Balancing Passion

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream?

Me: Quite…

Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is a waste. Tell me what you want to be? 

Me: I want to be some­one whom girls look up and say “want to be like Ruchie ” 

Dad: But for that, you need to be orga­nized and have goals. 

This is what I got from dad vision being orga­nized and from that day I thought and made a goal to be a bal­anced per­son giv­ing best in every field of life. I accept­ed life with whole heart with love and jumped in the roller coast­er life.

After being in an orga­ni­za­tion for many years I quit for my love­ly daugh­ter with­out any regret as fam­i­ly is always being my pri­or­i­ty and I start­ed enjoy­ing my new sta­tus of 24/7 job of Domes­tic engi­neer where I learned to be more patience and dis­cov­er new things being with my lit­tle daugh­ter but there was some­thing miss­ing inside me and when kalakri­ti was born where I start­ed giv­ing dance, craft and stage pre­sen­ta­tion class­es to kids and lived my pas­sion of danc­ing with them and must admit here that #ILove­My­Work.

Life every sin­gle day teach­es you some­thing new and so mine and then I real­ized that what­ev­er knowl­edge I am hav­ing a need to spread out and so I can gain more knowl­edge as learn­ing process should not stop at a stage of life and I am not a per­fect one. So, start­ed my blog writ­ing up my heart out as a true Gem­i­ni by nature so can’t stick to one and so my blog tells all about me, my heart. I love writ­ing and when in return get an appre­ci­a­tion of my work from my read­ers and from clients I just can’t imag­ine that yes may­be I have marked an impres­sion in someone’s life. In few­er words, I can say that I am liv­ing my dad’s teach­ing of “being orga­nized and main­tain­ing my pas­sion togeth­er” and my mom’s lesson of “spread­ing knowl­edge is gain­ing knowl­edge” and I am gain­ing knowl­edge and so #ILove­My­Work.

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