4 reasons why children throw tantrums!

4 reasons why children throw tantrums!

August 19, 2020 69 By Ruchi Verma

Motherhood comes with its sweet surprise of handling kids’ tantrums. And I had a fair share of experience when my son made it challenging for me on different levels by resorting to simple tantrums. Right from feeding him lunch while running behind him for every bite to teaching him healthy living habits – it’s been a struggle!

More recently, I had the toughest time when his notorious habits grew stronger especially when I had to sit down for his assignments. I persuaded him with logic to take his lessons seriously, and he would come back with strong arguments followed by occasional yelling. While kids still don’t know the meaning of these yells and screams, it definitely tests our patience.

These episodes turned out to be an eye-opener for me and I indulged in a little more research on why children throw tantrums in India. Here are some of the probable reasons for kid’s tantrums and what they can mean!

Hungry, sleepy, or sick?

Viraj wasn’t coming at the dinner table even after repeated calling. After mentioning multiple times that I have his favorite fruit mango cut with some pudding to go with it, he would yell a straight “No!” and resorted to watching TV.

“You won’t get the mango today then!” I said.

“I won’t have it” – was the answer.

I had almost lost my patience but something in me refused to believe that he wasn’t hungry. I sat down and calculated his routine to find out why he was refusing his favorite fruit.

Kids don’t keep track of their sleeping, eating, or active time. It is us! Viraj had slept late last night and woken up late in the morning. He had a heavy lunch and it was about 7 p.m. I realized that exhaustion and the untimely day had been the root problem. I went to him and started to play with him, talk to him, and calm his mind. In a few minutes, Viraj was calm and joined me for dinner. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as hunger, sleep, or feeling sick.

Health and Nutrition

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Nutrition plays a vital role in growing children. Everyday meals have a deeper impact than we know of. Kids who aren’t getting nutrient-rich food tend to be anxious, stressed, sad, and even less active. Therefore, their aloofness, laziness, and sleepy nature can feel like tantrums. It’s time to check on their nutrients and add supplements like PediaSure if needed into their diet as it checks on kids’ nutrition and promises a 90-day growth plan to make your child healthy, happy, and active again.

Something is going on!

Kids are in-tune with their surroundings. Any words, actions, or behavior can cast a deeper shadow into their mind. If your kid is trying to get more of your attention, or neglecting you completely, or more so trying to behave differently – it’s time to talk it out! Kids sometimes throw tantrums when something is going on in their little heads and bothering them. Many times it is something that they don’t know that they are stressing over. It is best to sit with them and talk it out. Like us, kids too need their emotional and mental talks to keep them sane.

Over-pampering your kids

A child is indeed special to their parents. But sometimes we shower our children with so much love that the pampering becomes harmful. Excessive pampering and care can make the child take this love for granted. As a result, the child starts to throw tantrums knowing that their wishes will be granted. It is important there for parents to balance the pampering with discipline, teaching, and routine activities. Pamper your child, but don’t over-do it else there will only be tantrums left to handle!

As a mother of two, I have had my fair share of learnings about kids’ tantrums. As soon as I notice my kids throwing tantrums, I try to study their behavior and find out a suitable way to treat it. While these 4 were the most common reasons I found, other times it’s the basic motherly instinct that helps me conquer my kid’s wellness and raise them well.

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