How to prepare your preschooler for online examination?

During this pandemic, kids are the ones who suffered the most and especially their education. As a parent, I feel that kids who are in preschool suffered the most because preschool learning is the base for any child.

Online schooling is one of the few options left for parents and kids to continue their studies and learn new lessons in life. It was definitely a challenge for teachers, parents, and kids to adapt and excel in the same.

Kids for finding it difficult to understand the new technology of Learning via online classes. Now, the challenge is to face the online examination which might be the aim where the question papers are made on Google forms which they need to adapt.

Parent’s role to prepare them for the examination.

1. Kids are extremely smart nowadays and know how to handle gadgets. Time for us to make them understand that the studies are important and we have to do it regularly apart from online classes. Make sure that day developed the habit of reading and writing daily at least for 1 hour.

2. Try to make objective question papers for them to practice for each subject.

3. As is learning through online classes there are many lessons in which schools and teachers upload the form of a video. Do let them watch those videos but make sure you try to explain the same from their textbooks. In this way, they will learn the habit of reading.

Online examination

4. Give them the question paper which you have prepared with a dedicated time limit. Tell them to complete it within the duration.

5. Make sure once your child completes the test paper prepared by you. Don’t forget to appreciate as your words of appreciation will help them to get confidence and they will enjoy learning.

As in preschool examination procedure is very simple with objective kind of paper but it’s important as a parent for us to know the value of examination and make them learn how to prepare for that because once the pandemic is over kids will go back to school and have to face offline classes and examination.

So along with teachers parents are definitely playing an important role in shaping the foundation of kids. Join hands and prepare your child for the online examination.

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  1. I have gone through this phase Ruchi. My son will start KG and due to pandemic, I did homeschooling for him last year. Here kids don’t have exams till 3rd Grade but I did make sure to have a dedicated study time for him everyday. And tried to incorporate learning in different ways for him.

  2. I agree it’s the little ones who have been most affected by the pandemic because they’ve lost the chance to build social bonds with their peers and teachers.

  3. engaging a preschooler for online classes is a hard task. i have a preschholer and elder in grade 1. younger is the hardes to handle. but overtime things have worked our way and she is ready to sit thrugh the school time

  4. These are great tips Ruchi and I am sure it will help a lot to parents prepare their small kids for online examination. I feel setting a study routine is must to avoid end moment tension and anxiety. when kids have a settled study routine, they can get through examination easily without any extra stress.

  5. These tips are so vital for the parents of little kids Ruchi. I am so glad you decided to pen down this topic, it will help so many.

  6. Definitely this will be helping our kids to prepare for online examination amazing post thank you for sharing.

  7. I’ve realised that kids get extremely impatient during online exams and want to finish it off quickly. Good pointers. Timing them and making them follow instructions is crucial.

  8. It is indeed tough to make them sit at one place during the classes, forget about the examination. You have shared some very relatable and practicle tips.

  9. It is really difficult for preschoolers to adjust to the new normal. Earlier in the day when offline examinations was the norm, things were easy since teacher was available in case the child needed any help. With online examinations, it is a different game altogether as sometimes your Internet might start acting up in the middle of the examination. There could be other challenges too, for example, the child wanting to ask the teacher a question while the examination is on. Preschoolers must be trained to adjust to the new normal.

  10. These tips are really helpful. I am lucky that the school my kids are going to prepare them with all of this. From my side I just have to monitor. Now a days schools goes beyond and prepare kids without burdening parents.

  11. You have shared some useful n practical tips to prepare small kids for online exams. sharing the post with my SIL, who has a preschooler at home.

  12. The tips you mentioned are really helpful, we have to let them adapt to this new normal and prepare them for the online examination. It is a bit tough especially to teach pre schooling kids, but the points mentioned might help a lot of mothers.

  13. These tips sure will make the exam journey easy for parents Ruchi. I’m gald taht you chose to give out these tips especially it’s difficult to explain to preschoolers.

  14. This is a very challenging situation for a parent. It becomes very difficult to make them attend online classes also. The tips that you have shared are very important.

  15. Thankfully my kids don’t have exams for online schooling and just online assignments and HW submissions are considered for the grading purpose. Nice blog.

  16. Online classes are very difficult process for the little ones specially . There struggle in understanding things is actually real. Your pointers are very helpful Ruchi .

  17. Cant agree more Ruchie. In fact the other way I was getting worried myself as mostly next year onwards kids will go to school and face offline exams how will they do so. They are so accustomed to be staying at home and doing online which is easier for them. This post is really helpful to ensure they have the transition back to school easily.

  18. I am doing almost the same as you have shared in your tips. I give him a set of questions that are to be done in a specific time. Then I evaluate etc. However, as he is just 6 yrs the problem that I face is to decrease his water and washroom breaks in between the test.

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