Happy Homes -Monsoon tips

July 22, 2016 2 By Ruchi Verma


Rainy season my favorite season for which I used to wait anxiously, greenery, waterfall, colourful umbrellas on streets, kids playing in puddles and what not …It brings happiness all around.

But wait before rain hits, are you ready with every precaution for your home as …family safety & security is always a first priority for everyone!!



Some tips to give your home a big ? SMILE ? this Monsoon :

  1. imageSometimes it is too late to prevent the damage and you end up with damp walls. In such cases, find the cracks and crevices from which the water seeps through. Check cracks around windows and doors that might let water seep inside.
  2. imageMake sure that sewer traps are plugged with check valves – these direct water in one direction only and prevent it from backing up into your home.
    The absence of a proper drainage system can also lead to dampness in walls. Leaky pipes and water tanks can result in moisture accumulation in interior walls forming dark patches. If faced with such occurrences, check for the leaks and its source.
  3. image Check all electric wiring to be safe even any open wiring could be an open invitation to danger.
  4. imageMake sure you have a flashlight, batteries and a first aid kit on hand in case you are ever stranded in your home.
  5. imageKeep important documents – including insurance policies, birth certificates and passports – in an easily accessible waterproof box so that they would be safe in the event of a flood.

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