Monsoon Dressing


It’s raining, it’s time for fun , it’s time to rejoice but don’t forget your little ones important part ..dressing…clothes should also be taken care this rainy season too…

  1. Day time cotton loose clothes:

Light cotton and loose clothes are best for kids during monsoon. These clothes will allow the skin to breathe. small babies are susceptible to illnesses and rashes and cotton dresses are the best choice for them during monsoons. Talcum powder must be regularly applied in folds of the skin like under arms, under the knees in the groin and in between the toes. These places are prone to infection caused by dampness. They can be washed and dried easily.

2. Night wear:


Let your baby feel warmth at night as nrainy nights are colder than days… To protect him from cold n flu or any infection make him wear full clothes and if needed put a light blanket.

3. Wet clothes


Make sure your kid is wearing properly dry clothes no damp no moisture as it is prone to many infection as monsoon  means longer time to dry your washed dresses. Make sure that baby does not wear partially dried clothes, as this will lead to fungal infections. Ensure that baby’s inner wear are made out of cotton. While storing clothes inside the cupboards, take them out every one or two days or whenever the weather is a little sunny and dry them properly. This will help avoid clothes getting damp and moldy.

4. Footwear :


Synthetic chappals and open sandalsare a good option in the rainy season. Do not let them wear slippers or shoes without a good grip. Gumboots are ideal for kids. They help to protect the feet from dirty water, mud, insect bites and contact with other germs causing skin infections and keep them dry. Make sure that your baby wears socks or shoes at home.

5. Before you step out:


Use a rain coat or an umbrella stepping out in the rain, and once used, make sure it’s dried properly. Carry a few extra dresses and undergarments to change in case the clothes get wet.

Kids in pics: Ayush, Ira & Dakshita

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  1. Open sandals are great options for rainy season. We too prefer comfortable clothing for kids ensuring that none of the clothes are damp

  2. Oh yes, rains get happier with these outfits and dresses. I love the funky raincoats and nice gumm boots.

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