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Parents are spending more time with their kids- How it’s helping a great deal

Amidst the current scenario, parents are spending more time at home and this automatically equates to spending more time with their children. This is now helping a great deal, particularly with enlivening kids’ activities at home and also taking part in other online hobby classes …

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Career path after 10th class

How to select a career path after 10th class?

After 10th class exam results, choosing a career path is the biggest question for every teenager. If a child scores 95% or above we assume that he or she will select science stream with Mathematics or Biology, and if score less than need to go …

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Skill development

Relevance of Skill Development over Education

There is a hair difference between education and skill development. Not everyone understands it. However, parents need to know the difference and train their kids according to it. Through this article, you will learn the difference and importance of skill development for kids. You must …

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Five Ways to Speed up WordPress Site

Website performance optimization is all the jazz. There are plenty of methods you can use to turn your website into a high-performing website and in this post, I’m going to be discussing five ways you can optimize your WordPress. So, let’s begin, shall we? Why …

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Importance of extra-curricular activities with school academics.

The different activities that are a part of school life play a significant role in developing a child. One such essential part of school life is extracurricular activities. These activities are conducted along with academic studies to enhance the learning process at school. Extracurricular activities …

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Republic day speech and elocution topics for kids.

Giving Republic day speech in school or taking part in elocution always gives every student feeling of pride. Despite the ongoing pandemic and online schooling students, teachers and schools are not losing zeal to celebrate the most important day of our nation India’s Republic day …

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Why You Should Take the NAPLAN Test: Preparing For the NAPLAN Standardized Test

Preparing for a standardized test is essential, so you better prepare for this once-a-year assessment of your academic capabilities. You want to aim for a good result because it will be the basis of your skill. Not only for the sole sake of number assessment …

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Eduauraa – The Online learning platform revolutionizing education in India

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the education system has seen a revolutionary change in the way it is perceived, experienced, and interpreted. Indeed, school structure has taken a back seat and technology has empowered the minds. With people resorting to lockdown, we saw …

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How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

Teaching English to a three-year-old might seem like barbeque under a hot summer sun! But, it’s not. If done right it’s more savory than the barbecue in the spring blossoms. In this article, we intend to bring to you the right and easy way out …

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Project-based learning

Project-based learning- Learn by doing

Till now we have seen how important is to educate kids about Empathy and the change in the new trend of education from STEM to STEAM education and with this next very important learning methodology is PROJECT-BASED LEARNING. By actively engaging in the real world, …

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From STEM to STEAM education

We have accepted a new trend in the education system and the importance of Empathy education. But. with these changes we have to now switch from STEM to STEAM education system. We are living in the evolution age of the education system, and need to …

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Empathy Learning

Empathy Learning- Importance and affects

We have just seen how many trends in the education system have been changed during this pandemic. The way of learning, the way of teaching, and above all our entire new education policy of 2020. Let’s take a step further to understand what is really …

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Education trends in India 2020

With changing lifestyles, changing norms of living one thing which is effected the most are changing education trends in India. Education is the basic right of every child it is really important to understand the new setup and policies of the education system. The system …

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online learning

Benefits of enrolling yourself in an online learning program

In this highly competitive, fast-paced world, a good education is mandatory for growth and success. With the constant increase in population, getting admission in a university has become hard. On the other hand, various private colleges are also coming into existence. However, these private colleges …

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The Importance Of Creative Writing For Children

Writing, along with reading, is the two most powerful weapons we can give children to cement the foundations of their cognitive development. Unlike the learning of verbal communication (spoken language), literacy is much more complex, due to the need to acquire and learn to use …

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