That morning I thought will bring a smile on my face with new hopes and more security in life but front news of Bangalore Molestation on New Year eve not only put again a question mark on the security of girls but also shook me from inside.

While we ( me and my hubby ) was discussing the same my 8-year-old little princess hopped in between of discussion and asked ” Why mummy, why u saying u are scared for me ?” left me speechless…. and I just thought how many questions and unwanted pain she must be going through thinking these questions and then I put myself in her shoes and wrote this small poem from her point of view.

I am just eight

 But have few questions to raise,

Mom is not allowing me to go out and play

She says “FOR Girls it’s not safe”

Why Only for girls it’s not safe?

Why brother can still go out and play?

 I told mom , some uncle gave me sweets and talked to me nicely

She followed me and scolded uncle too

Now he does not come n give me sweets

 But I saw him teasing some didi on the street

 Dad & mom all are upset with some Bangalore New Year news,

Mom kept on saying she is scared for me , she loves me

Still why she said this I have no CLUE,

I want to ask my lovely teachers in school Who guide me ? show me right way….to move

 Why mom is only scared for me?

Why brother is allowed to play out but not me?

 Why mom stops me to get drenched in rain?

Questions are many and giving me pain Please answer me teacher and take me out of this pain !!

I still don’t know what to answer my little girl and how to explain to her that she is right,image it’s just some sick mind people making this world unsafe for her.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes.How do we protect them?How to keep them strong ?

  2. Thank you for lending your voice for #MondayMommyMoments .

    1. Thanks for giving me opportunity to write about it

  3. This is so sad and the question still remains- Why? We have no answer to all these questions but if we all raise our voice and stand up against it..may be we can change some laws in our country. Thanks for writing for #MondayMommyMoments Ruchi:)

  4. This is very sad Ruchie to explain our fears to a little girl. Because of this insecure feeling, we are forced to put restrictions on young girls.

    1. Absolutely!!! Sometimes I think I still don’t have answers to give my little doll

  5. Yes! Every such news shakes your belief in humanity and kindness. But it also gives me the determination to make my daughter’s self reliant

  6. That incident too made me..force to write about molestation…..#pain..

  7. Nice and heartfelt poem…its a shame what kind of environment we are bringing up our children in . our country which got liberated 60 years back we cannot provide this basic independence to our girls.

  8. Richa you have described the exact pain every mother of a girl goes through. But the question remains the same. When will this stop?

    1. It is Ruchie.typo error sorry

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