5 Best organic Baby Lotion For Your Newborn delicate skin In India.

Organic Baby Lotion

The cute, bright smile & playful laugh of your sweetie pie is everything that matters to a mother. Isn’t it? Parents try to do everything to put a smile on their baby’s face. Whether it’s their tiny clothes, toys, or nutritious baby food. But the most important thing to look after is your baby’s soft & delicate skin which needs to be taken care of with the best baby lotion.

Now, you might wonder about the uses & importance of baby lotion. Right! So, walkthrough with me to know why you should use the best natural baby lotion for your cutie pie.

Why Baby Lotion Is Important For Your Newborn?

Firstly, babies’ skin is way more delicate than adults’ and prone to be irritated & getting allergies like eczema and rashes. Your newborn can go through terrific discomfort. they can’t really explain it other than crying.

As a parent, it’s our responsibility to recognize our newborn’s needs and provide them the best care that keeps a bright & lively smile on their face rather than tears.

I hope now you understand why your sweetie pie needs baby care lotion to be playful & joyous always. It’s time to bounce at what ingredients you should be looking for while picking out the original baby lotion for your little bundle of joy.

What You Should Look For In Baby Lotion?

Getting an absolute understanding of what’s good or not good for your baby’s skin escalates your confidence in picking the best baby lotion in India for your newborn.

So, have a look at the things the baby lotion needs to be formulated with to provide the best care to your cute little angel. Besides, these baby lotions are also good for adults who are suffering from eczema, rosacea, and rashes.

Preservatives Free: Yes! Preservatives can cause skin irritation & allergies to the delicate skin of your newborn. Always, look for a natural lotion that doesn’t have any preservatives.

Paraben Free: Most shampoos & soaps are formulated with parabens which are not only harmful to babies’ delicate skin but also to adults.

Free From Synthetic Dye: Artificial dry is harsh on a baby’s skin. It causes redness, rashes and itchiness, and irritation on delicate skin.

Fragrance-Free: Synthetic fragrance causes not only skin allergies but also contributes to sinus allergies. Your little angel deserves happiness and comfort, nothing else.

Free of Phenoxyethanol: Even though, FDA didn’t approve the use of phenoxyethanol for babies who are less than 3 years old. But, regardless of that, it is found in many baby lotions for kids that can be harmful to cute angels.

I know, even though you know the things the best face & body lotion for your baby requires. But, it still can be confusing. Don’t worry! I have rounded up the best-selling baby lotion for your cutie pie.

5 Best Organic Baby Lotion For Your Newborn In 2021

I know you want to provide the best care in the world to your sweetie pie. That’s why I have put together the best moisturizers for your newborn that will keep the discomfort, irritation, and allergies at bay and your baby’s skin soft & moisturized.

1. Mother’s Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion

What else can be greater for your baby than a lotion that is infused with natural ingredients right from mother nature? Yes! Mother Sparsh baby lotion is blended with plant-based herbs & oil to make your baby’s skin super soft & healthy.

Let me tell you the amazing qualities Mother Sparsh Plant-powered natural baby lotion offers to your newborn delicate skin.

Natural Ingredients: Undoubtedly, a Mother Sparsh is an excellent choice for your baby’s skin because it’s infused with only natural oils

To nourish your baby’s skin such as:

  • Shea butter: Powerful natural butter that doesn’t only nourish the skin but also protects and improves the skin’s protective layer that helps to retain the moisture within.
  • Avocado Oil: An incredible oil loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E. It helps to repair damaged skin cells and keep skin soft & glowing.
  • Coconut Oil: Eczema, redness, and itchiness can no longer be on the skin of your cutie pie. As long as the incredible antibacterial, anti-inflammation, and antifungal properties of coconut oil are safeguarding the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: The amazing moisturizing, soothing, and anti-bacterial & anti-inflammation properties soften & protect the skin of your baby.
  • Beeswax: It provides not only super smooth skin but beeswax also helps to treat irritated & allergy-infected skin.

Gentle On Skin: The incredible creamy formula that is free from harmful chemicals is extremely gentle on your baby’s skin. It quickly absorbs and keeps the skin nourished.

Provide Relaxing Effect On The Skin: Besides, nourishing natural oils. Mother’s Sparsh baby lotion contains skin-soothing elements like aloe vera& bee wax that soothe the skin and provide relaxation.

Free From Harmful Stuff: Paraben, synthetic dyes & fragrances, SLS & SLES, chemicals, and phthalates are the name a few skin-damaging substances found in skincare products. Mother’s Sparsh plant power natural baby lotion is completely free from. And it does wonders for your baby’s skin by keeping away irritation, rashes, and skin allergies.

Organic Baby Lotion

2.    The Mom’s Co Natural Baby Lotion

Mom’s co-natural baby lotion is infused with natural elements like shea butter, coconut oil, honey, rosehip extracts, chemokine oil, and jojoba oil for moisturizing your baby’s skin deeply. Besides, it’s free from harsh elements such as parabens, dye, and synthetic fragrances. This is the second organic baby lotion that is most popular.

3.    Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion

The quick-absorbing formula of Chicco baby lotion is formulated with natural ingredients such as almonds, glycerin, and vitamin E. It works wonderfully to treat skin irritation and provide deep moisturization to your baby’s skin. In addition, it’s free from preservatives, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

4.    Mustela Hydra Baby Facial Cream

Looking for the best face lotion for your baby? Mustela Hydra baby facial cream can be a good pick. It is blended with skin-nourishing Ingredients like almond & jojoba oil, shea butter, and rare vitamin F to keep the skin hydrated & moisturized without harming your skin with parabens.

5.    Lotus Herbal Baby + Tender Touch Baby Lotion

The lightweight & non-greasy formula of lotus herbal baby lotion feels good on the baby’s skin. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and hydrated with the amazing formulation of calendula extracts and olive butter. In spite of that, it doesn’t contain parabens but can’t deny the fact it has a strong fragrance.

Conclusion: In this article, I have rounded up the best organic baby lotion, and the ingredient baby lotion should be formulated with. Personally, I am using Mother Sparsh for the last three to four months and hope this article helped you to choose the right & organic baby lotion for your newborn.

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  1. Baby lotion is a. must have in baby care. And for that we need a reliable and gentle brand. I have not used a lot of brands available in India. But these days I am hearing a lot of good reviews about Mother Sparsh.

  2. Yes I agree we have to take extra care when choose baby lotion or any other baby products. as babies have a delicate and sensitive skin, the products should be chemical and preservative free. you have shared really great options of baby lotions. Mother sparsh sounds most amazing among all these.

  3. New born skin are sensitive to handle and I trust mamaearth and mothersparsh products they amazing and skin friendly to.

  4. Thanx to share it. And yes Mother sparsh baby care all products is really good. I am also using Mother sparsh baby lotion for my son. And i am really like it.

  5. Baby Lotions for newborns need to be really gentle and safe on the delicate skin of the babies. These are some really nice products, Mother Sparsh of course has a good range of products for babies that are natural and safe.

  6. I remember how choosy I was picking up baby lotions for my kids as both of them have very delicate skin. All these are trusted brand and use ingredients which can make babies skin smooth and glowing.

  7. We need to use the best product when it comes to kids as their skin are very sensitive and soft. I am using mothersparsh products for my son and am quite happy with the products

  8. When my children were young, we use to rely on Chicco baby products only. Their baby lotion, especially, was very good for our children’s delicate skin. It’s good to see your list of five best organic baby lotions as well. This list will help so many parents – new and expecting both 🙂

  9. This is a well written article… you listed top 5 lotions and i love the suggestions. Mothersparsh lotion is my favourite. I use it for my son and its by far the best

  10. the delicate skin of kids need special care, this is such a helpful list for new parents. I have used the mother sprash baby lotion and found it the best choice

  11. I have to be very careful while chosing any skincare products for my daughter. She has very sensitive skin and very few products suit her. I will check out these brands while selecting her body lotion.

  12. The Other Brain Inc

    Selecting Baby lotions can be a tricky thing. Parents often get confused about it thankfully brands are moving towards safer alternatives for making these lotions. The best I feel today is of Mother Sparsh as it has avocado Oil and shea butter.

  13. Baby lotion is very important and must be chosen wisely keeping their sensitive skin in mind. Mother Sparsh is a good brand and so are the others in this list.

  14. Baby lotion is one of the important baby care products that we should have at home. I also very carefully had selected for both my kids and have used Mothersparsh for my son as well. It indeed is a great lotion tp use.

  15. Thankyou for your suggestions. I used mama earth for my new horns and infact I still continue the same even now. The main thing I look is, no smell and no chemicals.

  16. I chose natural ingredients for my son too, and am quite happy with MOther SParsh products for him. This one also we have used and quite liked it.

  17. From the above list, I’ve tried Mother Sparsh and Lotus Baby. But ofcourse my bias is towards Mother Sparsh as it’s all natural and plant based make it perfect perfect sensitive kids skin.

  18. I love using these baby lotions for myself! It makes me feel nice and happy!

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