Relevance of Skill Development over Education

Skill development

There is a hair difference between education and skill development. Not everyone understands it. However, parents need to know the difference and train their kids according to it. Through this article, you will learn the difference and importance of skill development for kids.

You must have heard that knowledge differs from education. But what is the difference between them? Education means gaining information and facts. If someone says that, they have education about algebra. It means that they probably know how to find ‘x’ in an equation. However, if someone knows algebra, they know how to apply them in real life.

Knowledge is a broad field with education as an essential part of it. You can understand it as a blend of education and skills. Nowadays, almost everyone has an education about various things, but it is hard to find a person with skills. It is vital to ensure kid’s skill development over education. So they remain prepared for their tomorrow when skills like coding and knowledge on subjects like robotics and design will be in high demand.

Skill Development

What is Skill Development?

Skill development is a technique of recognizing your inabilities in a particular skill and excelling in them through continuous training and practice. The Real School program is one of its kind among online learning platforms for kids to help students experience this learning process and nurture their skill set. Experiences are the building block of a successful human. You might understand the importance of skill development in your kid’s life through the following example:

Consider a carpenter who wants to build a table. She has all the raw materials required, woods, nuts, bolts, and ply. Will she be able to make a table? She cannot make a table with raw materials only. She will need tools like a hammer, screwdriver, glue, etc. No matter how hard she tries or how much time she invests in building a table, she will not succeed.

The same is with goal achievement. Consider the table as the goal of your kid. Raw materials are their education, capital, and degree. But they are not enough for them to succeed in their plan. Here the skills act as tools. The carpenter requires raw material and accessories to build the table. Similarly, Your kid will need education as well as skills to achieve their goal.

Only dreaming about it is not enough to achieve something in life. Efficient planning is also significant. Otherwise, your kid will get frustrated because of continuous failures. He/she will end up wasting a lot of time and may even give up on their goals. However, if they are skilled, they will make a perfect plan after analyzing and logically thinking about its various aspects. Then they will implement the plan.

Importance of Skill development

During the recruitment process, a company checks out more than a thousand resumes. They select some of them to call for an interview. But what makes a chosen resume different from the rejected ones? Even during the interview process, hundreds of candidates attend it. However, one or two among them gets the job. What makes the selected candidate different from the rejected ones?

The answer to both the questions mentioned above is the same. Its skills make a candidate stand out from others. If your resumes include skills that the company needs in their employee, they will call you for an interview. The interview process will confirm that you possess the skills you have mentioned above in your resume. Moreover, having skills in fields like robotics, coding or design will always come in handy in life even if the student does not take them up as their career.

Skill development offers various benefits. Some of them are:

  • A skilled kid will analyze his/her failure. They will point out the mistakes they made which contributed to their downfall. Then they will correct them and learn, eventually. They will take responsibility for their failure instead of blaming it on others.
  • Skill development makes kids confident. They easily communicate their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions to others. They raise their voice confidently in group discussions. It helps kids to work on collaboration projects.
  • Most people decide without giving it a second thought. It usually results in a loss. However, a skilled kid will not do this. While thinking of a plan or anything, they will analyze all its aspects before deciding. They will try to understand every alternative and will go in the best way possible.
  • Skill development makes kids self-aware. They will get a positive feeling. They will appreciate the positive things and people around them. They will be thankful for the small happy moments they get.
  • Most people can’t work independently. They always depend on others for decisions, life, and responsibilities. However, a skilled kid will be independent. They will have the capability to manage their lives alone. They can tackle issues on their own and will take individual responsibility.
  • You might have heard people saying, how can we do this job? or we are not capable of completing this task. It is something lazy people without wants to learn will say. However, a skilled kid will never say a no to any work just because they don’t know how to do it. They will learn that skill and then will do the job. They are always ready and flexible towards any job.
  • No matter how well you carry your clothes until you don’t carry confidence, you will not look good. It is vital to understand your worth. A skilled kid will have self-esteem and will walk with confidence. It will give them success in whatever field they pursue.
  • The world is a hard place for silent people. It is crucial to speak about things going around you. An unskilled person may not put out his/her word in the public domain. But if your kid has skills, he/she will come out with the issues of the contemporary world and put them out boldly in the public domain.

These are some values that a kid gets through skill development.

It is important to note that if each parent individually develops skills in their child, the earth will soon get a generation of skilled people. Kids develop curiosity about skill development when exposed to online platforms for kids like Real School. Most of the problems exist because people are not skilful enough to tackle extreme situations. Providing them with skill development will make a large force of human resources.

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  1. Skill development. thats a wonderful topic you have discussed through your post Ruchie. Recognizing your inabilities in a particular skill and excelling in them through continuous training and practice. This is much needed for the generation kids and parents. They should learn to digest failures, face their insecurities and inabilities and strive to overcome them.

  2. Definitely our education system need newer reforms that can transform it into skill based system rather than mugging and learning facts. The aim has to be to equip children with the right amount of real life skills like doing finances, problem solving so they can achieve success in the real world not just in the form of certificates n degrees

  3. Well said, skill development and education are totally different from each other. I strongly agree with all the pointers you mentioned above; working on skill development develops the vision to know about inner strength and outer opportunities in kids.

  4. Agree with you.. anyday skill development is very important as compared to education. With right skills the child fee confident and their future is secured i feel

  5. I could not agree more with you on this.. I mean these skills sets are needed on Day to day basis which is def not taught in schools…love the benefits you have listed above …it is like an eyeopener and hopefully skill development is considered important

  6. Encouraging a few basic skills at home can help raise a successful and confident kid. This made a nice reading.

  7. Yes I Agree many people still did not understand the difference between education and skill. I feel, modern era is all about the exploring and learning the various skills. real school sounds like a great option for building these skills in kids. thanks for sharing about it dear.

  8. Our education system traditionally concentrates on academics and less on imparting life skills that can be incorporated to the real world. A change is required.

  9. This was a much-needed post. As parents, we need to understand the value of developing skills in our kids as it takes them a long way. Having good and important skills helps in leading a good life.

  10. Perfectly said Ruchi. It’s not just bookish education but also practical implication and skills that makes a person complete in terms of knowledge. This is one thing our education system shld introduce to make our kids all rounders in all aspects and not just learn what’s taught to them thru books.

  11. Basic skills development is actually really important to be focused… Which helps for better development and creates confidence

  12. You have clearly stated the importance of skill development. Real school has come up with activities that would develop the skillset of the kids.

  13. Yes, the difference between skill development and education sometimes stay unrecognisable. But it is vital for parents to know it and work accordingly.

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