Safe kids


Your kid is as del­i­cate as flow­er & her inno­cence should always be there..

As a par­ent its our duty to tell & make them under­stand few safe­ty points they should always remem­ber.

  1. Phone num­ber & Address


Make sure your kid remem­ber par­ents phone num­ber & address by heart in case of emer­gen­cy he/she can inform trust­ed per­son.

2. No toys & tof­fees:


Make them under­stand polite­ly not to accept any kind of toys, tof­fees, bal­loons any­thing from a stranger & tell them how dan­ger­ous it  could be.

3. Scream, Kick & Biteimage

Tell them it’s per­fect­ly good to scream loud, kick the per­son or bite him/ her if some­one know or unknown per­son makes you uncom­fort­able or tries to grab or touch­es you again­st your wish.

4. Inform par­ents:


Tell them to make a habit to inform par­ents about where they are going to and how much time it will take. Make sure as a par­ent you keep an eye on them.

Teach them that they should nev­er keep a secret from you even when told so by an adult.

5. Be rude: 


Yes! It’s absolute­ly fine to be rude at times when you feel inse­cure or unsafe or threat­ened.

Just remem­ber to teach the­se basic points to your kid & let them be safe!!


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