Balancing nutrition in a super-strong child

Being a parent to beautiful kids has been a blessing, but one thing that worries me and every parent is whether they are getting the proper amount of nutrition.

We all know how important it is for our bodies to take in the proper amount of nutrients for us to stay physically and mentally fit and agile.

The above statement is very underrated as well as misinterpreted.

One thing to note here is that an adequate amount of nutrition in daily life is important for both adults and kids.

Most parents are well aware of the fact that their children need vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to stay healthy, but at the same time, I think it is very important for all parents to understand what those nutrients are.

That is why we are sharing a mom-approved checklist of essential nutrients that a super-strong child needs.

Essential Nutrients Checklist For Children’s Growth & Development

All parents want their child to take in nutrients that are required for their growth and brain development. To help them, we have shared the list of nutrients that are essential for a child’s overall development.

Without further ado, let’s jump on the simple checklist.[i]

1. Protein

It helps in building and repairing tissues in children and it is also responsible for converting food into energy. Beans, nuts, dals, peanuts, veggies such as kale, mushroom etc., are good sources.

2. Carbohydrates

They are the main source of energy in everyone’s body and they are also responsible for building and repairing tissues. Rice, breads, potatoes and sweet potatoes are both filling and contain carbohydrates.

3. Vitamin A

It promotes a healthy immune system and good eyesight. You can find it in leafy vegetables like palak, yellow fruits and veggies such as carrots, peppers, mango, papaya, oily fish, etc.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes strong immune system, sharp brain and it also helps in healing wounds and cuts. All citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, mosambi contain Vitamin C.

5. Iron

Iron helps the body in making Red Blood Cells, that helps in carrying oxygen in the body to different body parts. Dry fruit such as apricots, raisins, beans, red meat, seafood, beans, beets, peas are rich in iron.

6. B Vitamins

It helps in making and using energy. Dark green and leafy vegetables, milk, cheese, poultry, eggs, etc., contain Vitamin B.

7. Potassium

Promotes cell functionality, healthy heart & muscles. Bananas, veggies like broccoli, dry fruits, palak etc., contain potassium.

8. Zinc

Promotes a healthy immune system. Nuts, dairy products, all kinds of seeds contain zinc.

9. Magnesium

Promotes a healthy heart. Legumes, fatty fish, tofu, nuts, and seeds are rich in magnesium.

10. Choline

Helps in giving required shapes to the cells in the body to function properly. Eggs, mushrooms, poultry, and dairy products ensure that enough choline is added to the diet.

11. Calcium


It is responsible for building healthy bones and teeth in children. Cheese, milk, dahi, soyabean, dark leafy veggies are a good sources of calcium.

12. Vitamin D3

 It is also responsible for the growth and development of bones. Vitamin D3 absorbs calcium through the intestines into the bloodstream. Oily fish, egg yolks, fortified food contain Vitamin D3.

13. Vitamin K2

Same as calcium it is also responsible for the growth and development of bones in the human body.

While talking about the important nutrients essential for bone development in the body, calcium is the only nutrient most of us think about, but it’s not true. Vitamin K2 holds as much importance as calcium does.

Let’s understand why Vitamin K2 is so important.

Vitamin K2 performs the function of activating osteocalcin proteins which incorporate calcium into bones and activate matrix Gla proteins (MGP) which bind excess calcium to prevent deposit in and hardening of the arteries and circulatory system.[ii]

 Without the involvement of Vitamin K2, calcium cannot perform its function properly, which will ultimately result in weak or underdeveloped bones. Vitamin K2 is found in cheese, blueberries, turnips, carrots, grapes, lettuce etc.

14. Arginine

It is an important amino acid that is responsible for increasing height. It promotes the multiplication of cells at the growth plate in bones to help bones grow longer. [iii] Brown rice, nuts, seeds, whole grains, are rich sources of Arginine.

The above-mentioned nutrients play a very significant role in a child’s growth and development process. A balanced diet must contain these nutrients and ideally a child must eat from all the five vital food groups: Vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and protein.

If you ask me how I manage to provide all the essential nutrients to my kids – I make them eat green veggies & fruits, and make them drink lots of fresh juices (like orange juice), and nutrition drinks.

Among nutrition drinks, I believe in PediaSure which now comes with Vitamin K2 and Arginine. [iv]

Vitamin K2 promotes bone health by performing its function of activating osteocalcin proteins and helping calcium in performing its function. Arginine helps support height growth; it helps in making the bone grow longer.

Finding the right balance in nutrition may take a while, and only you know your kids best. Kids can get fussy at times and at such times, delicious and healthy options such as PediaSure have come to my rescue. What about you?





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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Absolutely agree having a balanced diet is the key to healthy body and for kids is even more important as they are in the process of building immunity. Great post Ruchi and a needed reminder.

  2. I agree nowadays kids are fussy eater and we need to pay an extra attention on their nutrition requirements. I had used Pediasure for my girls when they were little and had a great experience with it.

  3. I know how important it is to balance the nutritional intake of children. PediaSure is a good health supplement to help them grow as per the requirements.

  4. Balancing nutrition and giving kids a nutrient rich meal is what every mother would want. Am. Glad pediasure is a wholesome health drink that offers the same.

  5. A balanced diet and the right nutrition is so important. And all these components are so crucial for balanced diet. They surely make strong kids and adults infact.

  6. Both my children have tried PediaSure when they were young. It is good to know that PediaSure now comes with Vitamin K2 and Arginine. Like you, even I make sure to provide all essential nutrients to our kids.

  7. I agree with you Ruchi, nowadays parents know that nutrition is important for their kids but not many are fully aware of what all important nutrients are essential for their child’s overall growth. Thanks for sharing this list of nutrients.

  8. To be honest, until now I had no clue what Arginine is. I agree a balanced diet with the right nutrition is a must for kids’ growth and development.

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