My Superhero My dad


Well it’s absolute­ly true my dad my hero !!!

I want to trib­ute my this write up for my super­hero my dad!!!


Umesh Chan­dra Sri­vas­tava may b just a name or some rela­tion for oth­ers who knew him as son, broth­er, chacha, mama, mausa, jija­ji or a friend but for us he is still our life­line to sur­vive every day with his teach­ing!!

He was always a good son , hus­band, broth­er ‚friend but he was a great­est dad. He has given us best upbring­ing…

He got 4 daugh­ters and nev­er regret for that … I still remem­ber when some rel­a­tive came and said “Beti ho par Beta ban kar khay­al rakhna ” papa you was there to cor­rect him and said ” yeh beta nahi meri Beti hai aur Mujhe garv hai ki meri Beti hai … Yeh 1 Beti meri 10 Beto se lakh guna behtar hai … You said “Ruchi I am proud that you are my daugh­ter n you proud your­self being a girl ” thanks papa for nev­er mak­ing us real­ize that we don’t have any iden­ti­ty. Thanks and sor­ry words are beyond what we feel it’s much more than that .. ?? you made me to feel proud of being a daugh­ter n a girl child.


Only daugh­ters and giv­ing every­one best edu­ca­tion and nev­er regret­ted that he got daugh­ters!!


He invest­ed his all hard earn­ings in our edu­ca­tion and believed in us …

He was a men­tor , he was one guid­ing source for me he was solu­tion for every prob­lem!! image

But God decid­ed some­thing else for us and in 2004 he got brain ham­rage and paral­y­sis attack and for 7 long years went on bed .., but he nev­er left us alone in any sit­u­a­tion even in bad n tough times when some­times rel­a­tives and all left us alone he stood like big pil­lar of strength and made us believe that noth­ing is going to be wrong as long as we are correct…he was strongest per­son who sur­vived on first attack for 12 hours with­out prop­er med­ical treat­ment with his will pow­er.


He always said ” If you believe you can .. Only then you can ”

From emo­tion­al­ly, men­tal­ly, finan­cial­ly he nev­er left us alone …he was always there stand­ing right with us.

But as says “?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ”  and may be God too need and must be he need­ed more so in 2010 he called him and made him a star to shine up there and give us end­less light


Papa we love u, Papa we miss u,

You must be lis­ten­ing to us,

and we promise…

we will fol­low & car­ry your dreams, your teach­ing & your val­ues

Papa but still I need you today, tomor­row every­day!!


Writ­ten for Myc­i­ty4kids

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  1. You four are the repli­ca of your father so that you all can mul­ti­ples his good things and deliv­er what­ev­er you learnt from him to your chil­dren. God Always Bless Him Where Ever He is Now.

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