Growing up your Princess!!

When I con­ceived we all want­ed that our home should be blessed with a beau­ti­ful daugh­ter and God lis­tened us and given us a beau­ti­ful angel “IRA” our face of love


But as said every­thing comes with a respon­si­bil­i­ty so moth­er­hood too !!!

My this blog post is for every moth­er who is grow­ing up there princess just keep the­se lit­tle points in mind when you are upbring­ing your dar­ling daugh­ter to make her a strong & self depen­dent wom­an for tomor­row.…

Shar­ing what I learned from my strong moth­er and pass­ing this to my daugh­ter!!!

  1. Make her proud being a girl:   Yes, make her feel that girls are no less than boys.. Today a girl can do each n every work which a boy can or may be bet­ter than him. Tell her to be proud being a girl !!!


2. Com­pli­ment your daugh­ter on oth­er things : Don’t only com­pli­ment on her beau­ty or appear­ance but also on oth­er things like her behav­ior, kind­ness & car­ing


3. Set bound­aries in your life : She is going to grow up see­ing how peo­ple treat you
So that she can watch you and learn to do the same. We are their great­est teach­ers and they learn from what we do more than what we say. So if you are strong and demand being treat­ed well there is a bet­ter chance she will grow up and do the same.


4. Let them choose their pas­sion : It’s per­fect­ly ok if your lit­tle del­i­cate girl choos­ing her inter­est her pas­sion in swim­ming, bas­ket­ball, crick­et , karate let her grow in that don’t put bur­den of your dreams on them.


5. Teach them the val­ue of sav­ing mon­ey
So that hope­ful­ly some­day they won’t have to depend on any­one to take care of them finan­cial­ly.


6. Telling them about peri­ods Its real­ly uncom­fort­able and awk­ward, but it’s impor­tant
And I want her to be pre­pared for when it hap­pens. It’s my job to tell her what’s going to change with her body. She needs to be com­fort­able talk­ing to some­one about it and it should be me.


7. Pro­tect them but also teach them to stick up for them­selves: It’s always hood to be a pro­tec­tive mom but you need to make her strong to stand up for her­self!!! She should be aware that what is wrong n stand for that.


8. Teach them to be smart when it comes to being around men and boys :  Tell them about good & bad touch ensure that they under­stand n fol­low their instincts when it comes to men or boys … Guide & let them know safe­ty tak­en at time of dan­ger.

9. Spend atleast an hour lis­ten­ing to them : This should be an impor­tant part of your dai­ly rou­tine as then u will be aware what going on in her mind and you can clear her myths & doubts.


10. Last but not least : Enjoy your best time you are get­ting with her she is one who will cher­ish all the­se moments life­long.


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  1. quite agree. rais­ing kids is no small feat. agree with most points that should help her grow a bet­ter per­son. n very pret­ty pics 🙂

    PS : is the com­par­ison / com­pe­ti­tion with boys nec­es­sary? it felt like a sour point. she should com­pete but she should not feel sexist/feminist about it. no?

    • Thanks for val­ue­able com­ment … No it’s not com­par­ison it’s like why to tell your daugh­ter you are like my son !! I have been always told by par­ents that u r my daugh­ter n u are ful­ly capa­ble to do … It’s not at all say­ing son is not capa­ble its about an iden­ti­ty of a gal­which she should proud­ly car­ry!!!
      We soon pub­lish same tips for my son also … Keep fol­low­ing!!

  2. Thanks. Agree with that.

    In mod­ern world where its near­ly impos­si­ble to avoid boys ear­ly in life, I think it is rather more impor­tant to make them under­stand about how boys are like, what are their tantrums, why are they often dif­fer­ent in behav­ior and likes n dis­likes.. why are they raised dif­fer­ent­ly from girls and vice ver­sa.. etc etc..

    i think some­whr down the line kids fig­ure out every­thing except this and as they grow, they find it increas­ing­ly con­fus­ing and irri­tat­ing. some gyaan on the­se very basic philoso­phies of life would help their minds set­tle down for sure. 🙂

  3. Awe­some post here Ruchi. Real­ly loved your points..Every girl is beau­ti­ful the way she is and is even more stronger and inde­pen­dent when she is guid­ed like this 😀 Keep up the good work.
    Cheers for being an awe­some girl

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