5 Mistakes that can harm kids mental strength

Mental Strength

Kids’ mental strength depends on various factors and we as parents must be more vigilant and careful about the same. Your child would be better prepared to handle tough situations and tackle them efficiently if they are mentally strong.

Parenting is a beautiful journey, and no parent is perfect, so we all likely to make some mistakes that can affect their mental strength.

Sharing 5 among those mistakes:

1. Not letting them taste the failure

Well, success and failure are two sides of a coin and as a parent, we force ourselves to go to any extend and help them in every competition, or step of life. It’s important to support your kids, guide them but don’t do spoon-feeding. Give them time to come back to you with the solution and allow them to go ahead with that solution, if they fail they will learn a lesson for life.

Their failure will be their biggest achievement to be mentally strong while taking their life’s decision. Remember, there is a minor difference between being “PROTECTIVE” and “OVER PROTECTIVE”.

Give them wings to fly with their results and decisions. Be their support system, but don’t be a road block in their learning of struggle and challenges.

2. Looking for Perfection in kids

Are we perfect? As a parent, as an adult even we make mistakes but when a child does a mistake, we punish them. We all want kids to behave like perfect kids in front of you, others, family, relatives, and friends. But hold on, they are kids and there is no problem if your child knows nothing or makes a mistake.

As a parent, stop putting pressure on your child to be a PERFECT child or behave like one. This affects the mental growth of a child. Don’t set up bars too high for your child and keep your expectation as a parent more realistic.

Mental Strength
Kids Mental Strength

3. Suppressing their feelings

Never ever suppress their feelings, emotions as this is one of the biggest roadblock in the mental growth of kids at any age. “Boys don’t cry”, “it’s not a big deal” “don’t be sad on small things”, these are the examples how you are minimizing your child’s feelings, which leads towards the problem in their mental growth but emotional growth too.

Allow them to express their feelings, don’t pass any statement which leads to the thoughts that feeling doesn’t matter. Emotional kids are great as they understand the value of emotions and respect human beings and all living creatures. Raise them as wonderful emotional children.

4. Scare to say NO

It’s so important to put restrictions, let them know what is right and wrong, and inspire their brain to make choices. You need to learn how to say NO, accepting their every demand or request will stop their brain growth and later will affect their personal life and mental life.

We should balance their childhood with the right choices, and guide them. Kids might show tantrums but your parenting should be so understanding that they know which request will get yes and which will be declined by their parents.

5. Not setting up boundaries

Being a parent act responsibly, well giving them the right to decide, make choices should not allow them to break the rules. Every home must have a set of rules and kids must know that.

Let then make choices, decisions and go ahead in life to taste the flavour of success and failure with your support, but kids will be mentally strong when they understand the value of boundaries and consistency in life.

These are 5 common mistakes which we as a parent should keep a watch and avoid to raise kids mentally strong for a better future.

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. I so very agree to you with each point. I remember Late Sushant Singh saying in one of his interviews that we should teach our kids to accept failure. Since childhood, we teach them to be careful not to make mistakes. But life is not always like that. We learn from our mistakes. So let them make mistakes.

  2. Now this one is really bang-on, I really liked your tips, they are so important. it is also v imp in these days.

  3. Absolutely true Ruchi about parenting on the need to celebrate failure and saying No are very important among the tips discussed. Suppress feelings are so wrong and such flawed parenting.

    1. So true Vishal, we need to understand that learning failure is equally important for kids as much as we love to celebrate their success.

      1. Acknowledgement of the mistakes is important and making kids understand how to deal with failure is ine if the important parenting lesson one should always teach their child for better future.

  4. I really like the points you have mentioned here . We shouldn’t search the perfection in kids and let them face the failure is another good point .

  5. A good list of the common mistakes we parents should definitely avoid in order to raise a mentally strong kid.

  6. Thanks for sharing this it’s really helpful for me as I can see Adya is growing and it’s hard time to understand and deal with her in right way

  7. This is one of the most well-put posts on how we should help kids grow stronger. Parenting is a huge responsibility and with proper behavior and rules at home, we can ensure kids grow just right and strong.

  8. These are some very relevant points. Not letting them find a solution on their own and shielding them from failure is only going to develop escapism.

  9. Perfectly put. Kids when growing need to experience failure as that’s a part of life. If we only make them want to win, later in life they will not be able to accept failures. All the pointers mentioned are perfect.

  10. I so agree with your pointers ,it’s a beautiful read for all.

    The 2 points which I consider very essential ateWe should teach our children about failure and the right to say No.

  11. Must read for parents, happiness of kids is more important than perfection, thanks!

    Deepti | http://perspectiveofdeepti.blogspot.com/

  12. A solid list of typical blunders that parents should avoid if they want to raise an intellectually strong child.


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