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Rainy sea­son my favorite sea­son for which I used to wait anx­ious­ly, green­ery, water­fall, colour­ful umbrel­las on streets, kids play­ing in pud­dles and what not …It brings hap­pi­ness all around.

But wait before rain hits, are you ready with every pre­cau­tion for your home as …fam­i­ly safe­ty & secu­ri­ty is always a first pri­or­i­ty for every­one!!



Some tips to give your home a big ? SMILE ? this Mon­soon :

  1. imageSome­times it is too late to pre­vent the dam­age and you end up with damp walls. In such cas­es, find the cracks and crevices from which the water seeps through. Check cracks around win­dows and doors that might let water seep inside.
  2. imageMake sure that sew­er traps are plugged with check valves – the­se direct water in one direc­tion only and pre­vent it from back­ing up into your home.
    The absence of a prop­er drainage sys­tem can also lead to damp­ness in walls. Leaky pipes and water tanks can result in mois­ture accu­mu­la­tion in inte­ri­or walls form­ing dark patch­es. If faced with such occur­rences, check for the leaks and its source.
  3. image Check all elec­tric wiring to be safe even any open wiring could be an open invi­ta­tion to dan­ger.
  4. imageMake sure you have a flash­light, bat­ter­ies and a first aid kit on hand in case you are ever strand­ed in your home.
  5. imageKeep impor­tant doc­u­ments — includ­ing insur­ance poli­cies, birth cer­tifi­cates and pass­ports — in an eas­i­ly acces­si­ble water­proof box so that they would be safe in the event of a flood.

Thanks for read­ing ? your valu­able com­ment means a lot!!! Do share your com­ments below!!! ??

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