Amazing Loom

Final­ly some sight of relief from hot days and rains final­ly start­ed …

But with rainy days one major prob­lem every mom face is kids com­plain “I’m get­ting bore, what to do?”

It hap­pened with me also and my daugh­ter either glued to TV or iPad to play games… I thought to give a good cre­ative thing to her and make her busy and here whag I got and she enjoyed it a lot!!!

Every girl loves jew­el­ry & so my daugh­ter I said ok I got this for you make it for your­self & for friends to gift  Amaz­ing Loom

Its a bracelet mak­ing game for girls 5+



It includes weav­ing tool, wear­ing loom, mul­ti­col­ored Bands, S clip & instruc­tions man­u­al.


My daugh­ter fol­lowed Sin­gle band quad­fish bracelet


Instruc­tions are so nice­ly explained with pic­to­ri­al that she just got it and start­ed weav­ing



And final­ly she was just so hap­py yes­ter­day after­noon by this and tied up and went crazy to show her friends


This is eas­i­ly avail­able in any toy store in just Rs 199/-

So give your angle this rainy sea­son best timepass she love!!!! ??


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