5 Ways to keep your kids engaged online and offline!

Are you witnessing child regression because of covid-19 spread?

If yes, you are not alone!

With the new scenario of COVID-19 causing school closures, everyone, including the families, parents, children, and mentors, is undergoing a more stressful time than ever.

Many children miss out on an opportunity for development with childcare programs closed and social distancing measures are taken, eventually affecting their trajectory into adulthood.

While school leaders and institutions are primarily responsible for ensuring the productive growth of your child, it is essential to give your kids some leeway from ‘school mode’ to ‘home mode’ as caregivers.

We understand that the early life experience is precious for the overall growth of your little ones; thus, it is safe to believe that online learning is critical for their success now and in the future. All the mommies and daddies out there, the good news for you is the ongoing digital activities. There are meaningful online learning platforms convenient for the kids to build relationships with their peers, like digital or group study teams, online multiplayer games, or video chat apps.

Here are some of the effective ways that can best support the children’s learning during the pandemic both online and offline teachings:

1. AOL

Many find it helpful to hear that with the increase in online classes for kids, one doesn’t need to worry about their children’s social skills, playful activities, and learning. These are a development phenomenon from childhood through adulthood.

For that, AOL is one of the popular learning platforms that can be one of your little one’s most significant advantages in overcoming their weaknesses & boosting their strengths.

With the personalized teaching methods to unstoppable learning, AOI offers the best online courses and virtual classes for nursery and higher grades students, which are intelligent, creative, yet fun compared to the traditional formats of schools.

Look at various disciplines that the kids can adventure after enrolling here :

  • It designed accordingly their teaching methodologies to keep track of the child’s progress with its range of interactive grasping concepts.
  • Online courses for kids boost their confidence with every stream of learning from music to arts to dance and much more.
  • The courses at AOL are designed to expand their social and academic group that includes virtual art and fitness classes, robotics and aero modeling for students above 13 and 14 years of age, science classes for all grades, theatre courses, dance classes online, and many more.
  • All classes have an age-appropriate subjects that the child can benefit from, such as English classes online, Math classes online, Language, Hindi, EVS, Science classes, etc. And this gives each student a maximum reach to potential education skills.
  • AOL gives a choice of 1 on focussed tutoring with up to 5 students, guide tutoring for up to 10 students, and group classes containing a maximum of 20 students.

If you are looking for innovative ways to grow your child’s overall physical and mental development, you must try AOL.

Click here to register on AOL

Online Classes

2. Introduce kids to new countries and cultures

There are fun ways to introduce your kids to new countries and cultures without leaving your home. You can anytime explore different places without physically having traveled all over the world, and this includes trying –

  • Learning new languages
  • Introduction to new country-specific cuisines
  • Embrace the country culture through singing and dancing activities
  • Playing games by pointing out different places on maps, etc

3. Teach Alphabetical matching to younger children :

Alphabet matching can be another way of learning in lockdown to keep younger ones growing.

For preschoolers, have a fun time with them and let them match the alphabet in any order. Keep congratulating them by saying, “Yay! You matched the letter B”!!

For secondary grades, ask them to do a particular order and work on random matches based on sounds. For example, ask them to match the letter that sounds “Mmmmm.”

Go with your instinct that what needs to be reinforced as per the child’s skills that can act as a refresher course for them.

4. Ebook Library

Reading books, moral stories, short stories will give your kids a vision to look at the outside world with a unique perspective and they will enjoy stories too.

In fact, there is so many Ebook library from where there are so many books in each topic are available to download and read.

These free online Ebook libraries give you a simple platform to register and read.

5. Online Competitions

In this competitive world, we need to make kids understand the value of participation and facing challenges according to their age. There are online platforms where every month competitions are organized on different subjects.

Let’s give them the wings to fly with their creativity while participating in these online competitions and get more confidence in life challenges.

These are the ways by which you can engage your kid in the digital world and offline and they can learn more with fun activities!!

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  1. Keeping kids engaged is definitely a challenge as now it’s more than a year.. But your tips are really useful and online platforms are real boon at this time.

  2. Have we ever imagined that our kids will be finishing up their grades virtually. But thats our reality today. It can never replicate the in-person learning but with these online options, kids can decide what they want to do during their summer break.

  3. Wonderful and very relative tips on creating such an environment for them to learn and grow. AOL is a great learning platform.

  4. With the way, our education methods have changed drastically in the last year, online classes have definitely increased in abundance. I am glad it is helping us in keeping our little ones busy creatively, will surely check the AOL for my little one.

  5. Love your ideas. Yes, engaging kids is hard now. Specially toddlers. They more over tend to the TV to pass time.

  6. I am hearing a lot about AOL platform nowadays all across the web. seems like a great option for online classes for kids and keep them creatively engaged during summer. thanks a lot dear for sharing about it. will check out this for sure.

  7. With so many online classes mushrooming these days, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose. AOL looks promising though, shall check.

  8. These are some amazing options to keep the kiddo busy, with extended summer vacations I was running out of ideas .. thanks for sharing

  9. ALO looks great platform for kids to explore in a better way definitely will be checking out…

  10. These are some really nice ways to keep the kids engaged. They not only entertain but also educate and harness the creativity of kids, it is also a nice balance of online and offline activities.

  11. Keeping kids engaged is very tough these days. You have given a reminder about the ways which we might have forgotten.

  12. The courses of AOL sound so worthy and definitely worth checking out ot the earliest. Hopping on to them now

  13. I liked the Ebook library and online competition concepts. I’ve enjoyed watching travel documentaries with my kids and it surely made them curious to learn more. Good ideas!

  14. With the boom of online education thanks to the Pandemic, I forsee online educational platforms to take over physical schools. I will check our AOL.

  15. There are so many options to choose from now when it comes to selecting the right online classes. I’ll check out AOL for sure.

  16. Online learnings have been a true blessing in these tough time and I used to struggle initially in ways to keep my kids engaged. And I am sure parents can really use these tips that you have shared to keep the kids busy both online and offline

  17. You have shared some great options Ruchie. Eeven I vouch for Alwaysonlearning. Love how their programs are specially curated by experts. I even like their programs for adults.

  18. such an insightful blog. Yes parent also needs to keep themselves update when it comes to kids education. this blog is helpful for parents who keep on looking how can they engage their kids both online and offline.

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