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Well this is absolute true as we have lived that one truth of life once which we can’t forget in our entire life!!

2015 started with a happy note when everyone was extremely happy knowing that Ira (my daughter) is going to get her sibling to play daily but destiny holded something which is beyond our imagination.

Due date which doctors given was July 2015 and due to emergency I got in hospital on 1st April & after all check up and reports my doctor suggested us it’s really tough to save d baby as their is no water left for baby inside..

Life taught us that yes ” Truth is really stranger than fiction ” but this was not an end …. As God had some other plans stored for us…

In 25th week of my pregnancy on 9th April 15 I delivered a baby boy with weight of 800 grams at 4:00 am morning .. And doctors said no hopes as it’s really tough to save him. We all were in tears, he was breathing but doctors said no use to keep him on ventilator as it’s not going to work..he was kept in NICU & told us to sign up few formalities and wait for call from NICU as it is a matter of few hours only.

Flodded in tears we were just waiting for a call from NICU, & shift of doctors changed at 12:00 pm and beyond expectations my baby was still surviving without any life support system & that shift doctor called us immediately and said it’s a miracle as even 36th or 35th week babies do collapse but he is fighting his own let’s give a try , we got a ray of hope …with this doc  she said she will try her best & felt sorry for her colleague not putting him on life support….

We rushed and completed all formalities to admit & start his treatment… Doctor told us ” chances are still only 5% of survival as there would be many tests to be done for him as he is not only premature but extremely premature baby which has only 1% history of survival of such babies ” but for that 1% we wanted to give a try …and we have given that try.

My miracle & fighter boy started his fight for  life, for 21/2 months with tests , procedures & what not. Daily used to be a challenge for us to see new test results sometimes up sometimes down ….sometimes without oxygen pipe he survives sometimes on ventilator… Days were passing everyday just with a hope to hold him get him home someday healthy to complete my family.

With prayers, good wishes of friends & family & constant support of doctors & sisters of hospital he survived & we welcomed him home with full grand welcome & happiness.

This is one of the rare case of this hospital where 25th week baby survived & discharged in thermacoal box & kept him in that box for next 2 months.

Till now I have heard about strange stories & miracles but my MIRACLE BOY proved that no one can decide death & life only God can!!!



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Day 1 #BarAThon


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  1. i’m sooo happy for you <3 best wishes to you, your beautiful boy and family!

  2. Hey ma’am… Felt so thankful to God after knowing life story of Viraj….may God bless him with all happiness in this World… Really God is great!!

  3. So good to hear that your champ is enjoying life now! Totally unaware of how he fought for his life, when he was just few months old. More power to your wonder boy! 🙂 🙂

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  6. both our sons are of similar age now. he truly is a miracle boy and am so happy he is healthy and bright now. god bless.

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