Raising up your star

My last post on par­ent­ing was about what things we should keep in mind rais­ing up your beau­ti­ful daugh­ters!!

Time to make sure what we should take care of rais­ing our star at home too our son!!!


Boys are boys and always mother’s favorite… They are rough , tough and always active for some fun or mis­chief!!!

Few points which we should always keep in mind while par­ent­ing our tough boys

  1. Nev­er say “BOYS DON’T CRY” 


Let your strong boy also show his emo­tions  -sad or hap­py encour­age to show it to your as repressed emo­tions can lead to sev­er­al psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­or­der.

2. You like cook­ing, danc­ing ARE YOUGIRL 


Don’t stop him or judge him on his interest…allow him to choose & explore his hob­bies & inter­est.

3. Don’t act like a girl


If your boy is com­ing upto you to ahow his emo­tions don’t tell him to stop as he is act­ing like a girl. Boys too have emo­tions and if he is com­ing upto u means he thinks & believe that you are his emo­tion­al anchor!!

4. You should be best in sports


Its not impor­tant that if he is a boy he have to be best in crick­et or foot­ball may be he is good in oth­er activ­i­ties. Don’t put social bur­den or your choice of inter­est on him.

5. Be a man , fight back 


Telling him that he is a boy and he should always fight back or fight­ing proves that he is a strong boy will not be good .. Yeah teach­ing him to stand up for cor­rect & right thing is per­fect but giv­ing him aggres­sion is not make him cool.

6. You should be born a girl


Don’t use such words which is only use to hurt some­one & have no means…

God has cre­at­ed every per­son with dif­fer­ent qual­i­ties we should respect them…

7. Enjoy your moth­er­hood


Your young body­guard is sure­ly believe that you are his angel God send to him enjoy your beau­ti­ful time rais­ing him a super­star for tomor­row.


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