That morn­ing I thought will bring a smile on my face with new hopes and more secu­ri­ty in life but front news of Ban­ga­lore Molesta­tion on New Year eve not only put again a ques­tion mark on the secu­ri­ty of girls but also shook me from inside.

While we ( me and my hub­by ) was dis­cussing the same my 8-year-old lit­tle princess hopped in between of dis­cus­sion and asked ” Why mum­my, why u say­ing u are scared for me ?” left me speech­less.… and I just thought how many ques­tions and unwant­ed pain she must be going through think­ing the­se ques­tions and then I put myself in her shoes and wrote this small poem from her point of view.

I am just eight

 But have few ques­tions to raise,

Mom is not allow­ing me to go out and play

She says “FOR Girls it’s not safe”

Why Only for girls it’s not safe?

Why broth­er can still go out and play?

 I told mom , some uncle gave me sweets and talked to me nice­ly

She fol­lowed me and scold­ed uncle too

Now he does not come n give me sweets

 But I saw him teas­ing some didi on the street

 Dad & mom all are upset with some Ban­ga­lore New Year news,

Mom kept on say­ing she is scared for me , she loves me

Still why she said this I have no CLUE,

I want to ask my love­ly teach­ers in school Who guide me ? show me right way….to move

 Why mom is only scared for me?

Why broth­er is allowed to play out but not me?

 Why mom stops me to get drenched in rain?

Ques­tions are many and giv­ing me pain Please answer me teacher and take me out of this pain !!

I still don’t know what to answer my lit­tle girl and how to explain to her that she is right,image it’s just some sick mind peo­ple mak­ing this world unsafe for her.

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  1. This is so sad and the ques­tion still remains- Why? We have no answer to all the­se ques­tions but if we all raise our voice and stand up again­st it..may be we can change some laws in our coun­try. Thanks for writ­ing for #Mon­day­Mom­my­Mo­ments Ruchi:)

  2. Yes! Every such news shakes your belief in human­i­ty and kind­ness. But it also gives me the deter­mi­na­tion to make my daughter’s self reliant

  3. Nice and heart­felt poem…its a shame what kind of envi­ron­ment we are bring­ing up our chil­dren in . our coun­try which got lib­er­at­ed 60 years back we can­not provide this basic inde­pen­dence to our girls.

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