How to realize that something’s playing on your kid’s mind?

Children often have things on their minds that they rarely express. How do you as a parent realize what is going on? Of course, there are several reasons why your child may be generally depressed or need some cheering up or maybe facing monotony owing to school work and routines.

In this context, you can opt for several online fun activities for kids. There are numerous fun activities online offered by platforms like Yellow Class. These may go a long way towards helping cheer up your little one.

For everything else, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Children may not have to worry about the household, financial aspects, meals, and logistics. However, they have their regular share of disappointments and issues along with frustrations which may lead to them getting worried and stressed when they pile up. Children may naturally keep worrying in some scenarios and owing to differences in temperament and personality, some may express more anxiety as compared to other kids. Luckily for parents, they can always help their children manage daily stress and issues with aplomb.

Kids Mind

Children mostly worry about things related to their life stage and age. They usually worry about academic performance, other activities, their changing physical development, anything they missed, social issues like bullying, teasing, peer pressure, and so on. Since they become a vital part of the greater world outside, they may also worry about global or local issues that they pick up on the news or from other people including natural disasters, global warming, pollution, war, terrorism, endangered species, and so on.

Here are some tips that will help you greatly as a parent:

Kid's mind
  • Find out what’s going on Always be available for your children while taking more interest in what is taking place at school, other activities and with your child’s friends. Always take the opportunity to ask your little one how things are going. As you listen to them speaking about their day, you will be able to tap into what they are actually thinking. Ask about anything that your child is worried or anxious about. Encourage children to put out things bothering them into words. If they are able to share things with you, then they will feel lighter.
  • Show your understanding and care– Showing interest in your kid’s concerns indicates they are important and helping them feel understood and supported is very important. Reassure them with the right comments but after hearing them speak out their issues. Always show your care and understanding which will encourage them to open up to you.
  • Guide them towards better solutions- You can help in lowering worries and anxieties of your children by helping them learn how to find solutions. Guide them towards finding better solutions instead of moping about it. This will instantly reduce their load.

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  1. I agree, sometimes it is hard to know whats going on in kids mind. The best practice that has helped me so far is communicating. When they know that we are there whenever they need us, they may take some time but they come and talk.

  2. Great tips Ruchi. I feel making a positive communication with kids is a best way to know their thought process or reasons why they are sad and in bad mood. during recent pandemic situation, kids are also going through a rough phase and as a parent, it is our responsibility to provide an extra support them by talking and spending some quality time with the,

  3. Communication with kids becomes easier when we try to understand their thoughts and worries. Spending quality time with them surely helps us connect better.

  4. These days kids have become very privacy conscious and that leaves Parents only guessing about what could be going on in their child’s minds. You’ve shared helpful ways to nudge them to confide.

  5. Making a positive communication with kids is a best way to know their thought process or reasons why they are sad and in bad mood.

  6. The meaning of childhood has changed a lot, especially in these last 2 years where the kids are confined indoors. Hence, they too have can their highs and lows. As parents, it’s extremely important to communicate with the child and understand their frame of mind.

  7. This is a great tip. And I agree we need to communicate at short intervals with our kids. Especially with teenage kids as they don’t like to share their feelings and thoughts with us. They take time to open up. And by continuing trying to communicate give them the confidence to open up with us

  8. I have heard a lot about yellow class , gonna enroll mt kiddo for the same, extra curricular is a must for growing kids

  9. So true. Being around kids and talking to them does help in understanding what’s in their mind. A very well written blog Ruchi ?

  10. It indeed is important to understand what’s going in the child’s mind. Most of the time they do not open up themselves and we as parents need to figure out ways to understand how and what they feel.

  11. It is so important to have open communication with kids. This will ensure that they open up regarding issues that are troubling them. For this, it is so necessary to treat them like a friend.

  12. That’s very helpful tips in evaluating kids and help to understand their mental state. As kids don’t open up or don’t know how to share their thoughts

  13. Wonderful tips to keep connected with the growing kids, it is essential to be aware of kids psyche too. Yellow classes have been pioneer in instilling learning based knowledge

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