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Benefits of Using the Best Salon Software.

Salon Software

We all like our life a little easier, simpler, and approachable. Isn’t it? And so is our expectations with our business. And let’s just agree that all of us want our management to be top-notch.  …

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Deep Cleaning

How to Deep clean a house before moving in?

Moving into a new house, your dream house is the extremely exciting and fun part. But, before you enter inside and start a new journey make sure your new adobe doesn’t get affected by any …

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5 fun ways how to reduce stress from life.

Everyone experiences stress in life which could be different for every individual. A different range of events in daily life could trigger it. When you can’t handle a situation or are overwhelmed your body and …

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North India full vegetarian menu

Raksha Bandhan North Indian full vegetarian menu ideas for lunch or dinner.

Rakhi is a special day to celebrate one among the most loved and special bonds on this earth and i.e., sibling’s love. A relationship connected since birth not only with the blood but also with …

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15 Independence day pledge need to be taken today.

Today we are celebrating our 75th Independence day and I urge every citizen of India to take a pledge and make our country a more proud nation on the globe. I pledge, to stand for …

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Raksha Bandhan

Why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan: Story and rituals!!

Time is here again to celebrate Rakhsha bandhan, but nowadays, festivals are more considered as a holiday, do we know the story behind this festival, and if yes, have you told kids about the same. …

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Weekend quotes- time to relax and chill

After spending 5 days working from home or working in office, weekends is something we all look upto. The only person who gets no off even on weekends (No prize for guessing) it’s undoubtedly a …

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The Art of Maintaining Relationships- how to nourish your relations!

There is so much sweetness in the world that can be enjoyed through good lifelong relationships, that I feel like sharing my thoughts on this very important topic. A relationship is like a seed or …

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21 Riddles for kids and adults!

Riddles, something which is always a favorite thing at every age. I love solving the riddles and even introduced to my kids. It’s important to introduce riddles for kids as it’s a great way to …

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Past self

How writing a letter to your past self helps?

I still feel writing a letter always connects you to the other person, imagine writing a letter to yourself, your past. Yes!! I feel it’s important to write a letter to your past self. We …

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How to control anger-5 tips to stay calm!!

During this pandemic, we all have gone through every emotional ride. Getting angry is absolutely normal, and it’s can affect you, your health, and even your relationships. Talking about how to control anger by some …

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Work from home- how it is beneficial and more productive?

Work from home is the new culture we are following along with homeschooling, there are so many opinions and thoughts both as positive and negative impact. For more than a year now, we are under …

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My Anti-Bucket list, 5 things I never ever want to do!

I love to plan; I love to list down things I want to do in life. But today I am going to share my anti-bucket list with you all. Now, why anti-bucket list? There is …

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Indian vegetarian rainy day snacks to enjoy the monsoon season.

The cool breeze and lush greenery in the monsoon is something I just love and the foodie monster gets activated. Rainy season brings so much relief from the itching summer. Rainy day snacks, are mandatory …

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Top 10 Home Appliances you must have in 2021

Being a homemaker is not a simple job and in today’s scenario every member of the family is a homemaker. Having best home appliances adds support to your work and makes life easier. Home appliances …

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