)

One fun way to introduce kids to the reading world is Fip-O-Word, enabling them to frame meaningful and gibberish words out of letters. The kit contains one write & wipe CVC flipbook, 1 set of dices, one black marker, House Box + CVC Roof flap followed with an instruction manual to help children playfully develop skills.

The other educational toys to be considered are Dyscovery Station Science Starter Kit, Math Learning Kit; I can read series, Spin Art Machine Kit, and many more.

For Kids (7 years & above)

Various tools available to encourage children in their intellectual development and imagination are:

  • Snap Ships Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship
  • Marble Circuit Logic Board Game
  • National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit
  • Wonder Workshop Coding Robot Kit
  • Light-up Terrarium Kit
  • Kids 3-in-1 Mechanics Learning set
  • Brainbolt
  • Professor Maxwell’s VR Science Lab
  • Interactive Language Kits and many more…

For Teens (11 years & above)

It is not easy to make the teens study with boring books and conventional methods of learning. They need a perfect combination of entertainment and learning to depend on their nature & age bracket. Some suitable educational toys for 11 and 12 years are:

  • Chemistry & Biology Kits
  • Wonders Of Flight Kit
  • Model Aircraft Kits
  • Aeromodelling DIY Kit
  • Robotic Kits
  • Art & Craft Kits
  • DIY Smart Innovation Kits
  • Interactive Board games and many more…

Sparkle Box delivers fun educational toys for kids that are ideal gifts, learning tools and introductory methods for the overall growth of the child with concept-wise outcomes

And manuals for each activity.

If you’re looking for some apt educational toys online in India, Sparkle Box is the way to go. They offer unique learning products of excellent quality, child-safe, and 100% non-toxic.

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  1. I choose to invest in toys which are educational and also keep my kiddo busy in productive ways. Recently got Sparkle box for my kiddo and she is loving it

  2. I’ve always looked for educational games and toys for my boy. They not just keep you entertained but are a great source of introducing child to various learnings

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  6. The Other Brain Inc

    I will have to check with my son for his age appropriate and interest appropriate toys from Sparkle box as the collection of toys in his age group is very good.

  7. I would have loved it if you put up some pictures of the box. I wanted to order one for my daughter’s birthday and flintobox has delayed like more than a week. It’s going to reach after her birthday I guess. I’ll check sparkle box out.

  8. Educational Toys are a great way to not just keep kids busy but also make it fun and learn something from it while playing. I too have invested in such toys for my kids.

  9. love this article. I really believe in toys which are educational, rather than all toys that are only about play. the curated list is so helpful when choosing gifts for my nieces and nephews… thanks for creating and sharing this.

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  11. I love toys that encourage kids to think out of the box. I too have recently come across Sparle box through social media and really like their collection.

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