5 The Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids in India.

During, this pandemic one of the biggest concerns of every parent is the screen time of kids, and this is something we are trying to control. But at some point, we as parents give up and allow kids to have a little screen time. My child just loves watching cartoons on YouTube. I tried to use this to everybody’s advantage and started subscribing to educational YouTube channels. The result of my decision is this list:

5 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

1. Disney Byjus Early Learn

My very first choice when it comes to selecting an educational YouTube channel was Disney BYJU’S Early learn channel because of the following reasons:

  • The learning videos are so well crafted that it offers a sound foundation of basic concepts in such a fun way that kids fall in love instantly with them.
  • Younger Kids between the age group of 6 years to 8years develop and adapt things more easily when they watch what they love, and this channel teaches lessons through Disney’s timeless characters.
  • The characters like frozen, cars, toy story and much more teach complex concepts in an interactive and storytelling manner.
  • They cover all subjects from English alphabets to s addition and subtraction in mathematics, in a classic game style like snakes and ladders.
  • This channel is best for kids to learn, play games, and even take quizzes, which are curated such that they have fun and learn together.

For our kids of the digital age, Disney BYJU’S Early learn YouTube channel is the best educational YouTube channel in India.

2. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 

This is the next most-watched educational YouTube channel at my place “ChuChu TV” with so many nursery rhymes and kids’ songs. The 3D cartoon effect makes it so popular among kids to learn English, Hindi rhymes in a fun and interactive way.

My child really loved the visuals, content, language, and creative animation.

3. Pebbles Kids Learning

This channel is among the top 5 because they have content in many regional languages which helps kids learn the basics and phonics of different languages in easy learning methods. It teaches them about various vowels and consonants.

Educational Youtube channels

4. d’Art of Science

My little one loves creating new things and they have millions of questions about how, and why? This channel is best for kids to learn the basics of science in a creative and fun way. This screen time can turn into their knowledge enhancement time.

5. Bright Side

Riddles and quizzes not only tickle your brain but also improve your thinking abilities, this channel is my kid’s favorite as it teaches many facts in the form of quizzes and riddles.

So, this is my top 5 list of best educational YouTube channels for kids. Do you have any other channel in mind that could help kids learn and have fun? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I remember my little one watching ChuChu TV. Now he switched to different channels. These days, youtube has many options which can be entertaining and educational for kids.

  2. Among all these, Bright side is my girls’ current favorite and they had watched chu chu Tv a lot, when they were toddlers. Disney BYJU’S early learn sounds like an amazing option for young kids. most of the kids like Disney characters and I am sure they will like to watch this with fun and interest .

  3. Well my kids have watched chu chu TV while guessing up but not they can take to bright side more. Byju’s is an amazing online platform which I too highly recommend.

  4. ChuChu was my kids’ favourite. They’ve watched a lot on Disney but Disney Byju’s sounds new and interesting. Also, d’art of Science is a great learning option.

  5. These all channels sounds like a great option for kids. Kids like Disney characters a lot. My son watch youtube channels and have learned many new things

  6. These are some really good channels with wholesome and engaging content for kids. It is so much necessary to keep the interest of kids sustained and then educate them. These channels seem just right for this.

  7. Oh, we absolutely love Byju’s and bright side. Quite interesting for my five-year-old and informative too. Will check out more options too that you have mentioned here 🙂

  8. The Other Brain Inc.

    Thanks for these recommendations of youtube channels for kids learning. My son will learn a lot seeing some of these for sure.

  9. I am so glad to know about these channels, they are so helpful to help teach little ones at home

  10. That’s a helpful list of the YouTube channels u have shared Ruchie. Bright side sounds interesting, Shall check for my daughter .

  11. Youtube is a great platform for kids to learn a variety of things. And knowing which all channels are good for them really helps in letting them explore in an informative manner.

  12. Oh … for some reason I didn’t know about these educational YouTube channels for kids in India. I will definitely ask my kids to subscribe to these channels. Thanks for sharing the details.

  13. My daughter used to be hooked to Chu Chu tv as a toddler. This is a very nice list of Youtube channels for kids in India. I will try the other channels for her.

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