13 Top Mom BLOGGERS In INDIA You Must Follow


There are many Mom bloggers in India who are doing a fantastic job sharing their parenting journey. Sharing 13 Top mom bloggers of India whose content is really helping readers and who are sharing their honest feedback.

This list is NON-SPONSORED and purely based on the content, mom bloggers are sharing. We share DA and Alexa rankings just for the information. The ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency(freshness), and many other parameters. Listed in alphabetical order.

1. Alpana – MothersGurukul

Alexa Ranking- 155,072(Global)
DA- 17

Alpana is a founder of MothersGurukul blog and the hard work she puts into every article is incredible. Her blog shares the journey of parenting with her two kids and along with that she manages two of her best podcasts you must listen – Mother’s Gurukul Podcast, which is an extension of her blog, and “Baton Baton Mein”–a show where she interviews personalities from different fields and talks on some casual topics.

2. Deepa Gandhi- Kreativemommy

Alexa Ranking: 691,882(Global)
DA: 26

Kreativemommy is a well-known blog and the founder Deepa Gandhi, with golden feathers in her cap is one behind this one-stop solution blog. For, unbiased reviews and simple yet effective tips this blog is must follow and so it’s on the list.

3. Dipika Singh- Gleefulblogger

Alexa Ranking: 106,089 (Global)
DA- 25

Dipika Singh covers parenting tips, guidance, health issues, and Education on her blog called Gleefulblogger. Passion defines her work, and every article is well researched. Follow her to get some parenting tips for the happy development of kids.

4. Hansa- Mummatalks (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 155,926
DA- 11

Mother of two adorable kids Hansa shares some on-ground reality of parenting and her blog mummatalk is one of the most famous blogs even for finance. Her love for books is something that she shares on her blog and recommends some outstanding books for kids to raise a great readers at home.

5. Hema- ZenithBuzz (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 235,356
DA- 12

Hema, is one of the versatile bloggers and a known name in the blogging industry, because of her simple blog post and she shares articles and is vocal about equal parenting. Follow her blog, to read some interesting stuff.

6. Jhilmil- Mommyinme (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 579,624
DA- 26

Jhilmil is one of the most known bloggers and as she always mentions she cherishes motherhood, she is sharing her piece of knowledge with all her readers through her blog. Mother of an adorable son Jhilmil’s blog is one among which shares authentic reviews and thoughts.

7. Milan- Bytetrails (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 144,548
DA- 14

Bytetrails is a mirror for all parents to know how they are walking towards the journey of parenthood. Milan, a founder, and owner of Bytetrails leaves no stone to share her thoughts on simple and even most important topics of parenting.


8. Priyal- Parilifestyle (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 268,671
DA- 55

Priyal shares her parenting journey in a simple way with all her readers and her reviews for any product are well researched and helps a lot for parents to decide. Follow her blog for continuous knowledge on parenting.

9. Preetjyot- Mylittlemuffin (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 1,077,428
DA- 12

Mother of two pretty girls, Preetjyot is the face behind “Mylittlemuffin”, she is a life coach and shares her experiences on her blog with her readers. She marked her place on this list because of the realistic tips she shares.

10. Rakhi- Lifethrumyeyes (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 88,639
DA- 14

Rakhi is known for the hard work and consistency she maintains in her blog, if you are looking for any sort of parenting guidance this is one of the best blogs that need to be followed.

11. Sadvika- Momlifeandlifestyle (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 327,636
DA- 6

The pen behind Momlifeandlifestyle blog is Sadivka’s pen, one among those bloggers who proved that if you share the right piece of knowledge, it will reach others’ hearts. She is a part of this list because of her consistency and other parameters.

12. Surbhi- Surbhiprapanna (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 140,038

Mother of two angels, Surbhi not only shares parenting tips but also how to involve kids in fireless cooking and even DIY’s. Surbhi shares the best way how to engage kids and make a strong bond with kids while teaching them lessons for life.

13. Snehalata- Blogsikka (Global)

Alexa Ranking: 924,853

Blogsikka is the brainchild of a mother of two adorable kids, Snehlata Jain who shares the best advice if you are among those parents who love to travel with kids. Traveling with kids is difficult and you must follow her blog to know how you can enjoy trips and vacations with kids.

This list is purely based on content, consistency, and a few other parameters alphabetically order. Let me know which niche top bloggers list you wish to see next and if you think we missed any blog which needs to be mentioned in the list. Please mention this in the comment section below.

Copyright: © Ruchi Verma

Disclaimer – This article is an advisory piece. The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. 


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Thank you so very much Ruchi for considering me. It is my pleasure to share this list with 11 other incredibly amazing mommy bloggers.

  2. Thank you so much, this means a lot. Hard work always pays well, this list is the example of that. Happy to be featured with my fellow friends and bloggers.

  3. I too admire the work of everyone listed in the list. The topics they write on are well researched n helpful.
    And glad to find my name too ; feels good when your work is admired?.

    1. Thank you so much, Ruchi. It’s an honour to see my name with my fellow blogger’s friends. They all are truly amazing bloggers.

  4. Thank you Ruchi for featuring me in this list. A pleasant surprise. I admire you and your work too. 🙂

  5. Aww this is so special to me dear Ruchi. I am feeling honored to being on your list. it means a lot to me. many congrats to all amazing fellow co-bloggers. all are so hard working and their work always inspire me to write better.

  6. I am so thrilled to see myself in this list at 11!! Coudnt be more happy. Something I have started as a part of helping others and myself in the growth. thabnkyou and many congratulations to all the other bloggers who have made it to the list.

  7. Nice list of Mom Bloggers there. Each one of them have their own story and blogging journeys that are truly inspiring. Makes for interesting reading.

  8. It was fantastic to learn about the top 13 Indian mom bloggers whose content is helping readers. Very important is that they are sharing honest feedback, even though most of them are publishing branded content. I know a few from your list like Hansa, Rakhi, and Jhilmil.

  9. These people come a long way as far as I stepped into my blogging journeys. Though I personally don’t know them I know they’ve been doing a great contribution in terms of content.

  10. Thanks for sharing the links. Congrats to all winners. Some of them, I am diligently following and my dead friends. ?

  11. It is such an honour to be part of this list Ruchie. Thank you so much for listing my names amongst many other wonderful and seasoned bloggers from our community.

  12. I can see some of my fav parenting bloggers here whome I love to read for any kind of parenting tips . Awesome list Ruchi .

  13. I admire all of them and their dedication. I congratulate them for doing such fantabulous job. They are inspiration to many of us and it’s amazing to know their DA gosh how can they achieve like 64 and all. Ruchi you are such a motivator.

  14. I liked that you wrote about your fav mom bloggers, I am glad I know all 13 of them personally and hve been reading them for years

  15. I’ve been following every Parenting bloggers since long from the above mentioned list. Their work is inspiring and informative

  16. Thank you so much Ruchi for seeing me as a blogger worthy the mention. A lot of hard word goes into writing and each one mentioned here and those not too, do a fab job with their blogs.

  17. Wonderful list and I’m glad to be acquainted with all of these awesome bloggers. Can I add a 14th name, that of Ruchi Verma? She deserves a mention here as well. 🙂

  18. I admire all of them and their dedication. I congratulate them for doing such fantabulous job. They are inspiration to many of us.

  19. wow! Nice Article thanks for adding value for everyone. Are you on Instagram?

    1. Hi !!
      Yes I am on Instagram, you can check @wigglingpen

  20. This is a great list. I know and follow most of these amazing woman.

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