Give Healthy Snacks To Your Kids With Soy Protein

Healthy snacks …this is one big question when you begin your day. It’s really one of the toughest job for every mom to decide what we should feed kids which is tasty yet healthy.

If you have followed my blog, you must have read how soy protein help in different ways and keep you healthy.

On one hand where it helps in maintaining good health with proper weight on another hand it is great for kids health.

Being a mother of two I can understand that for every mom daily it’s tough to make kids understand that what is healthy and good for their health.

As childhood is that early age when kids need healthy food and mind to establish good lifestyle filled with healthy eating habits.

Protein helps kids to be energized full day and so..SOY protein is one such great source of protein for kids which should be included.

Why Soy Protein as healthy snacks?

For child healthy growth and development we need protein which is well digested and there comes in Soy protein, which is hight quality plant based protien and supplies all the essential amino acids in the proper ratio.

The Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of soy protein is 1.00, indicating that it is a high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in the right ratio to support healthy growth and development. PDCAAS is a global standard for protein quality evaluation established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Include healthy snacks for kids daily diet

Soy Tikki:

My daughter just loves tikki’s and I thought why not to give her healthy Tikki at home and trust me this is tasty and easy to cook with full of protein.

Healthy Snacks

Quick Soya Uttapam

My son who is fan of south Indian dishes like Dosa, idli and uttapam. When I started including Soy protein in my family’s meal I searched so many recipe and this one I found in Tarla Dalal’s recipe Quick Soya Uttapam.

Made from Soya milk it’s soft, yummy and healthy and my family’s now one of the fav breakfast. You can check full recipe here.

Healthy Snacks

Soya Kheer

Now, when kids love sweet its time to treat them with kheer which is healthy not only for them but every member in the family. Rich with
 protein and calcium easy and quick to make Soya Kheer is the best desert which is loved by kids anytime.

Healthy Snacks

Incorporating soy protein-based foods into their diet ensures they get high quality, a complete protein required during their growth years. It also is low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free, and is lactose-free.

Which dish filled with the protein you are going to serve to your little one or your family? Do share in the comment section below


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  1. I had no idea that Soy can be made into such delicious dishes at home too. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try soy kheer at the earliest.

  2. Interesting,soya uttapam sounds unique and new to me. Will try to make for the family.

  3. I had no idea that we can make such delicious dishes using soy.. I will try soy uttapam and kheer specially..

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  9. Soy is a good plant based protein that can hel kids and adults. These are great ideas for healthy snacks.

  10. I always assumed one could make things with soya chunks. And no one liked those chunks in my house. Uttapam and kheer are really interesting. Will try it out.

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  12. My child unfortunately is not fond of soya. This I need to check.

  13. My child unfortunately is not fond of soya Products. This I need to check.

  14. some great recipes you have shared for kids…I will be sharing this with my friends too

  15. Soy is a very good source of Protein and it really contributes to the healthy development of kids. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this.

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  17. I am, mostly, apprehensive about giving Soya to my kids, esp my daughter. These recipes are amazing though. Will try them out with a little variation.

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