Meeting the truth !!

Well this is absolute true as we have lived that one truth of life once which we can’t for­get in our entire life!!

2015 start­ed with a hap­py note when every­one was extreme­ly hap­py know­ing that Ira (my daugh­ter) is going to get her sib­ling to play dai­ly but des­tiny hold­ed some­thing which is beyond our imag­i­na­tion.

Due date which doc­tors given was July 2015 and due to emer­gen­cy I got in hos­pi­tal on 1st April & after all check up and reports my doc­tor sug­gest­ed us it’s real­ly tough to save d baby as their is no water left for baby inside..

Life taught us that yes ” Truth is real­ly stranger than fic­tion ” but this was not an end .… As God had some oth­er plans stored for us…

In 25th week of my preg­nan­cy on 9th April 15 I deliv­ered a baby boy with weight of 800 grams at 4:00 am morn­ing .. And doc­tors said no hopes as it’s real­ly tough to save him. We all were in tears, he was breath­ing but doc­tors said no use to keep him on ven­ti­la­tor as it’s not going to work..he was kept in NICU & told us to sign up few for­mal­i­ties and wait for call from NICU as it is a mat­ter of few hours only.

Flod­ded in tears we were just wait­ing for a call from NICU, & shift of doc­tors changed at 12:00 pm and beyond expec­ta­tions my baby was still sur­viv­ing with­out any life sup­port sys­tem & that shift doc­tor called us imme­di­ate­ly and said it’s a mir­a­cle as even 36th or 35th week babies do col­lapse but he is fight­ing his own let’s give a try , we got a ray of hope …with this doc  she said she will try her best & felt sor­ry for her col­league not putting him on life sup­port.…

We rushed and com­plet­ed all for­mal­i­ties to admit & start his treat­ment… Doc­tor told us ” chances are still only 5% of sur­vival as there would be many tests to be done for him as he is not only pre­ma­ture but extreme­ly pre­ma­ture baby which has only 1% his­to­ry of sur­vival of such babies ” but for that 1% we want­ed to give a try …and we have given that try.

My mir­a­cle & fight­er boy start­ed his fight for  life, for 21/2 months with tests , pro­ce­dures & what not. Dai­ly used to be a chal­lenge for us to see new test results some­times up some­times down .…some­times with­out oxy­gen pipe he sur­vives some­times on ven­ti­la­tor… Days were pass­ing every­day just with a hope to hold him get him home some­day healthy to com­plete my fam­i­ly.

With prayers, good wish­es of friends & fam­i­ly & con­stant sup­port of doc­tors & sis­ters of hos­pi­tal he sur­vived & we wel­comed him home with full grand wel­come & hap­pi­ness.

This is one of the rare case of this hos­pi­tal where 25th week baby sur­vived & dis­charged in ther­ma­coal box & kept him in that box for next 2 months.

Till now I have heard about strange sto­ries & mir­a­cles but my MIRACLE BOY proved that no one can decide death & life only God can!!!


Writ­ten for Myc­i­ty4kids

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