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When I started my blogging I just had one motive behind “Sharing knowledge is gaining Knowledge” and I learned many things recently with PLAY SHIFU I learned about Augmented Reality based games. Let me tell you about this concept.

Augmented Reality based games:

Now when in today’s’ life everything is changing so, our kid’s new age games too.

Play shifu is one such example of taking games in direction of education in fun way with Augmented Reality based games

I’m sure last year POKEMON Go was a craze and that is one of the best examples of Augmented Reality based games.

Augmented Reality bridge computer-generated sensory inputs which give you a real-time 3 D image and video to make it user-friendly and user interactive. 

About Play Shifu

Play shifu brings an amazing collection of games through which kids learn reasoning, vocabulary, motor skill and even problem solving with many other skills.

Games to learn as per age group of kids from of 2years to 10 years all are there in Play Shifu store. 

Play Shifu Games

It gives you wide range of games basically you have to choose which game your child would love to explore and know more about. 

They offer 5 categories Travel, Jobs, Space, Safari and Orboot and under every category, they have multiple collections of games. 

I received two games for my both naughty muchkins.

What do we get in the game pack?

Tablet/Mobile stand

Activation Code for free shifu app

Free app updates with new features

20 cards or 60 cards( depends on which pack you have ordered, I received 20 pack card game)

Shifu Ride

This game was basically an innovative learning game about vehicles. 

With this Shifu ride game, your kid will learn and play :

  1. Vehicles in 3D way 
  2. Purpose and function of each transport or vehicle.
  3. Distinctive Sounds for every vehicle.
  4. Diffren puzzle and activities which make it more fun to play
  5. Spelling learning a by fun method.

Play shifu


Shifu Cosmos

This game is all about one of my most loved subjects SOLAR SYSTEM and my daughter loved this. 

It’s easy for kids to learn about their solar system in fun yet innovative way.

Play Shifu

Gift your child this and they will learn many things like 

  1. Space Exploration in 3D 
  2. Celestial Bodies
  3. Space Missions 
  4. Famous Personality 
  5. Fun spelling games

Play Shifu

How your child will explore this game?

Some simple steps and your child will not only enjoy this but trust me it’s going to their fav game too.

  1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store Search “SHIFU
  2. Install app and activate your game by activation code you received in box
  3. Place device on stand
  4. Launch app 
  5. Place card in the play area or table to unfold the magic of knowledge and fun.

Play Shifu Play Shifu Play Shifu

You can buy these games from Amazon click link

Play Shifu


Play Shifu


Wiggle Rating: 5/5 

Check out their website here



Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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