Monsoon Dressing


It’s rain­ing, it’s time for fun , it’s time to rejoice but don’t for­get your lit­tle ones impor­tant part ..dressing…clothes should also be tak­en care this rainy sea­son too…

  1. Day time cot­ton loose clothes:

Light cot­ton and loose clothes are best for kids dur­ing mon­soon. The­se clothes will allow the skin to breathe. small babies are sus­cep­ti­ble to ill­ness­es and rash­es and cot­ton dress­es are the best choice for them dur­ing mon­soons. Tal­cum pow­der must be reg­u­lar­ly applied in folds of the skin like under arms, under the knees in the groin and in between the toes. The­se places are prone to infec­tion caused by damp­ness. They can be washed and dried eas­i­ly.

2. Night wear:


Let your baby feel warmth at night as nrainy nights are cold­er than days… To pro­tect him from cold n flu or any infec­tion make him wear full clothes and if need­ed put a light blan­ket.

3. Wet clothes


Make sure your kid is wear­ing prop­er­ly dry clothes no damp no mois­ture as it is prone to many infec­tion as mon­soon  means longer time to dry your washed dress­es. Make sure that baby does not wear par­tial­ly dried clothes, as this will lead to fun­gal infec­tions. Ensure that baby’s inner wear are made out of cot­ton. While stor­ing clothes inside the cup­boards, take them out every one or two days or when­ev­er the weath­er is a lit­tle sun­ny and dry them prop­er­ly. This will help avoid clothes get­ting damp and moldy.

4. Footwear :


Syn­thet­ic chap­pals and open san­dal­sare a good option in the rainy sea­son. Do not let them wear slip­pers or shoes with­out a good grip. Gum­boots are ide­al for kids. They help to pro­tect the feet from dirty water, mud, insect bites and con­tact with oth­er germs caus­ing skin infec­tions and keep them dry. Make sure that your baby wears socks or shoes at home.

5. Before you step out:


Use a rain coat or an umbrel­la step­ping out in the rain, and once used, make sure it’s dried prop­er­ly. Car­ry a few extra dress­es and under­gar­ments to change in case the clothes get wet.

Kids in pics: Ayush, Ira & Dak­shi­ta

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