Top 10 Vastu Shastra to boost positive energy in 5 areas of your home

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The Vastu Shastra is the quality of the building and maintenance of a home that will determine how happy you can live there in the future. Because of this, many people are following the guidelines set forth by an old Hindu architectural theory that claims that directional alignments lead to spiritual harmony.

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What is the Vastu Shastra?

Vastu means “to stay,” and it refers to both the human and divine homes. Based on a variety of natural energies, including solar energy from the sun, cosmic energy, moon energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, and wind energy, is vastu shastra. It is possible to achieve harmony, success, and prosperity by balancing these energies. When a home is built with these ideas in mind, people who live there experience complete happiness. If it violates the principles of Vastu, there will be no tranquility and all kinds of issues. The article aims to guide people who want to incorporate Vastu principles into their homes.

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Vastu Shastra for the Main Entrance:

Let’s start with the entrance, which is where your home starts. For a house to be open to the flow of positive energy, the owner must make sure that a few important Vastu Shastra guidelines are followed. You must turn on the light in the evening and turn it off before going to bed. A house’s main entrance serves as both the family’s and energy’s entryway.

Your home’s main door needs to face one of the following directions:

  • North
  • East
  • North-east
  • West

Directions to avoid:

  1. Avoid having the main door facing south, southwest, northwest (the north side), or southeast (the east side).
  2. Don’t put a dustbin or shoe rack outside the main door.
  3. Steer clear of the restroom at the front door.
  4. Verify that the main door is brightly lit.
  5. Add lucky torans and lovely nameplates to decorate your door.
  6. Do not paint the main door a dark color.
  7. Avoid putting miniatures or statues of animals next to the front entrance.
  8. Verify that the main door opens in a clockwise direction.
  9. Avoid red lights at the main door.
  10. Make sure the main door is not completely dark.

Vastu Shastra for the Living Room

When people arrive for a social gathering, it makes a good (or bad) first impression. Thus, make sure there isn’t any mess in the living area. Vastu Shastra recommends a range of paint colors for a living room depending on its location. Choose white paint for your living room if it faces east, the direction where the sun rules. Choose blue paint if your living room is facing west, the sign ruled by Saturn. Light green and yellow shades are generally the best options for the living room. Avoid painting the living room in red and black.

Your living room should face:

  • East
  • North
  • North-east
  • North-west

Directions to follow:

  1. The living room’s west or southwest directions should be utilized for organizing large furniture.
  2. Position the TV in the southeast corner of the room, even though electrical equipment works best in the north or west.
  3. The northwest should be home to stuffed animals.
  4. The pictures of the gods or waterfalls are displayed in the northeast corner.
  5. It is improper to hang an image of God from the outside above the front door.
  6. Center Chandler, heading a little bit to the west. It is not appropriate to place the heavy chandler in the middle of the space to create Bhrmasthaan light.
  7. The living room should face either east or north-east. An alternative option is a living room that faces northwest.
  8. If the room has a mirror, make sure it is fixed on the north wall.

Vastu Shastra for kids’ rooms

A Vastu Shastra complaint room advises arranging all furniture, including beds, study tables, bathrooms, clocks, windows, and doors, by their respective directions. It is most advantageous if the study area and the place of worship are close to one another. The good energies of Mercury, which enhances intellect; Jupiter, which increases wisdom, the Sun which increases ambition, and Venus, which develops creativity in the form of fresh ideas, attract one another in these directions. Arranging items sensibly encourages youngsters to think positively, which motivates them to work more and be happier.

Placement in the kid’s room:

  • Doors should face east or north.
  • Place the bed in the southwest corner of the room, and let your child sleep with their head facing either east or south.
  • The study table needs to be facing either east, north, or northeast.
  • Cabinets and closets should be oriented either westward or southward.
  • The ideal position for furniture placement is south-west.

Direction to follow:

  1. Use green or yellow paint to give your child’s room a more youthful feel.
  2. A lamp or other light source needs to be positioned facing southeast as well.
  3. Keep all exposed mirrors out of children’s rooms, and never put a mirror of any kind in front of a bed.
  4. There should always be good lighting in the kids’ room.
  5. Televisions should be placed in the southeast and PCs in the north.
  6. A door should not be directly behind the study chair. Have a wall behind it instead.
  7. Light yellow and off-white can be utilized in the eastern room, violet in the northeast room, and pastel green is suggested for the study area in the north. The study finds that off-white, white, and ivory are the most favorable colors.
  8. The study table should have an open space in front of it, otherwise, it must be against the wall.

Vastu Shastra for bedrooms

Vastu Shastra illustrates how making small changes to your bedroom can increase positive energy and even strengthen your bonds with your partner. Your health is greatly influenced by your bedroom because your body heals itself while you sleep. For this reason, sufficient planning needs to be done to make sure that your bedroom can be a peaceful place to sleep.

Direction to follow

  1. The bedroom needs to be built in your home’s east, north, or south-west corner.
  2. A level ceiling creates a consistent vibe across the space.
  3. Avoid bedrooms that face the north or south-east of the home.
  4. Use earthy or neutral paint colors on the walls of your bedroom.
  5. A bedroom with a temple, water-themed paintings, or a fountain should be avoided.
  6. Vastu suggests making your bed a square or rectangular shape.
  7. Create a peaceful haven by lighting mood lighting and lighting aromatic oils.

Vastu shastra for Kitchen

An important part of every Indian home, the kitchen provides us with energy for the entire day. The kitchen is the ideal space for enhancing motivation and achieving improved health. To achieve this, the five elements earth, air, water, fire, and sky must be perfectly balanced.

Directions to follow

  1. Place your kitchen in Agni’s (the position of the god of fire) southeast corner.
  2. The cook’s face should be toward the east.
  3. If you want to construct a kitchen that complies with Vastu, you can choose to face northwest.
  4. The kitchen’s water tap needs to face northeast.
  5. Red is a preferable color for the stone that food is cooked on.
  6. Avoid positioning the kitchen in the house’s north, northeast, or southwest corners.
  7. In the kitchen, wash basins, the washing machine, water lines, and the kitchen drain should all be facing north or northeast.
  8. The best position for the refrigerator is south-west.
  9. Use shades such as green, rose, yellow, chocolate brown, orange, or red in the kitchen.


By building visually pleasing living environments, Vastu Shastra provides a thorough method for improving our lives. Our lives can be more successful and filled with positive energy if we comprehend and apply Vastu Shastra’s principles into practice. Read more about Vastu Shastra.

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