6 Organic laundry detergent best for babies in India 2021

Getting blessed with a cute little baby is the most precious and wonderful thing that can happen in one’s life, those little toes, those irresistible eyes, that cute face…oh my god! It’s just amazing. Dressing your baby in cute outfits like body fits and bonnets is the most lovable part out of all until and unless they covered them with dirt and filth, but they are just too innocent to do so and with this here comes the most difficult part of being a parent, “The Baby Laundries”.

Do you also shout sometimes why god why? Why do these cuties have to drop their food on their clothes? Anyway, being good, caring, and careful parents it’s our duty to clean their laundries, covered with full of shit and stains with the best and trusted laundry detergents for baby in order to protect their soft and sensitive skin, which could have got damaged by using the ordinary detergents.

Here I have listed the 5 best baby-friendly detergents of all time that protect the soft skin of the babies, but before jumping on them let us know the necessity and benefits of using the best baby detergent available in the market.

Why Do You Need Best Laundry Detergents for Babies?

Unlike adults, babies have soft-sensitive skin that requires the utmost care like providing them proper nourishment and moisturization, using the best baby washing powder for cleaning their laundries, etc. Even the world-famous dermatologists have suggested that parents should always use those detergents for baby laundry that do not leave any residue at the end and do not linger in their cute little clothes, as it can cause some serious skin issues on them.

But here raises the most popular question, which detergent is the best suited for cleaning babies’ cloth…don’t get panic now, below I have listed the 10 best detergents for baby clothes that are easily available in the market.

6 Best Laundry Detergents for Baby

1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for Babies

Mother Sparsh plant powered laundry detergent has an accurate blend of botanical herbs and is specially made to maintain the softness & hygiene of baby laundries such as towels, sheets, bibs, woolen blankets, and washable diapers which makes #mothersparsh one of the highly-rated baby-friendly detergents available in the market. With the goodness of aloe-neem extracts and eucalyptus oil it effectively helps in sanitizing baby clothes smoothly & easily.

It easily vanishes all the stains in one wash and fades ways the bad odor too, and this mild liquid detergent is dermatologically tested & doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES, dyes, phosphates, foam booster, bleach & parabens which make it completely safe for babies skin

Key Features:

  1. The best detergent for newborn clothes as they made it with a safe & plant powered formula which makes it #SafeForBaby #SafeForSkin
  2. Mother Sparsh makes it very easy to combat with tough stains.
  3. They made it with aloe-neem extracts which make it an anti-bacterial detergent that is free from all the toxic substances like SLS/SLES, dyes, phosphates, foam booster, bleach & parabens.
  4. It is #AllergenFree
  5. Available at affordable price

How to use:

In case of Hand Wash:

  • Pour 5ml of Mother Sparsh liquid detergent into 5 liters of water & mix it well
  • Soak the laundry into the mixture and leave them for 20-30 minutes
  • Now gently wash the clothes with your hands
  • At last, put the laundry into clean water in order to remove the detergent from the clothes

In case of Machine Wash:

  • Pour 5ml of Mother Sparsh liquid detergent into 5 liters of water & mix it well in the washing machine
  • Now put all your laundry in the washing machine.
  • Let the machine do its work
  • At last, take out the clothes after the cycle is over & put the laundry into clean water in order to remove the detergent from the clothes

Price: 469 Rs

Quantity: 1000ml

You can easily purchase this product from mothersparsh.com, amazon.com, nykaa.com, flipkart.com, hopscotch.in, firstcry.com

laundry detergent

2. Puracy Natural Liquid Baby Laundry Detergent

They designed this washing liquid to protect the sensitive skin of small babies from harmful chemicals. It is a plant based planned detergent, which is safe for baby laundries. We can use it with any washer you have. Its unique formula makes it stand out in the list of best baby washing liquid available in the market.


  1. Formulated with plant based formulae which makes it safe for babies
  2. It is allergen-free


This detergent contains plastic which is proven to be harmful to the environment.

3. Pigeon Liquid Laundry Detergent

Pigeon Liquid Laundry Detergent is formulated with the best products that help in getting rid of all stubborn stains with ease, without the use of bleaching, or any other chemical, it wipes out the stain in one wash and also helps in getting rid of 99.99% germs. It is easy to use and pocket-friendly to buy.

Cannot make the laundries soft alone, so you might need to invest in a softener too.

4. Biokleen Baby Laundry Liquid

The best thing about Biokleen Baby Laundry Liquid is that it is packed in 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper which avoids using plastic bottles for packaging. It is 3X concentrated liquid. It is an ideal laundry liquid for baby skin.

5.  Rustic Art Little Laundry

Little Laundry detergent for babies is made of natural ingredients like neem& lemon extract, etc which helps in dealing with babies’ skin and leaves a fragrance in the end on clothes after washing. It is chemical-free, but it is always suggested to use a fragrance-free detergent for babies.

6. LuvLap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

LuvLap Baby Laundry Detergent also comes in the list of most suitable washing detergent for babies’ skin, it is a chemical-free detergent free of all hazardous substances.[Ma3] 

 Its fragrance is very nice and pleasant. It is biodegradable. As it is free from phosphate and fluorscence so it won’t cause any allergy to skin of babies and is maintained with neutral pH balance to keep skin safe of your baby.

Benefits of Using Best Laundry Detergent for Babies with Sensitive Skin

1. Protects Babies Soft & Sensitive Skin

Ordinary detergents leave a ball of residue in the end which linger on the laundries of our cute little children that can be harmful to the baby’s skin, whereas using a top-quality detergent for babies like mother Sparsh, Biokleen, etc will not only help in protecting your babies skin but will also make their laundry soft.

2. Helps in Getting Rid of Stubborn Stains with Ease

If your baby loves spilling his/her food on clothes, and dirt and filth are your babies favorite thing, then my friend, I am pretty sure laundries are not less than a nightmare for you, picking up a high rated baby washing detergent, which is made of the pure plant based formula is definitely going to help you in combating those ugly stains with ease, without the use of bleaching and other stuff.

3. Help in Getting Rid of Foul Odor

These cute little darlings like to roll themselves in dirt and whatnot, and spilling food is their favorite thing, so it’s quite common their clothes might develop a bad odor, and it is very important to get rid of that odor, using an ordinary detergent can do the work easily but my friend remember that there are high chances it’s going to harm your baby skin, that’s why I recommend you to go with the best baby clothes detergent available in the market.

I hope this article on Top 6 Laundry Detergents for Baby was helpful for you and now you know the best pick of detergents for your baby clothes.

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  1. Kids health is of utmost concern for any parent.. So choosing right product is very vital as they have tender skin and low immunity. These are trusted brands and you have done a great review.

  2. Laundry detergent need to be picked carefully as babies skin is very sensitive. I wasn’t aware that Mother Sparsh is into detergent too. That’s good to know.

  3. Yes agree organic products ( and detergents) and always safe for delicate skin of baby. among all these brands, Mothersparsh sounds most promising to me. I had used their other products and have a good experience. I am sure this detergent also be of good quality.

  4. I have used a couple of brands from the above list and currently using the one from MotherSparsh. I love the mild fragrance and how mild it is on clothes. Have used a few of their other products too and found it quite good 🙂

  5. This is a helpful list. I have been using laundry detergent from Mother Sparsh for my kiddo. I find it to be the safest choice

  6. This list will prove helpful for new parents to select a good and safe laundry detergent for their little one.

  7. Kids skin are sensitive and we really have to focus on the fabric they wear and Laundry detergent is really important and I am personally using mothersparsh Laundry detergent.

  8. Not many realize that also need to pay attention to the detergent that one uses for washing babies’ clothes. Owing to their sensitive skin, special care needs to be taken care of when choosing detergents. These are some really good products that are free from harsh chemicals.

  9. Your list is so comprehensive. Like you I too love mother Sparsh and can vouch for that brand at any point in time

  10. Laundry detergents with harsh chemicals can be harmful for baby’s sensitive skin. Mother Sparsh is a popular choice since it is mild, safe and allergy-free.

  11. One thing that I was worried is, by using harsh chemical based detergent it would effect kids, and toddlers , sometimes tend to put in clothes in their mouth. Thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Laundry detergents could be rough and allergic to kids’ skin, glad to know about these best-in-the-class laundry detergents for kid’s delicate skin.

  13. I so wish there were these many effective and pocket friendly options for laundry detergent specifically designed for babies, back when my girls were younger. These options surely sound great. I shall definitely recommend these to my friends.

  14. I have used Mother Sparsh and it definitely gives amazing results after washing. Thanks for this guide. It’ll surely come handy to a lot of parents looking for best options in the market.

  15. That’s quite a detailed post around the baby laundry detergents. I totally agree we need a dedicated laundry detergent for ensuring the clothes are clean, germ free and fresh for babies use. Mother Sparsh is indeed a very good brand for babies laundry wash.

  16. such an insightful blog especially for new mothers.
    I have seen mothers using the same detergent that they use fo their clothes n using it for babies too. they dnt realize the baby skin is too soft and delicate. they must use mild detergent.

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