Fussy Eaters- 10 tips for parents on how to handle them.

Fussy eater, this is very common thing we often hear, it’s really not unusual for kids to be picky eaters and that picky eating habit is really a big reason for parents to be concern more and even frustrating.

A survey shows that nearly half of all kids can be described as picky eaters at one time or another during their early childhood. But, have you tried finding out what makes children fussy eaters in India?

5 reasons why kids are fussy eaters?

  1. They might don’t like the taste and look of the food. For example, spinach or bitter ground doesn’t impress them by the look and so their taste.
  2. As a parent you are scared if you say NO to their favorite food, they will throw tantrums and so you prepare their choice of meal.
  3. On one if hand over pampering is not a good practice and so over strictness also leads to fussy eaters, making them finish every dish from the plate and not let them enjoy the meal trend them, picky eaters.
  4. If your child is less active with outdoor activities it will surely affect their eating habits too. These activities make them physically fit along with increasing their motor skill and good social skills.
  5. One of the important reasons might be your child is going through a growth circle, when they really get picky, fluctuate in their choices of food.
Fussy Eaters

10 tips to handle these fussy or picky eaters

I always mentioned that parenting is not a rocket science, but yes few tips and tricks help us to be in happy parenting. These tips will help you to handle the kids tantrums and picky eating habit.

  1. Reframe your quotes: We, often tell kids that “broccoli is healthy food” and “cookies are yummy”. Don’t label food like this as it will pass on the message that broccoli is healthy but not tasty, then how you expect kids to enjoy their meals full of vegetables and fruits.
    Make sure to let them know every food is good and serve different needs of the body.
  2. Be a role model: Even you as a person must have your own preferences when comes to food. If you don’t want to eat bottle gourd(Lauki) but you want your child to finish it.
    This will never happen as kids learn a lot from their parents. So, be a role model for your child and behave the same way around the food as you want your kid to respond.
  3. Give ONLY one meal option: Never prepare a separate meal for your kids and yourself. Cook the same meal for the entire family which will help them to understand the value of food and even learn to eat what is served on a plate.
  4. Offer Variety: Noone likes monotonous life and food, you need to add more variety to your food and meal. Make sure to add a twist to your meals once in a week so that they look up for that day and enjoy every day’s meal.
  5. Serve with style: Plating simple food also with some fun and style will make them more interested in eating. Colorful paratha’s (Green with Spinach, red with beetroot), creating some art with rice and other stuff will add fun and more interesting for them to eat.
  6. Mealtime should be family time: Make sure everyone has a meal together without mobiles, newspapers, or anything else. This way they will learn to enjoy meals together and eating themselves. Around the dining table, you have to focus on creating memories for life.
  7. Serve Small portion: This is really going to help you in two ways, one no wastage of food, and kids will learn eating everything. I always do this, I serve my kids every dish with salad and curd all in small portions which helped me to make him understand and enjoy all together.
  8. Involve them: Yes, this is one of the most amazing things to do with kids, involve them, tell them to come along with you for vegetable shopping, let them pick up their favorite vegetable,s and cook that for dinner.
    Even ask their help in cooking, peeling vegetables and other stuff, you will find them happy and enjoy eating too.
  9. Respect your kid’s taste: There are so many things I don’t like to eat but now my little one enjoys. Eating poori with aamras, Paratha with Kheer and so many are his choice of taste. Respect that, let them relish that.
  10. Supplements help: These picky eaters if still avoid eating well, do add supplements like Pediasure which have 37 vital nutrients to boost a child’s growth. I am regularly giving this to my son which supports brain development, immunity, height, and weight, and given me #FirstStepToGrowRight.

Conclusion: Don’t take stress too much if your efforts are not working 100%, allow them to take little time, and adjust to new tastes. But, if your kid has really extreme reactions to food consult your pediatrician they will guide you in this difficult issue.


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. I usually try to make my kids associate fun with the food items so they eat easily. And the most important one. To be the role model..as they say practice what you preach.

  2. Oh yes fussy eaters are surely a task to handle. This tracker seems like a good one to check on their growth.

  3. Adding my own twist and preparing one meal for the whole family has worked for me. The growth tracker has also helped us.

  4. Never had the fussy eating issue with the elder one but for the younger one we have been also facing issues. Thanks for these tips. Definitely using the tracker.

  5. Awesome…loved all your tips for fussy eaters..especially the serve with style one. We have to attract the kids to eat these days as they are so fussy. Supplements these days are mandatory for overall growth of kids.

  6. Oh yes! These tips are so spot on. I remember my younger one being a fussy eater and me trying various ways to get him to eat. Supplements definitely help in these times.

  7. In order to make kids develop interest in eating, we need to involve them in cooking as well. Also when parents give too many options to them, they think that its okay to fuss as they will be given a variety.

    Supplements definitely help in providing the tough nutrients.

  8. In order to make kids develop interest in eating, we need to involve them in cooking as well. Also when parents give too many options to them, they think that its okay to fuss as they will be given a variety. Supplements definitely help in providing the required nutrients.

  9. Good tips, Ruchi! I don’t agree with parents who cook separately for kids or let them eat at odd hours. Fussy eating can be controlled with good presentation and family eating time.

  10. Having the same food with the kid sitting right next to them helps a lot. Only one meal option is the right way to do it.

  11. all the tips are so apt and I try to follow most of these. specially involving kids in cooking works great. with this process, they get a chance to know more about the healthy ingredients and proper nutrition.

  12. Kids can at times be very very fussy with food and I used to worry a lot and then even I started experimenting with them. At times change of food, varieties, tastes, and different combinations. This helped, me a lot and now both my kids eat well and even I balance it with pediasure that helps in proper nutritional need.

  13. Not giving option to kids is a good idea and then child tends to eat it and understand it taste plus labelling the food is also not right. Your post has many pointers which can be applied in life too.

  14. Handling fusy Eaters is a real task as providing proper nutrition is really important. I can totally relate to it as my daughter give me real time to give her proper nutrition diet

  15. These are some excellent tips that can help parents handle their fussy eaters well. And yes, supplements do help in filling the nutritional gaps, if any. My son loves PediaSure and it helped in boosting his growth during the fussy eating phase.

  16. Though my kids are not fussy eaters, they do have their choices and preferences in food but i make sure to make them food that is healthy and nutritious and liked by them. Also pediasure gives the additional boost to their nutrition.

  17. Giving only one meal and no choices plus havin family meal times with no screen involved make such a lot of difference.

  18. I can relate to all the pointers but most importantly the one where you mentioned that arguments on dining table. Thanks for these doable tips Thankfully I am giving my son PediaSure.

  19. The third point is so valid and important. I have seen households preparing separate meals for their kids and then in later years, they complain about them being fussy.

  20. Learn to let the kids eat when they’re hungry! Best option

  21. That’s some good advice. tracking your child’s growth is really important to know if the food they eat is actually getting translated into growth.

  22. I love the video and also the tips mentioned above. I am sure it is going to be helpful for a lot of parents out there. We too have been using the growth tracker for monitoring our little one’s growth.

  23. My elder one was a fussy eater till the age of 4 and I totally understand how it’s important for a parent to take care of the nutritional requirements in that case. I am now using Growth tracker for both my kids to ensure that they are growing right.

  24. These are great tips. PediaSure is a good supplement for attaining growth Parameters.

  25. Things are not easy when your kid is a fussy eater. Thanks a lot for all these tips dear.

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