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Baby wipes

Baby skin calls for utmost care and prudent decision-making. Babies have very soft and beautiful skin that needs to be tended with a lot of love and care. Therefore, we should be sure of using baby products that are gentle and soft on their skin to avoid causing any irritation or rashes.

One product that is essential when taking care of a baby is baby wipes. They help in keeping the baby’s skin clean and are a must-have in the diaper bag. High-quality and gentle wipes are essential to clean the baby in between diaper changes. They help in easy cleaning without causing any rashes, allergies, or skin irritation. 

While there are a host of baby wipes available in the market differing in softness, moisture, thickness, and baby wipes uses, it is only wise to choose the trusted wipes as your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. To help you through this, we have curated a list of the top 10 safest and best baby wipes for sensitive skin.

1. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes

Topping this list is the most awaited variant of baby wipes, the Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes. As the name suggests, the ingredient list of these wipes contains Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract, and Jojoba Oil.

Why Mother Sparsh:

  • The Mother Sparsh wipes are carefully formulated to suit the super soft and delicate skin of your little one making them the best wipes for sensitive skin.
  • The natural plant fabric and pure water make using these wipes as good as cleaning with cotton and water. The natural fabric is extremely skin-friendly and velvety soft. It imparts a safe and effective cleansing. 
  • These water-based wipes come in a very compact and beautiful soft blue packaging with an easy to pull out top/ the closure also makes it capable of more water retention. The product packaging makes it very handy to carry on the go.
  • The wipes are great in quality and do not rip easily. They are extra gentle to suit the precious skin of your baby and are also fragrance-free. The wipes contain no perfume, harsh fragrances, parabens, or alcohol.
  • These wipes are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and made of pure water. They are safe for the baby as well as you. 

    Can we use wipes to remove makeup?

    They are safe and useful to clean your baby, face, hand, and body.

There’s more! These wipes are 100% biodegradable making them environment friendly at the same time. If that is something that matters to you, it cannot get better than these plant-based baby wipes. The Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes are hands down the best, gentle, and safe baby wipes available out there.

Baby Wipes

2. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

Himalaya Gentle Wipes are packed with the goodness of Ayurveda. These wipes are gentle on your baby’s skin and do not cause any skin irritation or rashes. They are dermatologically tested and are completely safe for the baby’s soft skin. The product features Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus extracts which prevent any skin dryness and act as a natural moisturizer adding some moisture to maintain the baby’s healthy skin making it the best baby wipes for diaper rash. These wipes soothe the baby’s delicate skin during nappy changes, or any other clean-ups and prevent the occurrence of any infection. It does not contain any alcohol, sulfates, silicones, or parabens and is good for the baby’s skin.

3. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes:

The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes are extra mild and dermatologically tested wipes for gentle baby skin. The formulation is mild and non-irritating, making the wipes as gentle as water. These wipes are also hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. The packaging is easy to pull and the wipes provide instant moisturization to the baby’s skin. 

4. Pampers Fresh, Clean Baby Wipes:

Not the best yet, the Pampers Fresh, Clean Wipes are a good go-to option for your baby. The wipes have a good texture and are hypoallergenic. They are soft and strong and offer gentle cleansing to the baby’s skin.

5. MeeMee Caring Baby Wet Wipes:

MeeMee Caring Baby Wet Wipes are a popular baby care brand with a great baby wipe product. These wipes are quite soft and dermatologically tested to sit the gentle baby skin. The products contain anti-bacterial ingredients and Aloe Vera extracts that add some moisturization to the baby’s delicate skin. The product offers a soothing, mild fragrance to keep the little one smelling pleasant and fresh.

6. MamyPoko Anti-Bacterial Soft Baby Wipes with Fragrance:

This product is from a very popular Japanese brand that is quite popular in India as well. Their products are usually budget-friendly and are good for daily use. The MamyPoko Anti-Bacterial Soft Baby Wipes has a mild soft fragrance that will keep your little one feeling fresh all day long. These wipes do not contain any alcohol, or coloring agent and are great for the baby’s skin.

7. Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Wipes:

The Huggies Wipes feature the goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The wipes do not contain any soaps or alcohol. The fabric is soft and thick ensuring easy and gentle cleaning. The formulation of the wipes is super absorbent, refreshing, and soothing for the baby’s skin.

8. Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes:

Johnson’s Baby is the cult baby skincare and cosmetics brand in India with many people trusting and swearing by their products for years. They made their wipes with advanced fiber technology. They contain moisturizing lotion and are soap-free and alcohol-free to keep the baby’s skin rash-free.

9. Babyganics Face hands and baby wipes:

These wipes are hydrating, skin nourishing, and great for the baby’s sensitive skin. Ingredients like Sunflower, Cumin, Glycerin, and Rasberry seed oils help in healthy skin development for the baby.

10. Trumom Hypoallergenic Wipes:

Dermatological tested and hypoallergenic, the Trumom Hypoallergenic wipes feature Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Coconut oil for moisturizing the baby’s skin. It is delicate in touch and provides for excellent use while nourishing the baby’s skin.

These are the safest wipes I prefer in the baby wipes price in India. I still recommend you try to test the product before using it on the baby’s skin.

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  1. I am using Mother Sparsh baby wipes for a while now. The water content and cotton like softness keeps my baby smooth and pure.

    1. Being a mother I keep juggling for the best for my little one , from your list I have used Mother sparsh,pampers, memw and Johnson’s.

      And I would say my favorite is mother sparsh any day.

  2. Jhonson, Babyganics, and Himalaya used to be my go-to brands but good to see a few more in the list. I didn’t know Mamypoko is into baby wipes too. Mother Sparsh is picking up a lot these days.

  3. All of these are good brands but we love Mother Sparsh too buddy it is natural that’s why I prefer it.

  4. I am using Mothersparsh baby wipes for my son since long and completely in love with the quality. Your all recommendations here are actually great .

  5. Its a nice round up on the best baby wipes in the market. Have heard from many moms that Mother Sparsh is really good.

  6. Baby wipes is one of the essential item for all parents and it’s really helpful to know the best brand for baby wipes…I have used mothersparsh and it’s really nice

  7. Indeed these are some of the very good baby wipes brands that you have listed here. I have used a few of these in around 8 years of my motherhood with two kids 🙂 Mothersparsh is my fav for the natural protection it offers to the skin

  8. When my kids were young I used himalaya and then later came across mother sparsh. Both brands have some good quality wipes.

  9. I’ve used mother sparsh brand and their wipes are really soft on baby skin. I’ve also used Himalaya and JnJ wipes which were also good and have a soft mild frangece to them.

  10. Wipes are utmost important and one has to be very careful while selecting as any chemical can harm the child. I am happy with your list and will go for Mother Sparsh and Himalaya.

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