Parents are spending more time with their kids- How it’s helping a great deal

Amidst the current scenario, parents are spending more time at home and this automatically equates to spending more time with their children. This is now helping a great deal, particularly with enlivening kids’ activities at home and also taking part in other online hobby classes together and a lot more! Both parents and children are automatically benefiting from each others’ enhanced presence at home in the present situation.

Here are some of the ways that it is helping:

  • Parents spending more time with children is automatically helping in enhancing the self-esteem of children. They are more inclined now towards taking part in various activities and other fun activities for kids that they were not earlier. Children are feeling more valued and loved by their parents, creating a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Being together is now stimulating kids to experiment and pursue various activities this season at platforms like Yellow Class for instance. This directly results from parents being home almost all the time!
  • This is helping in building familial relationships and bonds better. Families sharing daily activities are forming better emotional connections. Families enjoying group activities are witnessing stronger emotional bonds between children and their parents. They are adapting well together to various scenarios.
  • Positive behavioral traits are being developed in children since they are now spending more time with their parents. Children who spend more time with their parents are more likely to abstain from risky behavioral traits. Children who dine frequently with their parents will also have enhanced dietary intake compared to those who do not eat frequently with members of the family.
  • This also encourages better and more communication between children and adults. Children feel that they can now open up and talk to parents about their lives and emotions.
  • The academic performance of children receives a direct boost from parents spending more time with them. Spending time together on lessons or reading or extracurricular sessions, for instance, will help in building an environment conducive to academic and creative progress alike.
  • Parents who spend more time with their kids automatically end up teaching them the value of wonderful friendship. Children learn from example. If you are spending more quality time together at home, then children will adopt these behavioral instincts and habits towards others in their lives down the line. Playing games together, communicating, laughing, interacting, and eating will teach them how to share, care and be kind.
  • Children learn how to resolve conflicts and adapt to each other’s needs including those of family members. They learn you cannot walk away from immediate problems and instead, learn the value of working together to resolve issues. Interpersonal communication skills are greatly integrated into their minds as a result of spending more time with their parents.
  • Children also benefit from lower stress since they can confide more in parents and elders at home itself. They do not have to worry about parents finding time for them or availability issues. If parents build a habit of communicating each day with their children, it will work magically towards relieving the stress levels of kids while making them happier overall.
Spending more time with kids

This should be reason enough for you to spend as much time as possible with your little one indoors! The intangible benefits are worth a lot in the long run.

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  1. I agree, spending time with kids help them in many ways. Even with little older kids, if parents spend some quality time, it help them in long run. Sometimes, parents get to know many things that they may not be aware of. They learn about bonding, importance of relationships, problem -solving, and communication

  2. One good thing about the pandemic has been an increase in family time. Parents must eat, play and enjoy simple activities with kids to strengthen their bond.

  3. oh yes. this is so very true. AS a parent I am also taking extra efforts to spend quality time with my kiddo . I feel it is much needed during their growing years

  4. Agree with all pointers Ruchi and in fact observing all these benefits personally too. previously lockdown and now with summer vacation, I had gotten a chance to spend more time with my girls and with this quality time, they are learning new things everyday and we are having more fun while learn.

  5. Spending time with parents makes a lot of difference in kids mental and emotional health. You have touched upon such an important topic. I make sure I spend more and quality time with kids.

  6. Interacting with kids and spending time with lids definitely help them in long run . They will know the importance of relationship and obviously happy .

  7. No doubt, this lockdown has allowed parents and kids both to grow their bond together. The extra minute of having a close conversation with our kids is no less than bliss.

  8. One of the silver linings on the pandemic cloud is that parents are getting to spend more quality time with their children. This is sure to have a great impact on the children’s growth and development.

  9. Those who have the luxury of WFH can spend a lot of time with their family. And yes, you are right – it has a lot of positive effects indeed.

  10. Indeed; spending quality time with kids helps build a great bond between parents n children. A well-written article on the topic.

  11. I can’t agree more. One of the key trait, that my daughter has been slowly but steadily adapting into is discipline from her father, as he is currently able to spend time with her. This is a big positive side that the situation has given us.

  12. I agree, spending time with the family is indeed helping these little ones. However, we mother need a break hehehehe. Jokes apart, in the last one year we got to do lot of activities together and bond has strengthen a lot.

  13. It indeed is important for parents to spend time with kids as there are so many things that this time spent together can teach. In fact most valuable lessons of life can be learnt by the kids just by spending time with parents. Even we have tried to give as much time as possible to kids during this pandemic

  14. These are great tips for any parent. I always love all the blogs and the advice on how to spend time with kids and how to engage them actively.

  15. Thank you for sharing; I find this to be a very interesting and compelling topic.


  16. The Other Brain Inc.

    This pandemic has done a lot of good for kids who had working parents with tight schedule. Atleast they are getting more time for spending with parents and this surely affect kids in growing as a better person.

  17. The pandemic has resulted in more family time, which is a positive thing. To enhance their link, parents must eat, play, and enjoy simple activities with their children.


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