How to select a career path after 10th class?

Career path after 10th class

After 10th class exam results, choosing a career path is the biggest question for every teenager. If a child scores 95% or above we assume that he or she will select science stream with Mathematics or Biology, and if score less than need to go for Arts or Commerce stream.

This distribution of choosing the career path according to percentile sadly done by us, rather than giving our kids freedom to select their choice of interest. I remember one of my classmate who scored 95% in 10th Board exam selected commerce and this used to be big news for everyone in the school that how he has not taken up Science stream.

There are few students who have an obvious choice what to choose as their career path after 10th Class exams, but there are many students who needs guidance and support on this crossroad of their life path.

How to make a choice?

There are lakhs of students every year, who face this dilemma of selecting their next step, and the right decision can make their life blossom and one wrong decision could bring unsatisfactory experiences for the rest of life.

As a parent, we need to understand and talk to them and let them answer the questions and avoid making some common mistakes.

  1. Check your choice of interest: It’s very important that as a student you should know what interests you more if a child cannot identify as a parent it’s your responsibility to guide them. You might score great in Economics but one thing which interests you the most is Astronomy. Choose wisely what makes your learning process interesting.
  2. Understand your personality: Well, yes!! your personality is nothing that people see you from outside. It’s includes everything, your thoughts, your views, and even how to connect socially. As a parent, you must guide your ward to make a choice according to their personality.
  3. Chose which brings the best of you rather than chasing for the best: Don’t take subjects you don’t want to learn. It means there are so many subjects which will fascinate you don’t just adopt them for sake of curiosity until you don’t want to learn them from the core.
  4. Know your emotional quotient: It plays a very important role in your career graph. We usually get trapped in different emotional moments and it’s very crucial to handle such emotional values and get out from them. Your emotions play an extremely important role in your career path.
  5. Don’t follow the crowd: This age is extremely delicate and time to understand that we need not get influenced by what others are doing. Don’t just select something because your best friend is choosing that. Your passion to learn the subjects is more important than following the crowd.
  6. Never get trapped under social pressure: “Sharma ji ki beti ne Science liya” cannot be your choice. “Entire family is a doctor and so you have to be a doctor” can’t decide your journey of career path. Don’t get into this trap. Parents do not give such examples to kids.
  7. Explore: In the 90s (I am a 90s kid), well there were really limited options and career paths opened for us. We have selective career options but now there are so many paths open. Take out time, research, read, gain knowledge about the courses available and requirement of subjects which interests you and select.
Career path after 10th class

Guide to help select!!

  1. SCIENCE: There are several positive factors to select Science stream and one of the most important ones is that a Science student can switch from Science to Commerce or Arts, but not vice versa. As everyone knows it opens up options for Medical, Engineering, or even research work.
    Edward Teller said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
  2. COMMERCE: The next most popular choice goes with commerce, but go for this stream if you love or feel close to numbers, Economics, and business. If you are looking for your career in the business world, or passionate about selecting a career option in Chartered Accountant, Banking, MBA, and so on this is a wise choice.
    Commerce is one of the most loved career options in today’s competitive world.
  3. Arts or Humanity: If you are creative and looking for an array career of opportunities, go head with Arts. It opens up different doors of opportunity like Journalism, Design, performing arts, and many other options to grow.
    It not only encourages your creativity but enhances your leadership qualities.

These are few tips to help you how to select and what to choose for your future. I want to quote here my dad’s quote that “You need your own wings to fly, it’s your life and you have to be your own pilot…no one can fly on your behalf

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  1. Career choice after 10th is a very important topic. And most of the kids get overwhelmed. Knowing your personality and your potential is must. I strongly feel, no career is bad when they choose it because they like it. Not going by what others are doing is the key. As parents, we should have a proper conversation with our kids about this matter. I agree what you said about 90s kids. I really wish to have these options for us what these kids are getting today.

  2. Loved all the tips Ruchi and I agree selecting a proper career path is not easy in today’s over competitive world but as you said, I also believe that it should be always about individual liking and talent of your kids. following a rat race did not make any sense in long term.

  3. Amazing points! This post is so clear. I remember my days after 10th! not much of information nor clarity. Glad that this generation has internet on tips and informative blogs like this

  4. this are some very helpful tips, my cousin just finished 10th grade and is clueless about the future. This write up is surely a insightful info. Thanks for sharing

  5. Deciding which stream to choose after 10th is a daunting task indeed. The pointers to have mentioned are quite helpful.

  6. I’m so glad that kids nowadays are much more informed than we were and think beyond Science and Commerce as career options. Personal interest is always very important.

  7. Very helpful and informative post. Choosing a career is 1stly based on one’s liking and willingness to follow in. I’ve seen people who have studied something and never liked it and later had to make a switch to a new thing all together.

  8. Very well shared.. many kids get overwhelmed with the choices available.. I think reading up posts like this one and consulting a career counsellor can really help.

  9. This is such a helpful post for all the parents and students who are looking to make decisions on their career path. Most of the time kids at this age are not exactly aware as to what they should choose and where they should go having complete guidance is a great way to ensure they take good decisions.

  10. This was indeed a much helpful and informative post, Ruchi. Absolutely loved reading this. I am sure this is going to help a lot of youngsters and give them the right guidance.

  11. this is really not an easy tasks when there r endless opportunities. the blog is helpful for those who are in this path. I wish them luck for their future.

  12. These are useful suggestions. It is indeed very difficult for the students in that age group to choose which career path they should follow. They are still young and have little knowledge of the real world outside of their comfort zone.

    #Filipino Women

  13. Amazing tips . I agree selecting a proper career option is difficult in this competitive world but we should be ready to guide them .Let them choose the right path and rest is their own path.

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